Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #7

Sep 30, 2018

    1. Yay! I love seeing Viktor and the Naked Ladies.

      Thank you and you are probably right about the coffee, their mugs look like they need topping off.
    2. I recognized that look as the Hus and I often have similar discussions while lounging on the weekends, although we are far less picturesque than your boys while doing so ;)

      Oh yay, what a happy coincidence because I (geekily) love taking pictures of V with the Naked Ladies! I look forward to it all summer and spend far too long agonizing over what his outfit should be and waiting for the "right" kind of natural lighting :lol:
      as you can see, I waited a bit too long this year and nearly missed my window. Next year I'll have to be more vigilant about getting shots right when they first start blooming
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    3. Pleased to meet all of you! Here's Shouma~
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    4. @orenjiina - It is! Though yeah, I expected his face to be a little more...sharp I guess?

      @SteamWitch - My RD boy got stained from a black top and some pants, though given that he's also covered head to toe in tattoos (and thus MSC) I know I can clean it all off again when I repaint him. So I'm not too fussed at the moment. Uta is from Tokyo Ghoul - one of my favourite anime. He's a really cool, mysterious character and I adore his style. :D

      @Girrl - Helloooooo handsome! He seems to get better and better every year. Also Viktor and the Naked Ladies could make a great band name. ;)

      @NatsuC - Hello Shouma! Your outfit looks very elegant! :)
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    5. I'm considering Ringdoll's builds to shell out my OTP. But I haven't decided between the white and normal skin. One of my characters in particular (Nano from Togainu no Chi) is extremely pale, to the point of being mistaken for a corpse when he's sleeping. But from the website comparison, Ringdoll's white color looks more like geisha bodypaint than extremely pale skin, whereas normal looks 'super pale' to me. I'm leaning towards normal skin, but have been told I'll regret not getting white and should look at more owner photos. Any advice?
    6. I don't own any in white, but for what's worth here's some closeup colour refs.
      Taken by the same window on a cloudless afternoon.

      With the curtains down so it's less harsh.

      A blank head, further in the room out of direct light.

      So it can have the potential to look super pale, but if you're deliberating you should wait on some WS photos for comparison. Hope that helps!
    7. I have WS. It's the whitest white.


      I still own him, but he's not had a body in a really long time.

      If you just want pale, go with normal. It gets lighter over time. When I first got the Norman dark I use as the Joker I had to blush him to match his WS body, now he just matches.
    8. he is stunning! Love his hands!
    9. Thank you, I love his hands too, RD did an awesome job of making the Judge's hands able to hold things, not just cool looking.
    10. I got a solo photo of Jathie, he is a cutie.
      [​IMG]Jathie by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    11. this is my Ame, say hello to everyone
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    12. Thank you! After seeing the comparison pics, I think I want to stick with normal skin. Good to hear that it gets lighter over time, too. :)

      Also, I was wondering if anyone knew which head sculpt was used for these Ringdoll wig models?

    13. They are both Sol who is now only available in the second hand market. My first BJD love.
    14. I also totally love how Sol looks. But when I had the finances to buy my first doll he was unavailable and went for Lucifer instead. XD
    15. I own a ringdoll dracula and i’m in love with him! Wish that rhe head was a little bigger though > < smaller wig sizes are more difficult to source for!
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    16. I'm so glad I found this Ringdoll thread bc when I ask the people around me they are 50/50! I'm looking to buy a new Ringdoll but I can't for the life of me choose between the Red King and the Judge of Hell! I love the sleepy/irritated eye look from Judge, but the open mouth on Red gets me...
      Though I also own Dracula and don't know if the Red and Dracula sculpt will be too similar, I would really appreciate the help!
    17. I thought the Ringdoll grown wig sizes were 8-9... is that considered small in the BJD world?
    18. Ringdoll heads run on the smaller end of 8-9, closer to 8 than 9, whereas in my experience at least most 8-9 wigs are made more for the 9 end of the spectrum.
    19. Hmm... that IS going to make my life more difficult, then. Here I was thinking I could just buy any 8-9 size wigs (assuming I find them in the right styles/colors, which so far I have not) and save them for when my dolls arrive. Do you have any advice for choosing a wig that will fit correctly for a Ringdoll Grown? Are there any particular companies you recommend?
    20. Unfortunately, the best-fitting wigs I've found are the ones Ringdoll makes themselves. :sweat Which isn't very helpful, I know.

      With 8-9 wigs, it's a bit of a crapshoot; some of them will fit and look fine, others will be obviously too big. I've had the best luck with wigs that are explicitly sold as 8" (rather than 8-9), but that's not a very popular size so there aren't many options.

      I actually went ahead and got an MSD 7-8 wig for my Ashford. It does fit, but it's shorter than it would be on an MSD (duh), and was a bit of a struggle to get on. I also feel like my Ashford has a slightly smaller head than my other Ringdolls, so there's that. =/