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Dec 8, 2018

    1. @Ashemanu thank you for posting that :love
      Shes beautiful, I love the outfit and it makes happy the necklace is also for sale!

      I agree, faceup B is my favorite too, the freshest but also mature, love the way they painted the lips on that makeup.
      I do love the new faceup too, she looks so young in it!

      @Quiet and Insane thigh joints as in the mobility joints that the iplehouse dolls come with? I agree, that would be amazing
      Ive never gotten a doll without it because I appreciate the movement it adds, there was a comparison I saw somewhere but I forgot but the extra cost of having it is worth it from what I saw

      I have to agree with @Bren , I have a doll with a three part torso and the hip joint annoyed me because it didnt do much for posing and made it less stable so I superglued it eventually broke loose again, but it was nice and stable while the superglue lasted

      Theres also an interview on BJD Collectasy that I found interesting

      ~Dolls by Sartoria J~

      Ill post the highlights but its a pleasant and short interview with interesting points

      They will migrate slowly from etsy to selling exclusively only on their website
      Its run by two friends Jay and Donatella (I always thought it was a much bigger team!)
      They will be releasing an 8-9 head every 2 months
      Heads will not be sold alone after the body release, and all the heads are limited

      I hope we will see something with a snob look like Douglas and Kamau (obsessed much?? lol)
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for all that info! A head every two months? Oh my ... that´s very bad news ^^ I guess I need a money tree and a castle (for room) then ;)
    3. @GreenTeaSlug - Yes, but a little more useful, like the ones from Ringdoll or the older DollZone bodies. Those guys can sit in the lotus position in jeans. :D My SID has thigh joints, though I've not used them actively.
    4. Thanks @Ashemanu for the link


      Thanks for all the great info as well. I love to come on and see what goodies you will share next. Cleopatra is the face up for me.
      I really hope that they give us the choice of a joint on the leg or not. I personally find them distracting from the beauty of the legs. But I think I'm in the minority.

      I recall that when we were trying to figure out who Yvonne reminded us of, I immediately said Stella and I believe someone said that Stella had teeth while Yvonne didn't.

      I thought I saw a hint of teeth on a previous face up B but for sure with the new one you can totally see it. I just found that to be interesting and thought I would share it.

      Close up.

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    5. I'm trying to figure out what resin color I like for her. Is the Mirror Queen Warm Ivory? The Cleopatra Amber Beige? And Parisienne the Peach Cream? That's what it looks like on my computer.
    6. I'm not sure about the Parisienne but yes, Mirror Queen looks to be Warm Ivory and the Cleopatra Amber Beige.
    7. @Cherylsdolls I asked on IG and they told me shes actually amber beige (tan skin) and you are right about the others :)

      @Bren That is very interesting and a great find!
      I love teeth on dolls, even if they are done subtly
      I really love how they paint lips, its so pretty to look at
      So excited to see your Yvonne and I hope shes going to be photographer with her Ancient Egypt friends

      Theres only 3 more days in her ordering period but I love how we get all these options and different looks for Yvonne

      Next doll should be revealed in May and Im very curious to see if its going to be a male or female, Im guessing female because Ive seen more activity here and IG since her reveal, she seems the popular of the two
    8. Heh, more female dolls means my money is safe (for the moment) so I'm happy with that. :lol:
    9. Oh wow! That is a lovely face up. Thanks for the link. I'm glad you still like faceup B (even if only slightly more). I really love the eyebrows on Parisienne a lot. Fortunately I think I still prefer the faceup B I already bought *whew*... but it's a really really close call.

      @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for the interview link for Sartoriaj :thumbup. Oh wow a new head every 2 months... that's great! Well, not great for my wallet but great in general, lol. @Ashemanu is right... the need for a money tree will be necessary, lol. :chomp:.

      @Bren *whew* I thought I saw teeth in there too... yay :cool:. I personally don't like open mouth dolls unless they have some teeth showing.
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    10. @Cherylsdolls, @GreenTeaSlug , @Bren Thanks for the discussion on the resin colours. I bit the bullet and ordered an Yvonne. I've been back to the SartoriaJ website countless times to figure out which version of her to order. In the end I chose Mirror Queen faceup B, but in Amber Beige. I'm hoping I made the right choice. I love her in warm ivory, but really wanted a tan colour. I threw caution to the wind and am hoping for great results.
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    11. I ordered the Parisienne in the amber beige. I just liked the eyebrows on that face up the best. Went back and forth on whether to just order the head blank but I do like the Zakozako face up a lot. I love how that artist does their freckled face ups, I hope in the future they have that as an option on for a head.
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    12. @ She is awesome :) Is that a custom face up? You got her really fast, it seems :)
    13. Thanks so much! She has a custom faceup by SDink...and that's how I got her.
    14. @luluna she is amazing! I took a look at your flickr account and I love what you have done with her
      I specially love that photo of her in the blonde with the red roses in her hair, she looks so amazing!

      Is she on the HID body for your photo? Im assuming since I have a feeling you like that body of the Iple female dolls most lol

      I wonder who was able to get SDInk's Jude? He looked so handsome, like a real version of the Prince from Beauty and the Beast Disney cartoon movie

      @Cherylsdolls Congratulations!
      I was hoping one of us would get that head, because I love how very glamorous and mature she looks in it, very subtle with a strong impact I feel

      @Bluenocs I think faceup B with the tan skin will look amazing!
      Do you have an idea on which body she will be using when you get her?

      Im not sure if you own an Iplehouse real skin, but its my favorite of the tans because of how realistic it looks
      I only saw a few other tans and they looked a bit spray tan or strong green undertones, Iplehouse tan has it just right
    15. I was the lucky one who got Jude painted by SDink. So far he just has eyes and wig, waiting for a body.[​IMG]Jude by C. Pemberton, on Flickr
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    16. @GreenTeaSlug I am just starting my foray into bjd's so unfortunately I don't have a body for her yet. I did order the amber beige with the idea of saving up to get an Iplehouse real skin body for her eventually. I just couldn't pass up her face with that bone structure! I really like the realistic sculpts. Your comments on Iplehouse real skin makes me feel a little more comfortable with the plan I have in mind. I'm not used to buying dolls that are 'sight unseen' per say, so this is a whole new adventure for me.

      @luluna I just took a peek through your flickr account. Gorgeous!
    17. @Cherylsdolls Woah, he looks stunning. Grats to that beauty!
    18. @luluna @Cherylsdolls: Wow, the SDink faceups are gorgeous as always! Congrats to both of you, and hope to see more of them!
    19. @GreenTeaSlug - Thank you so much for the kind words! The photos of her in the green/blue dress are on the HID body and the photo with a black top is on a SID body. She looks fine on both...but I like her on the HID best at present.

      @Cherylsdolls - Congrats on getting the Jude by Cheryl. He is gorgeous! I was wondering who he went to. I hope you are able to get a body for him soon so we can see more of him.

      @Bluenocs - Thank you so much! And I believe you will be happy with RS resin. I have several (many) dolls with it and one of the first Akandosoriginal batch that did not have the protections they use in them now and so far (knock on wood) he is doing just fine.

      @Sianserais - Thank you! I feel very fortunate to have been able to get her.

      And since I'm here I've edited another photo with the red roses in her hair...and the green eyes.

      [​IMG]Karole by luluna33, on Flickr
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