Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #7

Sep 30, 2018

    1. Thank you, that is very helpful! I'm relatively new and don't have marketplace access yet. Do secondhand Ringdoll wigs come up very frequently on the marketplace here? There is actually one that would have been perfect - this short grey one: RingDoll - but I'm too late to the game to order as usual. :( Otherwise... I'm thinking I might have to custom make the wigs myself and/or hire someone else to do it.
    2. @Mistress Arachnia Crobidoll makes 8 inch wigs but I can't comment on how well they fit Ringdoll heads since my S has not shipped yet. I have several 8 inch wigs from them, but I can't try them until my doll arrives. I'm hoping S will arrive next month at the latest. I can give you my thoughts on the wig fit if you don't need to know right away!
    3. @Mistress Arachnia I bought an assortment of RD as well as taobao wigs in 8-9" or a general 1/3 size and an easy way to get ard the fit issue is to just get a silicone cap under it. In fact I have less of a problem with the RD raven head than with the LS chaos head: that one is REALLY small for such a huge doll.
    4. I’m having serious issues figuring out what wig to get my Ashford, too, lol. It’s good to know 7-8 fits! I have a few of those laying around for if the three other wigs I ordered don’t work. His head is such a weird size at 20cm.
    5. @Maechen I can help here; one of the few non-RD wigs I have that fits my Ringdolls perfectly is a Crobi 8 inch wig. Crobi has a decent selection in that size so that's a good option to consider @Mistress Arachnia if you're having trouble finding that RD wig secondhand.

      @GCDear It's really frustrating since the only wig that fits him perfectly so far is his fullset wig, but I want him to have pink hair.... I do like the look of the 7-8 wig on him, but it took forever to get it on and will only stay on with a rubber band helping to hold it in place. The fullset wig just slides right on...sigh.
    6. When you get Marketplace access let me know if you still want it. I have that grey wig it was on my first Sol.

      Edit: I took a photo of Evz with the Ringdoll phone, I added the color to the screen. I think Ash is wondering who he is going to call.
      [​IMG]day 3 phone by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    7. Oh my gosh, thank you! That is very kind of you. <3 I should hopefully have marketplace access around the beginning of October.
    8. Just to update on the Ashford wig situation, Leekeworld 7-8 wigs are almost a perfect fit imo. They’re a bit snug, but the two I tried on him look great. Hope that helps someone!!
    9. Oh, that's great to know! I had bought a way too big 8-9 Leeke world for my Ashford, but I still like the style, so maybe I'll try to get the same one in the 7-8 size and see if it's a better fit. ^0^
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    10. Hi guys, idk if ring teen can also goes here, I cannot seem to find the discussion for them :...(. I just got my first Ringdoll recently, so I can join you guys now :thumbup!
    11. I think this asked before for grown body 4 but I'm curious about body #3. Will volks SD17 fit grown body 3? There is a suit from Volks I been eyeing but think it may not fit at all.

    12. Here at the end of the page is a comparison of sd17 and ringdoll bodies.

      @Blancasia Ringdoll Teens, tell me about 'em!
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    13. I feel like if I had nails like that I wouldn't be able to do anything!
    14. I know what you mean. Back when all my work was done with pencil, pen, ink and triangles, I had long nails, but not as long as Odom's. Now that most everything needs a keyboard, or small hand work, I keep mine short. Odom's work isn't hindered by his nails so he keeps them. I ought to show Ghych tending to his master's nails one day. :whee:
    15. I'd like to see pics of that. :chibilove your guys.
    16. Those nails are amazing.
    17. Thank you!!!! I'll try to get a photo this week :whee:
      Aren't they! I just love them.<3
    18. My Wei Wuxian has been at customs since last month, but we only got him out last week. Can't wait to get him from my friend soon!
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