Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Hi Folks, I've been looking at getting a Resinsoul MSD again. My question if anyone is able to help, has anyone got the new female body yet and have you found any issues with it? I'm thinking of getting the new body with one of the heads, right now, I am debating between Ya or Lan but not sure if Lan would have a swan neck on a taller body. Any help would be appreciated!
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    2. @Magnus Vale they do custom ears?! He truly looks fabulous.
    3. Yes, I remember someone else talking about it before, so I emailed and asked if they could do it for me! I'm super happy with the way he came out.
    4. Ian/Lan has a very tiny head. Her head looks small(ish) to me on the single-jointed body.

      Here are my girls - BBB Ariel on a Rong body, RS Ian on her own body, and RS Zhen:

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    5. I have the new Shi? body with an older Li head on it.
      It has joints much like the Tang body so actual peanuts in the elbows and knees instead of the cup joints the Rong body has.
      It's also a LOT taller.


      Alongside my Mei.

      I will say that while her knees and elbows pose really well, mine has a real problem sitting. She pulls herself backwards and likes to lay down instead. Sueding might help this.
      I also find the peanuts mean in between poses don't really hold, she either has straight arms, or bent arms. Again, sueding or wire might help with this.

      I do like the engineering though, it's substantially less irritating than their older double jointed body and far easier to dress because trhe peanuts don't pop out of the socket like those dang cups do.
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    6. Thank you @Fairy Milliner and @purple_monkfish for the information and comparison photos. It helps a great deal.

      @Fairy Milliner I didn't realise how tiny Lan's head was compared to the other girls. That's a bit of an eye opener. Zhen is a lovely sculpt too. I like those ears of hers. I think Lan's head would look way too small on the new body going by that.

      @purple_monkfish The tallness of the body doesn't really bother me that much. I have a Mi and I know the body aesthetically looks similar to that which is what makes me drawn to the smaller version. Li actually doesn't look bad on the body. The sitting issue though is a bit of a worry. I must look if my Mi has that problem. I don't think she does but I have sueded her so maybe that's why I never noticed. From the photo, I think Ya might be okay on the body too. She's essentially the Mei sculpt without elf ears.

      Lots of food for thought.
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    7. It's been a while since i've got this american girl piano a few months ago and just had a chance to put it together and take some photos. Preston of course had to be the model because he's gifted

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    8. @Kitty Blue, what an amazing prop! And a fabulous photo!:)
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    9. thanks eventually if I ever get around to building my dollhouse I am going to have a music room :)
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    10. So on BJD Addicts someone had posted a thread to start a Luts appreciation thread so I took a photo of the entire group of all my Luts dolls, I've done it for my Souldoll's as well....but it's been a really long time since I got all my Resinsoul/Bobobie gang all together for a group photo. So here we go! It took me about an hour to set them up (including stringing 2 dolls that were in boy some days these dolls can be one wanted to stand so I had to pull in some furniture and lean some against the wall, but I finally did it. All of them actually do have names except my Pixiu and the 2 tines on the couch. I know this is the Mini thread but the majority of them are mini's ;) Anyone else have group photos of just their RS/BBB dolls!?! Let's see them!

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    11. Wow, @Kitty Blue, what a great group! Such a variety of sizes and styles! Also loving the piano picture!

      Bless whoever mentioned using double sided tape to keep a difficult wig on. Poor Leon's make wig fitting hard. He's temporarily borrowing my Mystic Kids Tremmel body (only to see what he looks like on an actual body), his real body is coming in a few weeks. Same for his new eyes and clothing.

      I like this wig for him, though.
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    12. I keep meaning to take a group shot but a few of my crew are still not fully dressed and I hate that. Heh. I gotta get them finished first.
    13. I hear ya...mine have temporary clothes and such...never can find the time to make clothes that I actually intended for each one to

      @Magnus Vale thanks! is your boy a Tang with Jun ears?

      @purple_monkfish wait the Tang body has peanuts and not the cup joints? The photos I saw I thought they were still the cup joints...did they recently change the body? From your photo the new body really look almost like the old single jointed body just everything is elongated and of course the new joints. I really like it because it's nice to have some variety in heights. It looks like maybe the legs and arms might fit on the single jointed body?? Have you tested that? Gives me some
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    14. Yeah the tang body has peanutty joints that aren't quite peanuts. I mean they aren't brilliant but they're substantially less awful than the cup joints the wu bodies have. You can see them fairly well in my pictures of Cree, uh lemme find a pic of Cree.

