Resinsoul and Bobobie Mini Discussion Thread - Part 32

Nov 10, 2017

    1. I am continually amazed by how responsive, understanding and quality RS is for the price point. They will never not be my recommendation for a first doll, a last doll, or any doll in between. Seriously, companies that charge four times as much for dolls are not half as customer-focused, and while I respect that not every company can do custom work, Sun just does such a wonderful job.
      Pps: I need a twilight head on a human body yesterday, she is stunning!
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    2. Can anyone with a Song sculpt measure just the eye opening (horizontal and vertical) in mm for me?
    3. Hey guys! I wanted to share my first bjd with everyone. I got her to 2 yrs ago and she has been in a box up until a few days ago. I finally got the guts to do her faceup and give her a wig. Her faceup is a bit messy but I love how she turned out! Her name is Faye. She is a Yao in light tan. Now for next steps: blush her body + hooves and give her some clothes. I am so excited to continue working on her :3nodding::3nodding:

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    4. She looks amazing so far, congrats!
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    5. those freckles are fantastic!

      My bodies arrived but as I haven't yet got the wigs in I feel bad taking photos of the dolls bald and unfinished lol. Twilight looks peeved about being bald.
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    6. @I-M-G-M She looks amazing! I love the gold on her bottom eyelid.
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    7. Does anyone have a dark tan doll? I recently got a MF Moe body in agra tan and I want to match it up with a Lu head but all the pictures I've seen of RS's dark tan are all so different... I'd probably be better off ordering in white and dyeing the head myself :sweat
    8. I have a couple in dark tan and yeah, the colour can be a bit inconsistant and is very very light. Sort of a chocolate milk sort of colour. there's definitely a cool undertone to it. Fairyland's tan looks more orange undertoned to me. Resinsoul's is more bluish?

      resinsoul WILL however do colourmatching. Now it might not be perfect but it is an option. My suggestion would be to go to a DIY shop, use those paint swatches they have and find one that matches the body tone. Then send that swatch physically to them. You can send a digital swatch but that has more risk of difference as screens display colour differently.

      The other option is blushing the head. Blushing a head to match a body is waaaaay easier than doing a body to match a head. But I fear resinsoul's regular dark tan is likely to be entirely the wrong colour to start with.
    9. Thanks! I ended up just ordering a Lu head off Denver Doll in normal skin and am going to dye it myself. However in the future I will definitely take that paint chip swatch idea when I get my Napalm heads in so I can match the blue to get the right color bodies. Never thought of doing that!
    10. Does anyone know if a Fei head might work on a Zhen body? I really would love a dragon girl but I’m not crazy about Zhen’s face.
    11. I just received my Zhen today! I have been wanting a green female dragon since Sui was released, and when I returned to the hobby this year I was ecstatic that they'd released one. Her green is gorgeous, this photo shows the shade the best compared to her actual shade (on my screen at least!)

      She is so tall! I took a couple photos of her next to my dark tan Mei to show the difference.

      Are Fei and Mei's heads the same size? If so I can take a photo of Mei's head on Zhen's body but it will look weird :sweat
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    12. Your Zhen is so pretty especially with those eyes. :D And I do believe that Fei is supposed to be a dreaming version of Mei so I would really appreciate a photo on Zhen if possible when you have time.
    13. Zhen is gorgeous and I love RS's green.

      As for the Mei/Fei heads, they're all a 6-7inch wig size but the newer heads (zhen, xun, shi?) are all a bit wider? However, the smaller heads definitely fit the taller bodies just fine.
      I have a Li head on the tall body and it looks pretty good.

      If I have a chance, my husband has a Mei in dark grey and I happen to have a xun body in dark grey as well (which is the same as the Zhen body but without the dragon parts and bigger boobage hahaha) so I could do a swap and there would be no distracting colour difference.

      But as far as i've been able to tell, ALL the msd resinsoul heads except the tiny Lan and whatever that grinning sculpt with the fin ears is called fit on any of the msd bodies. Some of the heads are a little fatter (Twilight and Dawn have quite wide heads, as does Ming) but they are all approximately the same size as one another.
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    14. Hey everyone! Joining in the thread cuz I put in an order for a ResinSoul Rong body the other day which I will be using for a hybrid <3 Can’t wait!

      I love her head sculpt wow!!
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    15. @LCMonkey92 Oh, wow, that is a really impressive doll. Congrats to you!!! She has stunning eyes, may I ask where you found them?
    16. @ArcaneKnight Thanks!! I took a picture, it was just as weird as expected :lol:


      @littleraeven Thanks! That's super exciting, what will you be hybrid-ing with the Rong body?

      @mollym Thanks! The eyes I found on etsy, I believe the shop was "ErsaFloraUSA." I love how they reflect the light.

      My sewing machine is arriving tomorrow, can't wait to start on outfits for my dolls!
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    17. my twilight's wig came but I need o get a balloon to keep it on. she has a somewhat flat head so the wig can't grip anywhere and just slips off. *sigh*

      I also need to find her a proper corset that fits her big boobage lol.
      I don't think she's as busty as the minifee though, so hmmm.
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    18. You’re welcome! And I have an artist doll head ‘ResinBreath Ara’ !

      Also everyone, am I right in thinking Rong fits MNF clothing? I was told that by a few people but I’ve been getting nervous that the stuff I’ve ordered for her won’t fit!
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    19. @LCMonkey92 Thank you for posting a pic. It’s definitely a hybrid I can work with. I’ve been really wanting another sleepy sculpt too so a dreaming dragon might just be in the cards soon. ^^

      @purple_monkfish It’s good to know that most msd heads can work on other bodies. The only Resinsoul I currently own is a Ming so I wasn’t sure how others might measure up. Now I know he just has a big head lol.
    20. I got a custom order from RS in back in June, and now this boy is finally a finished doll and I'd love to show him off! Meet Otrava! :3nodding:

      He is a Song head on a 45cm boy body with Sui hands and wings! I sent Sun a HEXcode for the specific shade of light gray I wanted, and the match is perfect.
      His hands, forearms and wings are all cast in transparent purple.

      I'm so happy with how he turned out; Sun's the best! :D
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