Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. yep my Wu is quite a difference taller than my Mai only because he is wearing some tall platform works in photos though. I recently tried an RS head on Luts MDF body and of course I forgot to take a didn't look to bad. The body is more muscular and decent height taller than the Wu body and the Souldoll NL body is lean but taller...and that would be another photo I should take a photo of. Oh wait I did do a comparison of different boy bodies.

      Sorry for the nudity but this is a nice reference if anyone is looking for comparison of different company boys next to RS/BBB. the only thing is that your probably limited to either normal or white to resin match (unless you decide to dye)..though Luts Brown is close to my yellowed RS Coffee body. If you want short the old boy body from Doll Leaves is perfect! I should of swapped heads around when I had them like this to make more of a reference.
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    2. Love the variety even if it is often only quite subtle
    3. @Kitty Blue - I think she's slightly shorter. Not much, and it could be just a matter of how straight her legs are, but she's definitely not taller than Sui.

      @purple_monkfish - I hear you about those joints. They're really hard to pose, and those tails mess it up even more. At least with mine, once I have the legs straightened out, the tails end up being too long.

      I took a side-by-side picture of Ixora and Sage, without wings, tails and wigs. They're both against the wall, and from what I can see, Zhen is just slightly shorter - maybe half a centimeter or so.

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    4. @Fairy Milliner
      huh ok could just be that the photo RS sent Sui wasn't all the way straight. this is the photo they sent me...looked like her shoulder was higher than his...Zhen's legs definitely look longer in this photo as well.
    5. certainly they seem to be VERY close in height, so much so that with wigs on I doubt you'd even notice it.
    6. Wow her resin is really pretty in that pic
    7. a bit subtle in height differences until you put them next to each other separately. For instance this is the Doll Leaves boy with the single jointed RS should have done a comparison of him next to Wu. [​IMG]
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    8. Zhen's legs are longer. Sui's body is longer, and my two are about the same shoulder height. Sui has a slightly longer neck, which makes him just a bit taller.
      I'll see whether I can take a photograph of them in the nude later today.
    9. is that a tan jeremy!??

      I've been lusting after one of them but shipping to the UK is so prohibitive ngh.

      I haven't done nude pics, my resinsoul lot tend to wear multi layered medieval costumes so it's a paaaaain and im lazy <_< Im sorry!
    10. Here's the nude picture I promised:


      The countertop line should be a perfect straight line, but my camera was slightly tilted. Even so, you can see from the ruler on their heads that Ixora (Zhen) is ever so slightly shorter than Sage (Sui).

      The reason Zhen has 'longer' legs is that Sui's legs are more bent. It was hard to get him this straight, and he can't possibly straighten them any further.

      Sui has a slightly longer neck, and possibly a slightly 'longer' head as well.

      I tried to pose them 'back to back' but their magnets kept sticking together. LOL!!
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    11. And side by side - again, the countertop is actually absolutely plumb level (I checked), but I seem to have a slight tilt myself. LOL!!


      The tail does make a difference - it's hard to have both the tail and the feet on the surface. I tried with the wings, but they toppled over...
      As you can see Sui has weird legs - they're bent, and they look strange at the top. Zhen's legs are much nicer.
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    12. @Fairy Milliner yea that was the first thing I noticed when RS sent me the comparisons when Zhen first came out that his legs were bent which caused the illusion of him being shorter. I really like the way the constructed Zhen's legs more than Sui because there is that weird funky ledge or whatever you want to call it at the top of Sui's leg..I might have to message and see if they can take a photo of her legs on his'm sure it won't look as great considering the hip socket is probably way larger than hers. Especially since the ball part of her leg looks quite a bit smaller than the Rong hip piece. Things to consider...I notice her tail bends down between her legs, my Pixiu has that problem and it's been hard to get it to
      Thanks for the photos!

      @purple_monkfish it's the exclusive aspen tan from DDE
    13. I thought it might be!
      He's gorgeous and I love him, sand marks and all.

      And oooo yeah Zhen's legs are far better sculpted for those feet. I do wish they'd do a proper jointed tail though, i'd buy so many hahaha.
    14. With clothes on you can't really tell and I'm sure they will mellow out after a while, I barely notice the sand marks on my RS dolls now.
      A jointed tail would be awesome..I have plans to re shell my dragon twins so now it's just to find out if I can get those Zhen legs on maybe a Wu body as I think the cup in the hip is probably smaller than Sui/Tang? Not certain don't have either yet. I hate to send RS yet another photo request..I've done so 3 times in the past few I also need to decide when I'm going to order all my custom dolls..other companies keep coming out with dolls that I may not be able to
    15. Does anyone know if RS white matches Doll Leaves, Dollzone/DC etc? I'm thinking of getting a Mei head in the future and putting her on a Doll Leaves body I'm getting.
    16. Someone's back from getting his face up! Now with body too!
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    17. OMG is this a Tang with Jun lovely!
    18. Yes! Resinsoul was nice enough to do the mod for me! I really wanted a merman, but I love Tang's face the best.
    19. I love how the ears were painted, they're beautiful, like autumn leaves.
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    20. @Magnus Vale his ears are gorgeous! What a good looking guy, I'm looking forward to more photos :)
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