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Dec 8, 2018

    1. Sartoria J Woman Measurements
      Height : 63cm
      Head Girth : 20.3cm
      Neck Girth : 9.3cm
      Bust Size : Bell (large) 28.7cm / Dew (small) 26.8cm
      Waist: 18.8cm
      Shoulder width : 12.8cm
      Arm Length : 19cm
      Arm Girth : 8.6cm
      Wrist Girth : 4.8cm
      Hip Girth : 33.6cm
      Thigh Girth : 17.7cm
      Waist to Toe Length : 41.5cm
      Ankle Girth : 6cm
      Foot Length : 7.5cm
      Weight : 1.7kg / 3.75lbs

      Bust Options

      Skin Tones

      New Skin type & colors (November 21 2019 +)
      Dewy SkinGALLERY - SartoriaJ

      Body Posing

      Layaway Information
      How To Start Installment Payments (Layaway)LAYAWAY - SartoriaJ
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    2. Very excited for this release!

      He was inspired by Jude Law based on Gigolo Joe from Artificial Intelligence

      Ive ordered a Francis set because I love the look a lot, but Im also very tempted by the Braveheart set.

      Anyone else order the heads? What are your plans for him?

      Im hoping it fits the neck of the Idealian 75 body by Soom since that is my favorite doll body, if not hes going to be on the new SID model boy body because I like it just as much. He looks perfect on the SID muscle body in my opinion

      I also think he would look really nice on the Dollshe Mystic and Khan body, and I can see him looking very nice on Dollstown 18 boy too
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    3. What a little hunky fox ;) But they don't have a body to go with these heads? Looking forward to seeing them when they come in :D I'm on a dolly diet, but I can look, right?
    4. @GreenTeaSlug
      oop. my message was half erased.....
      I mostly have iplehouse. so I'm interested. I asked them about the Amber Beige matching with Real skin. I think it looks really good on the shots, but experience has taught me it's better to ask cause pictures do not always show how doll skin really is.

      It's always fun to know who they are sculpting the dolls from. Jude Law. That's cool.

      Updated: Just saw on their website linked from this thread that it will match Iple's Real skin, Dollshe cooper and Soom Tawny. So that answers my question. hmmm. I think the beard on the head will mask if the shades are a little off.


      It's only the heads or ourfits they are selling. They are filling the need for heads that some collectors would like in the market. I think it's a good call.
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    5. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh thanks for starting this thread!

      And I didn't know any of the origin for Jude's design. How interesting! :XD:

      I ordered the Francis Set, shirt and a blank Jude head in NS. And now like you want the Brave outfit also. I'm also smitten with the Brave faceup now too...but we shall see.

      I am not sure what body he will use...I like the faraway look of him on the EID but maybe not how the neck fits...but I have a couple other options to try. I was wondering how he would look on the Dollshe bodies too. And I'm glad you reminded me of the Dollstown 18 boy as I have one of those too. I got the Jude head blank because I thought he would be a nice faceup project. I need practice.

      I'm curious how the Francis outfit will it says both EID and SID...and Dollshe 28 Classic bodies.

      Edited to add:
      Now that I'm thinking about it...I wonder how their turnaround time for the resin heads will be.
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    6. That's another question I still need to see answered by owners pictures when the outfit arrives, I guess. EID and SID are very different size dolls. Even between superhero and model bodies in EID there's a differences.

      The Braveheart, they have stated EID size, so we know it for sure fits that body. The outfit looks awesome in that body.
    7. Yes, outfit size will be interesting. Since I have several dolls that can fit it either way...I'll have to wait and see who will get to try it on first. LOL
      I really want the Brave outfit....and I"m realizing how starved I am for these types of that Iple stopped making them so frequently.

      And I looked at my order and I was "smart" enough to order the clothes and resin separately (since shipping was free) just in case the resin takes longer to produce. Go me.:whee:
    8. I don't see where they say the neck size for the head?
    9. Rhonda,

      I already possess the SID LE of Giorgio's Opera outfit that reminds me so much of the Francis outfit. Actually I have two sets. So I will pass for the moment on it since I would want the head for a SID. But Brave heart. that's temptation.

      Good thinking getting the resin head separate from the outfit.


