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Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #7

Sep 30, 2018

    1. I'm glad to hear Alistair enjoyed his night out! Maybe Avi will be able to join him one day! Saving for doll goals is such a struggle... ;v; I have so many on my wishlist too lol
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    2. I guess I'll be on the lookout for an Avi head for sale, someday, I hope. :eusa_pray
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    3. Hi there, congrats on your doll! He's gorgeous! I recently got my Wei Wuxian as well. I was planning on buying his sword but I just saw your post. I was wondering if you thought it was worth it. Now I am a bit concerned but I really love my doll so I want to get his accessories. :D
    4. Hiya~ I think the price is appropriate for the quality. The softness is probably to give it some flexibility so it won't break easily if you accidentally bend it and the lightweight material means that Wei Wuxian can pose with it quite easily. I tried to take a better photo to show you~ Please let me know if there's any particular part you want to see > <

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    5. Thank you so much! That makes sense. I’ve been impressed with quality of the doll and everything that came with him so I figured his accessories would be nice too but I just wanted to check. Suiban does look nice though so I think I’ll go for it. Thanks again for the reply and the picture! I really appreciate it!
    6. You're welcome! I'm glad to have been of help. ^^ He certainly is a beautiful doll!
    7. I’ve been in a long, way to long hiatus and recently started coming back to resin bjds. I have a Ringdoll Lucifer on layaway from a local dealer, hopefully I’ll pay him off by November. I’m glad to be back on here it’s been way too long.
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    8. Welcome back!
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    9. Welcome Back~ Just got back here myself to set up the doll profile! The Lucifer is timeless I love that sculpt.
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    10. I know this is a long shot but I'm getting very frustrated/desperated here...

      I've ordered a Fullset Rinku in July 2018 via an UK dealer and it's been discovered by my UK dealer just in the past two weeks that Ringdoll didn't get my order even though they accepted the payment of 852$ in July 2018?
      The company isn't responding to their mails anymore regarding a status order of production or shipping.

      Have any of you encountered such a behaviour before and what did you do?

      I'm seriously considering getting legal assistence because of the great amount of money I paid to recieve this bjd... but I'd prefer to solve this in an easier way.

      Looking forward to any replies!
    11. So sorry to hear about this, what company did you order from? So others can avoid them, and did you pay by PayPal?
    12. @derilan85 So far, it sounds like Ringdoll is the problem, and not the dealer. With that said....

      @Ayanami Have you tried contacting Ringdoll directly?
    13. @Ayanami I am so sorry to hear about your situation. That is horrible news and such a long wait as well... :sorry I hope it is a rare occurrence and the issue is solved quickly for you.
    14. @Ayanami That is horrific :( I am so sorry and feel sadness for you

      Last time, there was a lot of people having trouble with Ringdoll and it only got traction and fixed when one of the very popular instagrammers (Salem_Sisterhood) started speaking up and people were all talking about their experiences with them, almost immediately things were getting fixed and getting attention from Ringdoll.

      This is 100% a Ringdoll problem, but in my opinion, since you went through and purchased through the dealer, the dealer should be doing all they could to help you in this situation, since you purchased through them and not directly. They should be working on getting you your refund or the doll you buyed. I purchase through dealers for the added insurance, not because I want them to burden me :(
    15. If you have all the information from the dealer you can go straight to taobao or TMall and speak to their cust service directly. IMO they're a chinese company and they're very very active on their mainland stores. I've gotten 2 dolls so far but nv from a dealer so I'm not sure how long the liaising will be through a middleman. if you have all the supporting info I may be able to help. You can PM me if the dealer is slow on the uptake.
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    16. Hello Ash and Evz! :)

      Also have you guys seen the photos and the video Ringdoll released of Uta? I adore the character, but there's something about his face that doesn't quite look right too me. His cheeks are a little too rounded perhaps? Everything else is so perfect though! :D
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    17. I saw him recently too and thought he looked wonderful but I agree, his cheeks do seem a bit round. I think I was expecting his face to be slightly thinner. I still think he looks amazing. The level of detail is impressive.
    18. They say Hello to you @Quiet and Insane. They had been wearing the Ringdoll outfits for months (I prewashed the black and dark green pants) they did not get stained by the fabric. I was pleasantly surprised. Now they lounge in their kimonos and drink from big mugs that were a gift.

      I don't know that much about the Uta character but he is an interesting doll in the photos.
    19. Always good to see Ash and Evz @SteamWitch and they're looking pretty cozy (and possibly discussing whose turn it is to get up and get/make more coffee)

      Also, it's already that time of year again - the Viktor and the Naked Ladies time of year, to be exact
      Yes, it's a thing, and yes, that's actually what those flowers are called (although other names for them include Amaryllis Belladonna and Belladonna Lily)
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