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Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #6

Oct 15, 2017

    1. I have discovered the flaw in the fabulous new gesture hands.

      Dressing. Is. Hard.

      Good thing Nameless doesn't change often.
    2. Yes, they certainly will be a problem, which is sort of how the Dollshe paddle hands came about. I have a primitive solution; use a mid-sized s-hook in place of the hands (I actually use a cup hook with the screw end cut off so it doesn't snag the fabric) when changing then slip the hands s-hook back on.
    3. New thread inauguration spam!

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    4. The White King has been released! Anyone plan on getting him?
    5. Not me! Though he'd be the one I'd spring for if I was into the super-fantasy thing. I really love that whole package.

      And I'm saving for the action figure release lol - I was thinking I might just add on all the parts I want to his pre-order....I'm sure he'll be almost as much as a doll. They usually are :p

      @Jany yay for spam!!
    6. Initially, I was so excited for the White King's release but now, I don't know what to feel (or do). I don't really like his face and his attire. Although, the rest of him is really cool. I will wait and see if I like Judge.

      Plus, I was recently reminded of the action figure release and I'm really gunning for the mini K. I have the 70cm version but I'm finding he's too big for me so I might sell him and get the smaller version instead. I'm really excited for that!
    7. New thread needs the drama twins. Ash went with me to Austin, leaving Evz behind. Now they are back together and mad at me for separating them.
      [​IMG]ash evz home 101517 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    8. Yeah, I don't have any pressing need to get him. He's pretty but not my style I guess. It think it's the lips that are throwing me off. It was the same for the Red King, I didn't really like the open mouth.

      @angelie23 Ack! Is it the fullset priest K? I've been wanting one forever. But of course I just placed a doll order and I'm broke now! Dang it. That action Figure K might be the way to go. Anyone know a price?
    9. I saw the action figure preview on instagram, but I don't know if the price was listed or not. I just saw a date. Given his appearance I would guess he'd be around the same price point as other action figures in that range. So...not cheap. XD
      I've been meaning to post in Brigadoon about him....since he'd be off-topic for DOA.

      Also I have new spam for the thread!


      He needs his new heads! Which I have yet to order XD
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    10. @VampireAngel13 What kind of expressions are the new heads going to have?
    11. One I'm going to mod with more open "sad" eyes since I draw him worried all the time (I would also love to attempt teeth on this one too, but I'm not sure I can do as good a job again. First time was probably a fluke XD)....the other I'm not modding - since I now have a second NS body roughly the same size and shape as his (Nameless Raven got a new body) I want a head that can be his pre-magic self. So, no eye patch or tattoos, and I have an excuse to buy more fancy, expensive suits, cause that's all he wore back in the day. And he'd share with Nameless, because I don't want evil, murdery John around all the time. D:

      Assuming I don't ruin the eyes on the one I'm modding lol because if that happens, the second head will be attempt #2.

      In theory, I shouldn't need more than that.
      In theory....
    12. Awesome! I look forward to it. And yeah, you do draw him with a sad/anxious look a lot so it will be cool to see it in doll form!!
    13. @Dark Angel @VampireAngel13 they said action figure K would be in the $100-200 range which is pretty wide range but at least it is a reasonable range.
    14. That...is like nothing O.O Either he's really cheap or smaller than I assume he is lol
      Either way, so much want. I have a billion Hot Toys on my wishlist, all way more than that...

      *cough* back on topic. But I can't think of anything D:

      Wait I got one: Is the judge color scheme that yellow? I can't decide how I feel about that. I thought maybe the was a base-coat....but maybe it isn't.
    15. I think it was just the base coat on the actual resin parts since the other was gray. The red and white kings were based on one color range but I'm hoping for multiple colors for the Judge.
    16. @Dark Angel Yup, it's the full set K but I wiped the face-up (I just didn't like it) and some other head took over his body. I can't have two 70cm guys around, one big guy is enough for me. So one of them has to go and I was more attached to my IOS Stille head than my Ringdoll K head. I may sell the K head in the future after I've secured a mini K.
    17. I'm just curious, what body does the Fullset Priest K come on? RGM03?
    18. He did come on the RGM03...That was one of the reasons I did not get the fullset when I ordered, other than not wanting the outfit (and not having the money lolol). I don't know if you could pick a body at that point for the fullsets...I would guess that would mess up the fit of the clothes? I'd still like to get my hands on a head. But oh well.
    19. Figures. They really seem to like putting their fullsets on the RGM03 body. Kind of a bummer for the people that just want the clothes since it's such a big body.
    20. Right? Though I guess it's good for those with that body, since nothing else fits it XDD

      I really wish it wasn't so huge. As far as posing goes it's really fantastic. The only body I have ever been able to get into an actual crouch without trying...I wish I'd taken a picture of that.