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RiverGusJoaquinCynthia Bad trade

Oct 16, 2006

    1. I had a trade with RiverGusJoaquinCynthia over three months ago for MSD hands. She received MNF Shiwoo Heart hands, and I received what I THOUGHT was modded MNF El/Chiwoo hands. I have realized today that I have been lied to.

      I was told the resin on these hands would match my MNF perfectly. I noticed when I got the hands that the color didn't match very well, but I loved the shape so I didn't think much of it. And today I realize, looking at a friend's Bee-A, that I have received female DoC hands. The color is quite obviously mismatched in natural light, and they are far too large for my MNF.

      At this point, I do not want a trade back, because I have broken the pinky on these hands and I don't like the heart hands. But I'm very disappointed in RiverGusJoaquinCynthia's lies and I think DoA should be aware of this.

      Thank you.
    2. Bump for edit.

    3. the way i understand, you cant' really blame the person for your mismatched resin. There is no way to guarantee a 'perfect' match for resin. However, if she/he sold you hands telling you they were male, when in fact they were female, OMG.

      That sux. :( I hope you get your money back :(

    4. Well it's not the fact that the resin is mismatched that I'm mad about, but she told me that they were MNF hands when they are infact DOC hands.. totally different brand D: Thanks though. Unfortunatley no money was given or received.. it was a trade :( At this point I don't even want a trade back.
    5. Understandable. :( I hate when trades go bad. :(