Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #7

Sep 30, 2018

    1. Going away for a couple of days to visit a friend. I've got a long train trip to deal with and I really want to bring Iselilja with me to cuddle...but my friend is petrified of my dolls (even though he's really supportive and actually loves their stories, just as long as they stay faaaaaaar away from him). Ah well. :(

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    2. Aww, :( that's too bad he would be a great cuddle bunny.
      I pulled Ash away from Evz for a little. I hope to get him dressed in his older outfit and take some photos before they become inseparable twins again.
    3. Since I'm just nearing the six month mark of waiting for my Rinku, do you think it would be okay to message them to ask when they may start shipping? Or is their wait time closer to a year?
    4. Their estimate on limited is 120 work days is 24 work weeks about 6 months so you should be close to an answer.
      Aalon, though you can't tell, in the Ringdoll Warren accessories Gasmask.
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    5. I am working the Wiki page for Ringdoll. Please take a look and if you notice something missing or that you would like added (if it's available) please let me know I have sifted through Ringdoll discussion threads 1-3 and I'm on 4 right now. I think the wiki page looks good and has lots of great info too. :)
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    6. Ugh, I've seen two Rinku's now floating around on Tumblr. Still waiting for my boy to ship. I've not messaged them since I know he's out there. I have the fullset though so I expect it to take a bit longer. I hope he gets here before Halloween :(
    7. I'll have a quick browse tomorrow after work (if I remember before I faceplant a pillow). :lol:
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    8. *Crawls out from under a rock*
      So. How's everyone been?

      @LuckyXIII I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to ask. I do know someone else who bought one and they don't have it yet either....I haven't heard anything about the white rabbit fs I ordered. I figure they just have a lot with all the releases.
    9. Aooni that I ordered at the end of May, is now in the face-up stage, so I too think they have their hands full.
    10. At least I won't have to worry about face up weather for him since he'll have make up on arrival. I'm just really excited for him to come home.
    11. Hi everyone! I don't know if this will help, but we're expecting three White Rabbit fullsets to come in today. So they're definitely shipping!
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    12. It's been rather quiet down here. I've been busy and other dolls have been hogging the spotlight. Though Orphicus (and Iselilja) turned 3 a little while ago, so hooray! :)
    13. Ringdoll posted a teaser of some bat type wings for an “Alfonzo” doll on Twitter earlier. I’m pretty excited about the idea of something possibly demonic from them. Not even sure if it’s a grown doll yet though as this a grown thread.

    14. Yeah, I saw those wings too! Super excited to see what Alfonso looks like. I kind of love Ringdoll's tradition of Halloween dolls; they always come up with such creative designs. I don't think they've ever really done a demonic doll before so it would be cool to see!

      In an interesting twist of fate, I had planned for my Ashford to be a winged demon (albeit one who had lost his wings), and those wings would suit him really well...though I don't think they'll be offered separately, since the Judge of Hell's special parts weren't. And probably all for the better because I've been a very bad girl with my resin purchases this year already. :P
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    15. Ashford would look amazing with those wings, especially with his pointy ears and otherworldly look.
      So it’ll be a Halloween release eh? Then it could very well be demonic considering the last release was literally from hell.
      Great title btw, I say that line in(a bad imitation of)Worf’s voice every so often just to get laughs haha!
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    16. He would, though I'm not bothered if i can't get the wings. I am planning on getting him horns, though. But first I have to finish paying off this six month layaway and waiting for him to get here lol.

      Yeah, they said on Instagram he'd be their Halloween doll. They always seem to be announcing new projects and putting up new teasers on there, it's amazing how busy they are. (No wonder their wait times have gotten so long....)

      Don't forget the most important part, the mint frosting! :XD: Oh, how I love Worf.
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    17. Haha, gotta say it like you have a mouthful of cake! XD
      Can’t wait to see what you do with your Ashford, he’s a great base for all kinds of demonic goodness.
      I’m eager to see what Alfonzo looks like, they always seem to raise the bar. If he’s anywhere near as cool as Judge, I reckon I’ll be adding him to my growing Ringdoll collection.
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    18. I’m super curious too. :) They’ve mostly been making grown or teenage dolls so I’m expecting big size for Alfonso too. Their sculpts are so pretty and tempting. But I won’t have more funds this year so hey. XD
    19. I am SUPER keen to see this new guy! Not that I can buy him. My doll money for this year will be going to a long-awaited doll...but still, I love seeing what they come up with! :)
    20. Just gonna jump in with this (from an email I received today from Ringdoll, on an unrelated manner):
      "Because we have moved our new office and have a rest, today we are on work."
      As an additional possibility/reason for delays.
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