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Sartoria J Design Group

Dec 8, 2018

    1. Theres a new Jude bundle, and he looks really cool, like 110% more bad ass with the leather coat and hat

      Limited JUDE Head_Leather Uniform Coat

      I got this one in amber beige, he looks too cool and interesting to pass
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug

      Thank you so much for the link. Very nice.

      hmmm Does anybody know how long SartoriaJ will take to answer pm's?

      I wrote them a week ago about some questions I had about Jude and so far no answer.
    3. @Bren I usually write them an email, prior to Jude's release, Ive been getting responses within 24 hours but since his reveal the responses take 4-6 days

      I guess they are swamped with a lot of work with designing many looks/bundles for Jude, new clothes and clothes with other partnerships (like Soom IMDA/Iplehouse), I think at the moment they have their plates over filled

      I contact them by the gmail email account they have listed on their website :)
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    4. Thank you so much. Yes. It would make sense.

      Thank you for the advise to use the email.
    5. Oooh I love the darker face up on this version. Pity mine is supposed to be a dorky gamer dad in his late 30's. :lol: Perhaps I can still use that as inspiration for his alter ego. ;)
    6. That head is really tempting! The skintone in the Brave Heart edition, is that Amber Beige?
    7. Thank you, @GreenTeaSlug ! It looks lovely! If only finding a body for that skintone would be easier! Since Iplehouse doesn´t sell the bodies separately, only Dollshe seems to be fitting - hooray for years of waiting ;)
    8. @Ashemanu Dollshe's wait times are horrible but the dolls are worth it. I think other than Iplehouse Real Skin, and Dollshe Copper oriental, there is also the beautiful Dollstown 18 body (comes in copper oriental AND also the wait time is so much kinder)

      Theres also Angell Studio that does custom resin color if you send them a sample, I love this body, I think it would look nice
      74CM muscle male body

      I think Granado Tan is also close-ish in skin color + they have jointed hands
      Comparison - Iplehouse EID/Granado Evol/Soom Idealian

      If you want Iplehouse, Im sure you wont have a problem finding a split partner since people usually want the heads from Iple and not the bodies lol :XD:
    9. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for all the advice!
      Dollstown is not an option, I had bad experiences with them in the past and won´t order there. Also not a friend of that body.

      I read here that Granado is not compatible with Iplehouse or Dollshe regarding the neck.

      Dollshe would probably be the choice in the end ... I have to think about this a bit more!
    10. I have ordered Jude Braveheart in Amber. Luckily, I bought Adonis last year and EID Drake, so have two body options.

      I thought that Jude looked like a less intense version of Rex! And am glad that this sculptor is at SartoriaJ now as Rex is my favorite IH sculpt and I haven’t seen a sculpt I liked as well from IH for the last couple of years.
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    11. Well...uh...my Jude head was shipped today. :o The only other company with a turnaround time that that is Iplehouse. I cannot wait to see him!! :D
    12. @Quiet and Insane - Dang! Shipped already!? That's great news! :thumbup
      I'm guessing you got him blank eh?
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    13. @Quiet and Insane - Yeah. that was super quick. A great turn around. I couldn't see where you posted if you got a face up with him or not. Would you mind telling me what skin color you chose? Thank you.

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    14. I checked my order for a NS blank Jude head and no shipping notice for me yet even though I ordered earlier by over a week...I'm wondering if they are combining the clothes I ordered separately?
    15. @mysticaldolldreams - Neither can I! Though how long it will take him to get through the crush of Xmas mail is another matter entirely...

      @luluna - Yes blank, with no additional clothing. It's possible they my combine your orders...would save on packaging, and they'll probably refund part of the shipping fee. Maybe. I'm just sort of guessing at this stage. :sweat

      @Bren - He's blank and in warm ivory skin tone. Now I have to figure out who I want to do his face up. Normally I'd do my own, but he needs a level of realism that I just don't have the skills to do. I'm much more adept at painting fantasy creatures. :lol:
    16. @Quiet and Insane

      Thank you so much for answering my question. It's always exciting when a new doll comes in even when it's only a head. How great is that you can do your own face ups with Fantasy creatures. Good luck in finding the right person to bring your vision to life. That is always an exciting part as well.
    17. Exciting news my way too. I ordered Jude with a faceup. I received a note from SartoriaJ that they may be able to send my guy out next week. Talk about quick service! :dance
    18. OH MY That's is quick and also exciting. I too would be doing the happy dance.

      I can't wait to see yours. Mine is also amber with braveheart face up so I can't wait.