Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Thank you @purple_monkfish and @vicemage ! I think tjkardynal did an amazing job on his faceup and ears! I definitely want to grab some more pictures of him outdoors in natural light, once the temperature drops a bit. I'm also so happy I decided to go with the light tan for him, it's such a pretty shade!


      I'm also trying to decide if I want to keep this brown wig or go with a different wig that looks gorgeous on but for some reason doesn't photograph as well. I had originally bought him one in black and red to match his fiery ears and scales, but the wig ended up looking too poofy on his head and didn't suit him at all. I think the brown looks good, though.
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    2. Hey beauties! Can anyone here tell me if a Bei can typically fit into LittleFee clothes?
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    3. I know Bei can fit barbie stuff fairly well, she's teensy and skinny as anything.
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    4. Apropos of nothing, Roscoe takes a pretty picture

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    5. @A Wee Tiefling Roscoe looks great! Love the outdoor shot!

      Lionel looks vaguely like he's planning something today. Still experimenting with wigs and styles!
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    6. @Magnus Vale Love those ears! I enjoy how flexible these sculpts are...just the tiniest change in faceup and it's a whole new sculpt! I'd have never considered a Song for my tough-guy, but then I saw this face! My heart!
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    7. @Magnus Vale Is that a Sui? :3
      Love the wig and outfit

      @A Wee Tiefling The red wig is certainly an eye catcher. It looks like autnumn is already moving in at your place and your boy is dressed for it :D

      I took a new pic of my succubus as I‘m one step closer to completion and really loving her looks.
      [​IMG]Synthi, the succubus ❤️ by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    8. Thank you! I was so happy they did the mod for me! It really is cool how much the faceup can change the aesthetics of the doll, I've really fallen in love with my boy now. Your Song boy is lovely, I'm tempted to get a Song myself!

      Technically yes, since Tang and Sui have the same face! Resinsoul modded him for me to have Jun's ears! Thank you!

      Your girl is also quite lovely, her wings are amazing and she's very pretty!

      Here he is again, he accompanied me home for my week's summer vacation! My parent's house has great lighting for pictures.
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    9. @Magnus Vale Ooooh! So those were Ju's ears! I thought so originally, but then I was like 'Nah, that's Sui's face!'.

      I'm always a bit jealous of all the pretty walls people seem to have. Mine are just white without decorations. I placed Synthi on my couch and did some darkening and color play on the app to make it more decorative ^^°

      Funny how yours is a custom head too. Synthi is a Yao with Mei ears and Mai's smirk ;P
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    10. Wow that is most amazing doll color I have ever seen he is gorgeous
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    11. You guys tempt me to get an An with someone else's ears to differentiate him from my other An lol. It's my favourite head sculpt, but I hate having duplicates. Nghhhhhh.
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    12. @purple_monkfish DOOOOO. IIIITTTTT
      An is a cute and underrated Resinsoul mini, one I want too
    13. I adore An. Honestly I think if I see one secondhand in the EU I might not be able to resist lol.
    14. An is really cute! I know I want another RS doll, but I've got to wait on some of my other dolls on layaway first. I'm torn between an An with Song or Sui ears or Song with his own ears.

      In the meantime, more Lionel. XD
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    15. An with Song ears would be cute! I admit, i'm tempted by the floppy ears their newer girl has lol.
      Or Rong's ears, she has really cute ears. Hehehe. And I can't help but think An and Rong have a certain familial similarity to them.
      I think it's their noses.

      That's one RS custom I haven't tried yet, different ears. I was at one point considering two Ju's with Mei ears (so they were shorter than her standard very very long sharp ears) to turn into conjoined twins for my monsterous circus. I was gonna get one with semi closed eyes so they had different expressions within the sculpt too. Heh.

      But that's a bit of a long term goal as I have dolls/characters I want to get before then. I have a list and i'm trying to stick to it.
    16. Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be kind to show me how the pink skin and normal skin look like? I have an Ichigo head I want to try to match to resinsoul (if possible!!! and I hope I can!!!) thank you!!!!
    17. Bei is taller and thinner than a LTF; depending on fit, she might be able to share some clothing, but not all of it. You'll get better answers in the thread for RS tinies. :) This thread is for the larger 1/4 size.
    18. Has anyone tried Wellie Wisher doll clothes?
    19. Wellie wishers are so much wider. Even normal MSD clothes are too large for RS minis. There is a thread somewhere on DoA about what fits RS Minis. Look also at what fits Minifee, as they are also slim MSD
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    20. Thanks! I'm vacationing in Pigeon Forge, TN with my niece. She found an outfit at the American Doll Clothes shop. It did look about Song's size so we got it. Wider might still work okay. Either way, I will share what happens when she puts it on him at home.