      The upper limbs are a bit chunky so i'm not sure if they'd fit the single jointed sockets. I know we had photos of the newest girl body on the Rong torso but the leg/hip had this odd overlap that made her look a bit diaper butted lol.

      she is really tall though, surprisingly so.

      I need to grab my Tang body, remove his lifts and take photos of the pair of them lol. But i'm lazy and don't wanna unstring Silas.


      They are a rather odd shape, but they have prongs on both ends unlike the cup joints.

      I will try to get a picture of one unstrung.
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    15. I tried to take a picture of mine - I have all sizes, but mini is still the majority, so here they are:


      I thought I had 11 or 12, but it turns out there are 16. Oops!!! :whee:

      All of them except Gaetana (who is the newest) have shoes. Most of them aren't wearing the clothes I want them to wear - and for some the clothing needs adjustments.
      Ghadir does have pants, but he can't sit in them, so I have to make him a better pair.
      Tarragon needs to be wired, and most of them need to at least have their strings tightened.

      * * *

      For the curious - these are their names:
      - Ghadir (RS Yi; normal, with a bad hair day - but trying to fix it I knocked everyone over, so I gave up)
      - Lark (RS Bao; sky blue)
      - Fern (BBB Moony; green)
      - Ash (RS Feng; coffee)
      - Poppy (RS Yu; white)
      - Gaetana (BBB Charisma on RS Ling body; grey)
      - Moss (RS Dian; custom black)
      - Ixora (RS Zhen; pink)
      - Sage (RS Sui; red)
      - Columbine (BBB Ariel on RS Rong body; dark grey)
      - Tarragon (FF/RS Iruhi on RS Wu body; chocolate, with an ear missing - which I've now found)
      - Valerian (RS Wu; normal)
      - Rihana (RS Ian; coffee)
      - Loriel (RS Pi on Pixiu body; blue)
      - Mio (RS Pixiu; purple)
      - Linna (RS Pixiu on RS Bei body; blue)
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    16. I'm kinda scared to think how many I have lol.

      But oo is that a RS MSD in the Dollzone circusy outfit? How well do you find it fits? I've been eyeing that outfit (on your Iruhi)
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    17. Yup! I love mermaids/mermen, and I loved Tang's facial profile, so I asked if they could do it for me! His body should probably be sent out by next week, judging by when I ordered him.

      @Fairy Milliner What a great group! Love all the different colors!
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    18. It's a bit loose, but it's not too bad. It's so circusy that it doesn't matter that it's a bit baggy.
      The only real problem is that the shirt sleeves completely hide his hands. I think the DZ arms are chunkier. There's elastic in the upper arm that is supposed to create a puff of sorts, but it just slides right down...

      @Magnus Vale - thanks! I love all the BBB/RS resin colors.
    19. @purple_monkfish Yea I was disappointed that the legs didn't look so well on Rong, even though when I sent them a message to ask they said yes they did fit...I mean I guess they I just wanted a dragon girl but didn't want her to be taller than my dragon boy. I've been waiting forever for them release the dragon girl so that I could finally reshell 2 of my characters now I gotta give it some more maybe the girl dragon legs will work on one of the boy

      Anyway it's hard to tell from your photo without seeing a side view of the joint..when I look at the company photos it still looks like one part of the joint is cupped.

      @Fairy Milliner is your Sui taller than your Zhen? From the photos RS sent me it looked like she was taller but in yours she looks slightly shorter or maybe the same height. BTW nice looking group you got there. I too love the fantasy colors. I also forgot to include my floating Iruhi head in dark grey...someday I'll get him a
    20. Yeah it's a really odd shaped joint to be fair.
      I'll try to get a pic.

      Of course, for height you could do lifts in the ankles but that's not so easy with the dragon legs as their joints don't really WORK that well. (what the heck is up with the knee "joint"? I can't figure that out)
      I needed my Tang boy (Silas) to be a lot taller than the other boys so I made little milliput lifts which string onto his ankles to give him a few extra cm heh. Works quite well, though the colour match isn't great because I got wary about the structural integrity of the epoxy so didn't add enough pigment to it.
      I figure though that you could probably cast in resin pieces to better match, if you had access to such things.

      I love height diversity for sure, heh. Shoes can add a bit but only so much. I wanted Silas super lanky but RS wouldn't mod his limbs a little longer for me (I suppose it was a bit of an ask hah) so I had to do it myself.

      I wonder if the dragon legs might fit a different company body with wider hips... hmmmmm.

      I'm sure at some point i'll end up with a Zhen because let's face it, much like you Kitty, i'm addicted to Resinsouls hahaha.