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Dec 8, 2018

    1. Ooh well she has that's me out. Not a fan of teeth.
      But that outfit is stunning. Definitely hoping for something for the guys too! :D
    2. Thankfully she´s not my type, even if she´s beautiful! I love the outfit too, especially the rich red color.
    3. Wow, what a beautiful outfit. I see I will have to be saving my pennies again.

      I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Admiral outfit, boots, and two of the swords so I can set up fencing/dueling scenes! I just have to figure out a suitable swashbuckling outfit for my FID Mari to accompany FID Claude...
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    4. Hm... Naomi's teeth aren't so visible that it would be an automatic dismissal for me, but right now I don't really have an opinion. I'll wait and see, I guess.

      Also, I've been waiting to get photos before saying anything, but... I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do about my Yvonne. When my Jude arrived, he was a very good match for Iplehouse's RS, but Yvonne is... well, too pink. She's actually closer to my Dollshe Arsene in Honey Mango. (And it's more obvious in real life than in this pic.)


      Here's a comparison under the cut with both SJ headcaps and some other tan resins in the house:


      Just wanted to put this info out there in case it helps anyone else.

      EDIT: Sorry for the quick and dirty pics - I've got a bunch of stuff in the way of where I usually take my photographs.
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    5. Naomi starts to grow on me ... I would love her in FID-size! And I really hope they start to release their own bodies at some point, preferably soon ;) That really would make things simpler.
    6. @Sianserais I can see the difference clearly when I look at the top of the heads, Jude is more olive undertone and I see the pink undertones of Yvonne. In the new pictures of Naomi, you can see undertone difference too

      I think maybe they changed the casting company, or maybe added that color to be more suitable for copper oriental by Dollshe? Maybe time will make the red undertones less. It doesnt bother me but I know it can be bothersome to others.

      I do like Naomi a lot, but Ill give it some time to decide. I prefer the smaller eye size for realisim, but at the same time, I like how young Naomi looks with the wider eyes. Maybe its the glass eyes with the dark rims giving her that doll eye effect. I wish we could have seen her with the more realistic eyes they had for Jude and Zakary

      Theres going to be two versions of Naomi, we got the first today and the second will come on August 2

      @Ashemanu not too long to wait! The body should be debuting by end of this year iirc from the BJDCollectasy interview. I suspect in november for the december sales :)
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    7. @Sianserais

      Thank you for the comparison shot. I had seen that my Yvonne was different but I thought it was because of her Egyptian make up. That's too bad that they changed the shade. Now the head will not closely match any well while trying to match better others.

      My Jude head matched very well with my SID RS body.

      Now I wonder if Zak will no longer match as well. dang.
    8. Well I just got a very peachy Pygmalion NS head and worked for 2 days to get the pink to surrender and match the Dollshe oriental skin. I mostly used my NS Iplehouse FIDs for a match since I don't have the bodies yet. I used a pale green pastel with white pastel and it worked well. One could just add some pale green to highlighted areas like chin, forehead, nose, and the area where the head attaches to the neck if the match bothers anyone.
    9. My amber beige Yvonne head also had that copper-pink undertone - it was a semi okay match with Iplehouse RS (but for me, not close enough to be workable). Despite the coppery undertone, head also didn't match my Dollshe copper oriental body - not even close. Wonder if Naomi also has that same coppery pink undertone?
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    10. poppin in here as i just found this thread

      guilty: it was me who asked sartoriaj to try to make a bigger head for the msd version of Jude. Why? cause i think it looked pinheaded like the FID guys do to me. I had Iple FID Lawrence and decided to sell him afer 1/2 second when i opened the box. Just my personal taste. I tried and failed, i just did not like it- not even a wig did the trick for me

      And of course I ordered the 6/7 Jude head as i love my SD-Jude as well
      and am pretty sure I will love the proportion of the bigger head cause to me it looks more like "the big iples" and not just pinheaded. Am happy they did it

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand am in love with Naomi
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    11. Just the opposite here. I never understood the complaint. I was a professional artist all my life and find the 6-7 heads cartoony. Each to their own!
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    12. @earth.spirits - Thank you for that info, because I was very curious how Copper Oriental would compare, but the comparison photos I was finding between CO and Iple's RS were mostly older. From what I gather, it might be lighter than RS now? Either way, I can say this new AB isn't the best match for HMO either (funny how resins can photograph differently than they look IRL). I think I might just hang onto the head until SJ releases their own bodies and see how that goes. I'm definitely not messing with her faceup.

      It does make me slightly concerned about how Zakary will turn out. Part of the reason I bought these heads is because they could share bodies, but this is just the way the hobby goes sometimes, huh. :lol:

      Naomi is nicely sculpted, but she's not calling to me. Unless the second version changes that, I think I can pass on her.

      @greeneyed-soul - I like the idea of having a choice, though! I guess we'll all have to wait and see the results of this experiment. I don't mind the FID body ratios, because my fashion dolls are their own group and don't hang out with those of different proportions (like my JIDs), but I totally understand people wanting to keep to one type or the other.
    13. @Sianserais - Glad to be of assistance. And yes, to me Dollshe copper oriental looks lighter in tone than Iple RS. They definitely don't match each other.

      Naomi is very pretty, but I agree with you, in that she's not calling to me.
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    14. I finally completed the look I had in mind for Zakary :)

      Pierced his ears and he is on the Dollshe 18m body, which was in dire need of sueding.

      I am very happy with him, specially love his nose shape on the profile, its very different

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    15. He looks wonderful!
      The photo reminds me of Hook from the TV series Once Upon a Time. :love
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    16. @GreenTeaSlug He looks awesome! Very handsome. I love that wig on him.
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    17. Oh oh! This is the combo I ordered. Except a Beast head! So exciting! Where do you get Dollshe 18M clothes? Mystic Pose yes?
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    18. @LaurieESW Thank you so much, I do see the resemblance!
      I havent watched the show yet, but its definitely on my to watch list now :)

      @Ashemanu Thank you <3
      Its the long Volks wig, W-117D but I cut it all off, and left a few of the crimped hair, I tried to copy the hairstyles of the Japanese bar hosts :)

      @Mahgiep Yes! I am still waiting for the dancer preorder by LLT so I can try that body on him, but thought I should put him on the Mystic body to show you how good he looks on it. He didnt need any neck adapters to lengthen the neck, it is perfect for him and i think you will be very happy with it.

      You will 100% need to hot glue suede him, he buckles like no other doll Ive had before. You cant keep him standing straight even with a stand!

      For the clothes, he is wearing these:
      White shirt for EID, it fits like a regular fit, its not tight or form fitting, but its not too loose. the sleeves fit perfect
      SD_Dress Shirts for Iplehouse EID

      The pants are the EID Tuxedo pants, it is very loose. The length is perfect, but it will need alteration in the waist and thighs. I think maybe SID Muscle pants would fit better, but then theres the issue of length
      SD_Tuxedo Pants

      Necklace is:
      SD_Gothic Cross Necklace (39cm)

      The jacket is Freedom Teller, it looks blue but in real life its a dark green, it just wont photograph right at all
      Its SID size, its a good fit, but the sleeves are a tiny bit short. FT removed all their SID options BUT I think their 70cm choice would fit based on measurements. Im a bit sad over FT, they used to have a service where you give them measurements and they would work to make it, or allow you to order clothes based on the models they have. They dont do that service anymore :(

      [Freedom Teller*] BJD Handmade Doll Boutique
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    19. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh woooooow!! :D He's stunning! Love what you did to the wig.
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    20. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh wow you got Zakary! That's the first owner shot I've seen of him. He's looking good!
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