Ringdoll Grown Dolls, thread #8

Apr 11, 2020

    1. Just wanted to share a quick photo of my Lan Wangji who arrived last week. :D

      [​IMG]Ringdoll Lan Wangji by Leah, on Flickr
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    2. Anyone else waiting for Ksitigarbha? I haven't seen owner pics of him anywhere yet. I bought mine full set in wheatskin. Oct, I think. way back there somewhere. :abambi:
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    3. I am waiting for Ksitigarbha. I don't think they have shipped any of him yet.He was released about November 12th.
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    4. I just found this thread, and now I am watching, because my blank Ringdoll MoYu is in the mail to me. He has been floating in the mail for two weeks, and I really hope he gets here soon so that I can add his picture to this discussion thread! :celebrate
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    5. Just found this thread, isn't that not much ppl have ringdolls? D:
      looking for some threads to join!

      I own a Great Mentor Hui for RINGDOLL grown
    6. @karasness welcome to the thread!

      Welp, it's that time of year again, y'all (already!) Viktor and the Naked Ladies!
      his new sweater wasn't finished in time for the pictures this year :sigh stupid tendon surgeries
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    7. @Girrl He is still handsome with the Naked Ladies! I hope the surgery goes well and you can return the knitting soon!
    8. Yay! Viktor! It's good to see a yearly tradition that hasn't been crushed by the pandemic and general craziness.
      I hope your surgeries are successful and heal quickly.

      From the archives, a portrait of Xiu in street clothes. You can't be an opera star every day. Or, can you? He wanted to say hello to V.


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    9. thank you both! Surgery was yesterday (3rd (and hopefully last) tendon surgery this year) so I'm typing 1 handed, but I've had loads of practice at that ;)
      @petiteballerine - Xiu's street clothes are about 5x fancier than V's formal clothes :whee:
    10. It's always a pleasure to see Viktor with the Naked Ladies. I'm glad surgery is over and done @Girrl <3

      @petiteballerine, Xiu looks amazing!

      Ash is still sitting in the corner sulking, I haven't paid much attention to him lately.
      [​IMG]Ash in candlelight by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    11. @Girrl - Xiu is all about the fancy. I'm not even allowed to hold a pair of jeans near him.

      @SteamWitch - Ash just sitting is a pleasure to see.

      I'm still waiting on Ksitigarbha in wheat. Having a hard time being patient. Not sure how much is RD regular slowness and how much global restrictions. When he arrives, I'll have 4 RG-4 in tan, wheat, white and normal, and one Teen in wheat. :whee:

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    12. It's been forever since I've posted a photo of Seina, so here he is! I'm debating on selling this wig, as I'm not 100% sure it suits him.

      [​IMG]IMG20200522171718 by Liz, on Flickr
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    13. It's a pretty great wig though, love the natural colors of it!
    14. It was an experiment, and I really love the colours too. They do suit him, but I'm not sure if the style suits him. Hmm. We shall see I guess!
    15. @Quiet and Insane - Very cool wig, but to me it seems overwhelming on his face. just too much happening. He's so handsome. :D
    16. @petiteballerine - I do agree, the wig is quite large despite only being a single layer. But thank you! He brings me peace and calm. <3
    17. I love the white eyelashes on Seina @Quiet and Insane. He does have an air of peace about him.

      Nimbus was looking so cute today so he got captured by my camera.
      [​IMG]Nimbus by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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