Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. the tang body is slightly bigger than the wu one but not in my experience enough to change clothing sizes.
    2. Thanks, happy to be helpful!
      and another shot of Cre, this time from the side. there's virtually no gapping at all
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    3. Now that I once again have a RS doll, I can post here. This is my new to me boy named Orrin. He is a druid. I have to make so much stuff for him which I'm looking forward to doing. The shirt he has on is right but I need to make him pants (yikes) and then all the fun accessories. I think he needs a big floppy hat!
      [​IMG]Orrin, my Druid. by Heather, on Flickr

      (not sure why this is showing as broken. I see it fine in the preview/edit 0.o) (I've tried a few things and it won't show up. does anyone see the picture or a broken image? please let me know. I'm not doing anything different than I used to!)
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    4. I see the picture, and he's super cute!
    5. I can see it! LOVE his faceup, especially the eyebrows! I also agree I think a big floppy hat would suit him well :3nodding:
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    6. Will anyone be ordering during the May event? I'm waiting to see what 50cm body it is and hoping it's new and not that Christmas body from eons ago.

      I don't really need another excuse to finally get a Song though. :mwahaha
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    7. What May event? ;) Might be tempting to try ordering some jointed hands.

      Also my Song wants to add onto excuses to get a Song:

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    8. Dennis posted it in the News section. I wanted to order jointed hands for one of my other dolls, soooo... Yeah.

      And Song~~~~ He's so cute. What colour is yours? Tan? If I were to order one this month it would probably be tan or darker. I have to double check what BBB's current colours are like. :chibi
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    9. It's so weird that I can see it now. Thanks for the comments!
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    10. Mine is NS, but he's on the older side, so he's yellowed rather evenly over the years. He's a lot more of a cream color now versus the pinkish tone of the recent batch. (He was made 2012. :) )
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    11. Does anyone else have issues with one of the knees on the Rong body? My girl's left knee doesn't sit flush to her upper leg piece
    12. Beautiful, I love his look!
    13. So I never really did much with him, despite lovinh him immensely as my first ever doll and the only MSD sized doll I've actually kept, but I sent him out for a faceup finally last year and recently got around to sharing a pic of him, so I thought I'd pop in and maybe offer another 'helpful Song' because I believe in enabling certain things and ResinSoul Song is definitely one of those things. lol

      Meet Aeirion, my beloved half Elven Prince, half Water Sprite boy. He's so cute! <3

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    14. @ArcaneDesires he looks so ethereal! His faceup is gorgeous, I love the asymmetric swirls.
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    15. I've always wanted a Song since I first got into the hobby quite a few years ago now. I may have to get one to be Orrins friend.
      Speaking of Orrin, I make him a simple vest (will add embellishments later when I have the supplies) then I took him out for some photos since it's sunny right now.

      [​IMG]20190511_151902 by Heather, on Flickr
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    16. I've always loved that An's faceup, it's so well done.
      Also green, I love green heh.
    17. The weather's been too blustery for faceups, but I managed to make my new An a wig.
      The third wig I've made, and the best so far by a wide margin. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it!
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    18. Does anyone know if the Yao body fits a Unoa head?

      Thank you, for your reply in advance
    19. @LuckyXIII That An is one of my favourites! He looks like an old Arthur Rackham watercolour.

      Oh, are we all here to "convince" someone to buy a Song? Roscoe's down for that


      And while I'm here, LOOK EVERYONE, WINTER!!!!

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    20. My boy is here! Well, part of him, anyway!
      Really loving Tang with the Jun ears, so glad I got him.
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