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resolved transaction with CurlyKitty

Apr 23, 2006

    1. EDIT: our transaction has been resolved. I received my package with some very nice extras and a very sweet note explaining what happened. I believe that this was just an unfortunate set of circumstances and an excetion rather than the rule. Curlykitty was very polite and nice, and despite the hiccups we initially had w/ communication i feel that it was not intentional and i would put my trust in this seller's integrity.

      thank you Curlykitty, i'm glad everything was resolved :)
    2. Oh no! I've met CurlyKitty in person, and she is such a sweetheart. ;_; Perhaps she just forgot or is getting very caught up in schoolwork or workwork?

      Keep bugging her about shipping it, I'm sure she will. ;_;
    3. well, i have PMed her repeatedly and i haven't heard back from her in a long while. she still posts on DOA ... so if someone out there talks to her or catches her on AIM, can you please show her this thread and remind her. I just want to get what i paid for or get a refund.
    4. Curlykitty got in touch w/ me. Said the package has been mailed out and provided a tracking number. I will update with a resolution when package arrives.
    5. It doesn't matter if it was $6 or $600, that' no reason for someone to take so long to ship something or not return your PMs, that's my opinion. It's still wrong.

      I hope you really do get your crush prop soon. ;)
    6. resolved! edited original post.