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Dec 8, 2018

    1. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks so much for putting him on my body and all the information!! I ordered an SD white shirt. It says it fits 28M and EID. Fingers crossed. If not, I can always get the EID one. Great about the neck fitting and really good to know about the sueding!!! Getting excited all over again!
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh wow, agreed that that wig looks great on him! Hope you'll be sharing more pics!
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    3. Thank you very much for the well wishes :) recovery went well and my hands are doing a good deal better. I would have thanked you sooner but I was gone so long I had no notifications and just saw your post today.
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    4. Holy moly there's a lot to catch up on :3nodding:. Congratulations to everyone who purchased sculpts and outfits! I'm looking forward to all the future photo spam :thumbup. I bought a few outfits 2 months ago, Mr Darcy set and Belle set as well as msd Jude a few weeks ago. I will share photos when the items arrive.

      @GreenTeaSlug @Ashemanu @Cherylsdolls @Bren @JinCIncy @luluna @Katushka_Nitok All if your dolls look so lovely!

      @Zest oh goodness... I'm sorry to hear you've been given such a rough time with Sartoriaj and the clothes not fitting :(.

      @Sianserais Your Yvonne is lovely. Sorry to hear (and see) that Yvonne has a noticable resin color difference though :(.
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    5. I really like Naomis second face up - I hope they will release her as MSD sometime!
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    6. I love the Naomi sculpt and I wish I could buy her, I just don't want floating heads about.

      Does anyone know when they are going to release the body they have been designing?
    7. I just got my shipping notice for Zakary Beast with Zakozako faceup! Yay!
    8. Wonderful! It's nice to know they are starting to ship!
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    9. Btw, I ordered May 20th.
    10. I ordered May 17th but I got the Prince faceup.
    11. I got the Beast face up as well, and received my shipping notice this morning.
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    12. Yay,
      Zakary will land at JFK tonight at 10pm!
    13. all these heads... I could only get the msd uniform... it takes almost 2 months he said! I'm gonna die ><

      grats on all the goodies on the way though.
    14. Oh cool. Who will wear the uniform?
    15. prolly my FID Ron .... maaaybe Dane... but hs's a bit rougher around the edges type lol
      Both the boys are the 'greek' full sets who have yet to even wear them lol
      It's not been a good summer for doll play for me ><
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    16. @Lady Tiku Sorry to hear that! Looking forward to seeing your outfit on Ron when you have time!
    17. I caved and bought the Arabian Night set. Now I have to learn patience waiting for that and the MSD uniform! (I ordered two of the "rapiers," although they look more like sabres to me, in the vain hopes that soooooomeday I can find a uniform for my MSD girl as well and then they can fence each other.)
    18. I wonder if you should ask Jay if they plan to make one. Never know...

      I'm going to walk the dog to the post office at 8:30 and check if my head is there. We have a road race this morning that may interfere with the mail trucks. I don't want to wait till Monday if I don't have to. Fingers crossed!
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    19. I think they ship out Zackary's based on faceup styles. I ordered the first style one, and got mine pretty early. Im guessing those waiting on the Prince should be getting their notices soon since he was the last style offered :)

      I placed my order for the Marie Antoinette fullset Naomi, shes too beautiful to resist. Plus, unlike the other past outfits, the Antoinette and the Arabian nights sets are under the limited tab, so Im sure after the 18th of this month, they will not be for sale up again. I placed a big order so I made use of their layaway on their website lol, it was easy to start and it would help me not miss the limited sets. I dont think I would enjoy hunting the Antoinette set later, I dont think it would be easy to find once the sale is over.

      The makeup is delicate and young, its very nicely detailed but also soft and subtle
      The dress is what I really wanted because I love that theme. I expected blue with the Antoinette theme, but that shade of pink is so much nicer! I would be vey happy and spoiled if they continued to make more puffy big dresses like that, maybe even a wedding dress similar to the one that Princess Diana wore with the very long fabric at the back (I dont know what its called in english)

      She looks a bit like Scarlet Johansson from The Other Boleyn Girl (its a really good movie btw)
      I was okay with the Arabian Nights, but Antoinette really captured my heart. I love that style and coloring so much. I debated between peach and normal in color, but I imagine Antoinette and those ladies were very pale from having to stay in their castles all day, and I dont think Europe in the past was as sunny as it is these days. (Its hard for me to imagine life without wifi XD)

      I also got a small update
      Naomi will be the last female head only sale, the coming dolls will all be full dolls only since they are finishing up the female body
      I have no clue about the specifics of the body, but I was told they finished her, and are now in the process of working the joints
      Im excited to see what she will look like when they debut her!

      I think there will be at least one more male head only sale because I didnt get any information about them finishing the male body yet or any talks of them developing the body

      @Mahgiep Im very excited for you!
      I hope he has arrived and is waiting for you, I know how much you like him and Im eager to see your styling of him
      Your styling on your other dolls has always looks authentic to me :)

      @yhlee They do read this thread, Im pretty sure of it!
      I would encourage you and all others to write in here what you wish for and what you hope to see, that way others can chime in and Sartoria J can see the demand for it
      Im all for big beautiful dresses for females, but I would love to see an admiral set for the female body too, in either FID or SD size.
      Maybe something similar to Lady Oscar's unforms

      @Lady Tiku I think your Ron will look very handsome in the uniform, Dane always gave me villain vibes so I cant imagine him in something that isnt dark themed lol, plus Ron looks very handsome in a uniform! You should see @Sableicious 's Ron on flickr
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