      Not sure I have seen a number/size for it. I was basing my words on sight and what I do know of iple's bodies. Can't say the same for Dollshee or the others.
    10. I ordered just a head. The moment I saw SDink post a teaser of him on her Instagram I was smitten. I was originally going to get an Iplehouse Dexter for my Vagabond character, but Jude is just so perfect! :D

      From the photos I've seen so far, he looks like the bodies he's been tried on are just EID, SID, and DollShe 28M Classic. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he might not fit on the current offerings of Granado bodies as Granado heads are not compatible with Iplehouse of Dollshe bodies. It's something I'll be sure to check once mine arrives home. I hope the wait isn't too long.
    11. I am not sure if it's widely know but J Pearson is formerly an artist FROM Iplehouse. I am not sure who all is with Sartoria J, but it should be able to be logiced out that this is where some of the former IP ppl went. Just saying. also Zako Zako (did Jude's face up design) is ALSO formerly of IP. Just in case you (no one in particular in mind) didn't know. This is why they seem so similar in fashion design and now sculpts... and also it seems they are working on filling the want for 'heads' niche that are compatible with some of the less 'compatible' dolls... Some day I may grab the guts to ask some questions about who did what at IP. lol

      They also tend to work with dolls (bodies) they own and or are commissioned to make stuff for.
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    12. We got some heads coming so it's something exciting to look for. I do believe I will be ordering one as well.

      I didn't know J Pearson was an face up artist from Iplehouse . Tho from the costumes I figure they use to work there.

      Did Zako Zako do the Braveheart?
    13. Oh I didn't know that either. Fascinating how all these creators are interlinked.
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    14. @Bren Take a look here, Its painted by SDInk and its the amber beige head on a copper oriental skin tone

      He looks amazing with the blonde hair I think, reminds me of an 80s rockstar
      SDink on Instagram: “Just some more shots of @SartoriaJ Jude in a different wig in case anyone was curious. #sartoriaj #sartoriajjude #bjd #bjds #sdink”

      Also, just took a look at the Giorgio limited set and Im so jealous! Its such a beautiful set, I wish I was in the hobby earlier so I can have chances lol! I really think J did that, I know that he did the Lawrence set because I was obsessed with that outfit and asked him about it

      @luluna Have you watched the movie? Its nice, I like it and Jude does look very nice, so maybe you will want to see the real life Jude in action lol

      Personally I will treat it as a SID size head because it looks more natural on that body, so I assume it will be perfect on the Dollshe bodies because their necks are slightly smaller than Iple EID. I like the Dollshe Khan body in copper oriental so I might use that body for him if I go for the new Braveheart version lol

      For clothing, I always have extra pins on the side to make it look neater. Since the model is EID, It will be slightly looser on Dollshe and SID I think, whatever, if its not fitting, another one of my guys is getting it lol

      @Quiet and Insane which color did you pick for your Jude? Congratulations :)

      Personally, I like Jude better :P He looks like Iplehouse Rex and LLT's Black Pearl's love child

      Speaking of, I would also show a hybrid on the LLT body because its beautiful and very good at posing, so maybe others would be interested in it

      In their newsletter they also said that they will be producing Honey skin by Dollshe in the future, I think he would look nice in Mango oriental but Ill be sticking to their current Illum resin because I like how opaque it is.
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    15. OH yeah, I forgot about the Giorgio's Opera outfit! That was just an awesome outfit. <3

      @GreenTeaSlug - No, I haven't seen the movie (yet)...I will have to check it out now for sure.:) I loved Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripely.
    16. @LaurieESW

      Thank you so much for that enlightening article. I enjoyed reading about my favorite new shops and their artist beginnings.


      Wow. What a gorgeous shot of him. He does look amazing as a blond. Reminds me a little of the main singer from Poison when he was younger. Brett Micheals I think that's his name. Thank you for the link.
      Yes. Iple did some amazing outfits. The Opera's ones were wonderful. I love STella's Carmen version of it as well. Fantastic artistry and concept. Carved Heritage knocked it out of the park. I love Lawrence. They seriously have had wonderful themes, from the Noctarcana Circus to the Carved Heritage. Got to admit seeing that sparkle back with the Greek Theme popping up know.


      I bet you have it. LOL. ;)
    17. @LaurieESW I so need a 'reader' for stuff I will have to save that for later... i had no idea this was out there.

      and Zako posted a head he/she did... i did not know 'which' Jude it was... just Jude. Oh and when i say artist it could me face up, sculpt or fashion :P and I think JP does it all LOL.
    18. SDink's work has always been amazing, and I think Jude is great as a blonde. Thank you so much for posting that @GreenTeaSlug. (It would have taken me forever to try and figure out where I put my Instagram password.....)

      And, thank you @Lady Tiku for the information about the artists. I too adore the outfits/ weapons from Carved Heritage, Addiction, and special Edition Giorgio.
    19. @LaurieESW - Ooh thank you, that was a very interesting read!

      @GreenTeaSlug - I picked Warm Ivory as it looks very close to Iplehouse Normal. I still intend on getting an EID Dexter to use as one of his alter egos. ;) I can't pass up that grumpy face. Now that you mention it, he really does look like Rex and Black Pearl's love child. :lol: Perfect!