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Sartoria J Design Group

Dec 8, 2018

    1. Well, I can't say I have much use for skull decorations, but more weapons and pirate-themed outfits could be welcome for my crew! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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    2. The set is up and it is amazing! :D lol Ive been refreshing since the news of the pirate sets were announced.... I missed alot of the CH releases, and this makes up for it, I actually like it a lot more than Leonard's that Ive been craving

      SD_Black Beard Set

      The swords are up too
      SD_Pirate Cutlass Sword

      @Lady Tiku are you terrified now?! LOL
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    3. you didn't hear the splash when i dove off the gangplank? LOL ah well it will definitely add a splash of color to my boys for sure *cackles insanely as money disappears in a puff of pirate cannon fire?*
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    4. Hi! I'm new to big dolls (have 4 IH FIDs) but I went crazy and ordered a Dollshe 18M 70cm Mystic Pose body with Arsene head during their big sale (god knows when I'll get it). Then started collecting more heads (Rosen Garden Chocolate Cookie, Modoll Kris Wu, Pygmalion Chen, and Zakary Beast). I have written to Jay and she suggested a warm ivory head to go with Dollshe Fresh and gave me links to clothes (bought a lot so I hope they fit). I like Asian dolls (kdramas and kpop) so I hope the Beast looks a bit Asian in person. I am thrilled to get another Zakozako faceup (My FID Isabel was the other). I find it interesting that I am suddenly going big with my old bad wrists! Haha. I just love the idea of switching heads (and personalities) and I have successfully sanded neck openings so I suddenly have so many options.
      I just read everything on this thread and look forward to all your great info for Zakary in the future. I'll let you see (someday) how my adventure all turns out. Now if I could only stop buying clothes for a body I don't have...
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    5. There is an instagram account,
      the Russian representative for SartoriaJ and they post updates pretty frequently
      I feel its good to follow them even if you are not a part of the Russian community

      They have a video of the Zakary head and he looks very nice! I think those waiting on him would like to see it, since I dont think there are owner photos yet
      Instagram post by SartoriaJ • Jun 5, 2019 at 7:12am UTC

      @Mahgiep Congratulations!
      Looking at your sculpt purchases, you definitely have a type XD

      Arsene is a popular character so maybe the wait wont be as crazy for him since I personally believe that Dollshe doesnt cast until he reaches a certain number of orders per sculpt.
      Im on 1 year 4 months waiting for Tom Cruise, best not to think of it and wait for the shipping notice so we dont go crazy waiting lol

      Have you ordered the Arsene on the 18M with Zakary in mind? If you are using that body for Zakary, I would suggest you change the skin color from fresh to oriental.
      Dollshe fresh is a match to Iplehouse white, and as of now, there is no SartoriaJ skin color that is a match for Iplehouse white ...... Warm Ivory is a match for Iplehouse normal which is a match for Dollshe Oriental

      Also, I highly recommend getting a neck donut for Dollshe bodies :)
      Because Dollshe heads are smaller than the dolls in that size, so the neck might look shorter
      A neck donut makes the neck look more proportioned to the head so it will be useful for the other heads you want to use if you want to switch bodies and the neck ends up looking short

      I buy mine from Taiwan, but you live in the US, so luckily you dont have to pay much for it to be shipped
      <b><i>BALL JOINTED DOLLS++</i></ | BJD Accessories/Props | ACNP70 | Doll Peddlar | Dolls, Clothing and Accessories

      @Lady Tiku Ive never been in a hobby that is continuosly draining the wallet, it feels like releases never end and its event after event and I can now see how it can be seen as an addiction!

      I dont think it would be far off if one day we end up seeing a collector friend on one of the hoarder TV shows XD
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    6. @GreenTeaSlug Thank you for all the great information and ideas! As I remember (but I may be wrong) I don't think oriental was offered in the sale (or maybe I didn't want to pay extra). My plan is to get all the heads which are mostly NS (which I think is pinky) and then see if I will be able to body blush the fresh body to match as many heads as possible. Chances are I will need another body, I'll see. Same with the necks. Once the body is here, it should get pretty wild. At least the Arsene head will match as is. I did faceups on Cookie and today Kris Wu. Only Chen to go, but he won't arrive till after Zakary. When I'm doing them, I am keeping the skin mostly resin color and light. I figure I can adjust from there. It may all be a disaster! Haha. But I'm having an awful lot of fun.
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    7. I got tangled up with SJ when they were still with Iplehouse at the tail end of the theme actually called "The Addiction" then slid into Carved Heritage when I was doing well financially. And pirates are a particular weakness of mine lol. Now that SJ is going down that path when my circumstances have quite changed... i am scared stupid lol and omg one of us on a hoarder show... yep I can so see this lol yikes.
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    8. At least it is just an outfit and not a doll with the outfit!
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    9. In case anyone was wondering...The MIrror Queen set fits on an Iplehouse HID medium bust body.:whee:

      [​IMG]Karole by luluna33, on Flickr
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    10. @luluna she is gorgeous!! Thanks for posting that picture. Mirror Queen is on my wish list, once I have an appropriate body.....
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    11. Your photo is stunning @luluna and that gown is a perfect fit. I love everything about it..... makes me want a HID girl.
    12. @GreenTeaSlug Just wanted you to know I was able to change my Dollshe Mystic body color to Oriental after all. Thanks again for your recommendations!
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    13. @luluna, your doll is simply amazing.
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    14. @Katushka_Nitok

      Wow. I love her face up. So beautifully done. She looks amazing.


      your queen rocks the look.
    15. I should be getting a shipping notice for Beast Zakary at the end of July. I don't really know who he will be. I was hoping to make him Asian with dark hair. We'll see. I also ordered the burgundy suit and a white shirt. In any case, he will be sophisticated.

      What are others planning for their head's characters?
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    16. @luluna Wow, your girl looks fantastic. Do you think that outfit would fit on an EID girl at all?
    17. @Bluenocs - @oriscany - @collectionkate - @Bren - @yhlee - Thanks everyone so much for the kind comments. The Mirror Queen outfit is really nice. And I do believe it will fit lovely on an EID woman. It has laces up the back so that helps and the little puffy wrist-lets/sleeve thingies are separate, so they just pop over the hands and length of sleeve is no problem.
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