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Aug 9, 2006

    1. EDIT: The kimono finally arrived today (Thursday August 10th, 2006). That's 15 days after payment. The tracking page never changed, so I guess it was just a mix-up. I left positive feedback, though I really rather wanted it to be sort of neutral. Unfortunately on Ebay it's tit-for-tat. I did put that she was very slow to ship but that the item arrived safely. Random annoyance, it was covered in cat hair. Nothing a lint roller can't take care of, but after everything else it kind of made me groan.

      I think I have been more than patient with this transaction. I'm going to recount everything entirely factual. I would like for people if you have had dealings with this person or know this person, to post with anything you have that might be helpful.

      I purchased this kimono off ebay on July 25th, 2006...


      I paid with paypal balance immediately and even paid for extra shipping insurance.

      I was purchasing this kimono so my Dreaming El Madahari would have a lovely new outfit to wear for Gencon 2006, which is this weekend.
      I paid immediately thinking that would speed the transaction along and it would arrive in time for Gencon.

      On August 4th I had neither received the item nor had any contact from the seller. I thought 10 days was more than enough to receive this item and so I sent this email...

      Hello! I won this item and paid for it on the 25th of July and have not received it. I'm wondering when it was sent so I know when to expect it. I was really hoping it would arrive before next Friday in order for my boy to wear it to Gencon in Indy. Please let me know incase I need to make other arrangements for his clothing.
      ~Ashley Wilson

      Two days later I had still heard nothing and so I sent this email...

      Hello again. I emailed you about this auction a few days ago. You have not replied to me and it makes me a bit nervous. The kimono's package was suppose to have delivery confirmation, but I never received a tracking number. I can't do anything to check on it. Please get back with me if you receive this message. I'll be watching my mail closely.

      Immediately after I sent this message I receive one back claiming that the seller had lost internet connection and was unable to get my address in order to send the package. The seller assured me that the package would be mailed Monday (August 7th, 2006).

      I promptly emailed back could the seller please send the package priority mail so that it might arrive before Friday. She replied back immediately that she had intended to send it priority with delivery confirmation and was horribly sorry about the wait.

      On Monday I received an electronic automated message from Paypal and Ebay that the seller had used Paypal to print mail postage and that the post office was notified that the package was going to be sent.

      Here I was thrilled and I thought everything was fine. I figured the kimono would arrive just in the nick of time.

      However, I have been watching the delivery confirmation page for my package like a hawk. As of today, it STILL says that the seller notified the package was going to be shipped out but it has NOT been shipped. According to USPS service there was never any confirmation that the package was actually mailed.

      Now I have known there to be mistakes in the confirmation pages before. Someone could have forgot to scan it and a dozen other things could have happened. However, it is also possible the seller never mailed it.

      If I do not receive the package before I leave then I am going to write the seller to say if the package is not at my house by the time I arrive home from Gencon that I will begin proceedings to get my money back.

      I'll update this post if any new information becomes available.
    2. I always get that message whenever sellers use the Paypal postage thingy. I've always gotten my packages, but it is worrisome when all you get is the "notified of package" page. Especially if it's the first time you've dealt with a seller!

      If it's not here by Friday, definitely contact them again.
    3. So yeah, I got my kimono. Just in the nick of time. Here's a photo of my Madahari getting ready for Gencon. I'll post more in the galleries in just a minute...


      Thank you for th earlier vote of confidence Kimber Rose. ^_^
    4. As a seller/buyer I'd just like to say that 15 days isn't that long of a time (In my opinion.) I ship things out all the time (I'm in Canada) and sometimes things get stuck at customs for a little while. Also, two shipping days are lost on the weekend. If you ordered something through EMS I can see being upset waiting 15 days. But unexpected delays DO happen. Postal services are pretty reliable, but things do happen that are completely out of a seller's hands.

      If I needed something shipped ASAP I would contact the seller before I bid, to give them a heads-up. Not everyone can ship out packages everyday.
    5. Once she finally shipped it, it was here in three days. It was the lack of communication and slow to ship that bothered me. No it's not that long of a time if it had been something over-seas. But it wasn't...I could have drove to pick it up and drove back in two days.

      The problem was I didn't think she'd shipped it at all! The tracking page NEVER moved and it took 10 days before I ever HEARD from the seller.