Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #8

Apr 11, 2020

    1. Looking forward to photos of him @Quiet and Insane
      In the meantime I collected my little group of Ringdolls for a photo. Dallas's head is there but Onward (Lucifer) is borrowing his body. The other 3 Sol heads are floating atm.
      [​IMG]Ringdolls by SteamWitch, on Flickr

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    2. Ooh new thread! :D And the photo finally synced! Ise's gorgeous new wig...and Pariah who thinks he's far too colourful and needs to tone it down a bit. The wig also glows under a blacklight, but I don't have one to show it off.

      [​IMG]IMG20200411152751 by Liz, on Flickr
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    3. Iselilja looks adorable and Pariah looks protective and menacing, because Ise looks adorable, lol.
    4. Hehehe, thank you! For some reason Ise doesn't seem to want to stand on the carpet here (but was oddly fine with the carpet in my old room) so Pariah's just holding on to make sure he doesn't faceplant. :sweat They look so odd together but I love it. <3
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    5. I love seeing your whole Ringdoll crew together @SteamWitch
      Iselilja looks totally fabulous and Pariah just looks pissed off. I love that new wig on Ise @Quiet and Insane
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    6. Thanks @Kavarr! :D He's a literal rainbow of calmness and optimism. I need to get my hands on a blacklight though. I want to play with his wig and photograph him more.
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    7. I already asked in one part but I think I should of asked here so I will ask again..

      I got a question tho and a sad one at that... Any idea if they can fix accessories or replace them if they have been broken tho ? I seen they would replace body parts but would not they replace accessories themselves? My Wei Wuxians flute got snapped in half in the doll case I originally bought.... and I been wondering if I could possibly get it fixed at all..
    8. @UtaOPrinceSama - Have you tried emailing them to ask? The worst they can say is no.
    9. I just did I’m just waiting for a reply.. >< I mean if not I could just use some really good clay or clay foam to fix it I think..
    10. @UtaOPrinceSama - A two-part epoxy glue would work too. I'd used it to repair the odd broken finger.
    11. I just got my Ringdoll Valkyrie/Sigrdrifa today after ten months and I can easily say she's not 68cm, she's the same height as my Impldoll MGB body (65cm) and her shoulders are a couple cm below my RGM-04 body's (68cm). Their description states that the body is 68cm with the head but I think they mean that it's 68cm with a head and heel feet (which I didn't get since I initially thought that 68cm body + heel feet would be too tall for my character) *_*
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    12. Oh no! That’s really great for all of us to know, thank you so much!!! Did you get her fullset?
    13. For sure! And nah, I just got her blank, no faceup, no outfit, no heel feet rip me

      Took a photo! RGM-04 body (68cm, tan, plus doll legend tan hands), RGL (Valkyrie's, "68cm") body (white), and an Impldoll MGB body (white, 65cm).
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    14. Curious that she's smaller than expected, but also not surprising. Doll companies sometimes get their own measurements incorrect (*cough*IoS*cough*)
    15. Anyone receive a doll lately? I ordered Ksitigarbha last Oct? or thereabouts. paid him off Jan or so. I can't tell if he's still in production or waiting for a plane. I ordered through FFD so I'll ask Iris, but was curious about lack of photos here. That said, I'll plan some photoshoots for the weekend. ;)
    16. Speaking of photos...here's a photo of Iselilja because I adore him. :)

      [​IMG]IMG20200501163403 by Liz, on Flickr
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    17. Here is Onward, my Lucifer, it is amazing how different they look. Iselija is so handsome, bright and happy, while Onward looks like he is just survived a nuclear blast.
      [​IMG]Onward by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. Oh gosh he looks like he could do with a hot cup of tea and a hug, poor guy. :sorry
    19. He does look weary. He has joined a small group in the pub but who knows what they will try to cheer him up. :evilplot:
    20. Oh dear :lol: that almost sounds a little ominous!
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