Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #7

Sep 30, 2018

    1. A friend and I each ordered a Wei Wuxian on the same order back in November. We havent gotten an official notice from Ringdoll yet, but over the weekend we got a message from DHL saying a package was on it's way. It's from Yu Zuo Cultural Development Company in Hong Kong, so I'm pretty sure it's from Ringdoll.

      It's possible it could just be the WWX accessories sets we have on a different order, but they were all supposed to ship together. So I'm really hoping it's the dolls!!

      The package is out for delivery, so I should find out soon!
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    2. That Sounds amazing! You definitely need to post some photos.
    3. Awesome @Haitsu666! Hope it really is your Wei Wuxian. I'm glad that Ringdoll seems to finally be getting back on track, somewhat.
    4. That's fantastic news! ;v; Hopefully he'll ship soon for me too. xD Please share some photos with us when he arrives~
    5. So it was Wei Wuxian that came! It was only half the order though...so we got one doll and one set of all his accessories. We asked Ringdoll about the rest of the order and are waiting on a response.

      He is seriously beautiful though!! I only took a few pictures since we were focusing on figuring out what was there, but I love him even more in person.:love


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    6. @Haitsu666 AWESOME! :D:D:D He looks so handsome and the details are amazing!

      (Crap, if Ringdoll makes a Jiang Cheng I'm done for...TTvTT)
    7. @bickazer The details really are amazing! I'd probably cave if they ever made Jiang Cheng too, Haha. I doubt I would be able to resist.

      @Denovo I hope yours comes soon too! It's been a long wait! Probably the longest I've ever waited for a doll. Totally worth it though!! :3nodding:
    8. @bickazer I would legit die if they made Jiang Cheng. I'd die for 99% of the characters, actually. I just love them all so much. But Jiang Cheng and Wen Ning would be GOALS. :D
    9. Wohooo! I traded one of my many Saint's for a tan Sol, now Nimbus will actually have a Jathie Cove face and matching body. Can't wait for him to get here.

      [​IMG]Nimbus by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    10. Congratulations!!! He looks so beautiful~! ;v; Thank you for sharing your photos!

      @SteamWitch Ohhh he looks really colorful! Congratulations on the trade! ^^
    11. @Haitsu666 - Ooh he's lovely! Congratulations on his arrival! :)

      @SteamWitch - Oh awesome! I look forward to seeing his new face.

      Meanwhile, my dear Seina turned two today! I managed to catch the last bit of sunlight before it got dark and even colder. He's so pretty. <3

      [​IMG]WP_20190704_16_28_04_Rich by Liz, on Flickr
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    12. I'm looking forward to him too. Saturday is a big package day for me. I just hope nothing is delayed.
      @Quiet and Insane Seina is so pretty! The light is perfect!
    13. @SteamWitch - Thank you! When you click on the full view of the photo you can really see just how glittery his eyes and the pearl I used in his face up is! :D I just adore him.

      @Lawreth - Thank you! I tried to make the most of what I could at the time. Winter is usually so dull I find it hard to get motivation for good photos because the lighting just sucks.
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    14. @Quiet and Insane, I did and zoomed in on him and I love those lush lashes too, they fit him so well. :loveShiny!:aheartbea

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      Jathie's non-clown self arrived today. My fourth Sol head and third tan body. I am over the moon happy.
      [​IMG]Jathie 1 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    15. Omg pretty!!!! Hopefully you can get the rest of your order soon too. How weird they only sent half. :O I totally regret not getting them now. XD
    16. @SteamWitch - Thank you!! :D He needed the prettiest lashes I could find and I am so glad I could find this pair!
      Congratulations on your arrival? Will you be giving him a new face up?
    17. One of these days, I'll work on him, summer's not a good time for it. He will be getting some 'beauty marks' that only he has.
      I'm glad I had the twins old eyes so Nimbus and Jathie didn't have to share eyes or that I didn't have to go buy new ones.
      [​IMG]Jathie and Nimbus same eyes by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    18. @SteamWitch - Oh nice! I'm sure he'll look stunning once you do get a chance to work on him! And good thing about those eyes too! :)
    19. Just stopped by to drop this off.
      What kind of bedtime story would he read?
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