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Dec 8, 2018

    1. It's called a "train"! :)
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug I love your posts because I learn so much!! Excited to know about the bodies!
      Naomi is not my style but that DRESS!

      Well not only was the head at my post office but ALL the SartoriaJ clothes which were sent with slower shipping before the head. I am sooo happy. I had lots of revelations. I liked the eyes that came with it as well as the Candy Kitten and Dolline eyes until... I tried the Dreaming Tree Eyes which have smaller irises. He looks less stoned or in love in those, so then I had to decide which DT eyes. In the end, I left the Tourmalines in even though I liked them all. I was surprised that he looks good with spiked hair. And that he reminds me the star of two kdramas I'm watching! I made a google drive folder: Zakary - Google Drive If you have any questions, please refer to the number of the photo.
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    3. @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks for the scoop on the female body being almost done and the no more female heads...
      And I'm glad you got the Marie Antoinette version as I got the One Thousand and One Nights version. It was interesting to read your reasoning...for me, I wanted a hopefully strong character so maybe she can fit in with my Elle warriors. :whee:

      I will be interested to see what size the new female body will be...(HID/EID/SID/nYID)...I'm so hooked on the HIDs right now...but I somehow doubt that would be their first attempt.
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    4. A quick shot of my Zakary who showed up today. He got here REALLY quickly! I only got the shipping notice on Tuesday I think. I like him quite a lot...…………..the way his jaw is sculpted makes him look better on the EID body than Jude did, so I'm pleased by that. I think he will work fine on the EID model body I have him on here. I got the Beast face up on mine. His brows are more black than brown, and I love that. I thought from the pics that they might be more brown like Jude's were. Very pleased I got him!
      [​IMG]A Name of his Own by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. Oh wow! He looks so different from my beast! But they are different skin tones.
    6. Which skin tone did you get?
    7. The lightest one warm ivory. Can you see my photos in the link?
    8. I don't see where you posted a link?
      Just adding another pic because he has an awesome nose...…….
      [​IMG]That Nose by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    9. Zakary - Google Drive
      Let me know if it works. If not I need to go to Flickr on my PC.
      Seems like each faceup is different. How amazing!
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    10. I didn't get a shipping notice but Zakary Prince is here!
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    11. Wow! All in one day! Can't wait to see him!
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    12. So many handsome boys arriving! :D How wonderful!
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    13. Jude and Zakary sculpts together just for fun. Jude is on the Iple SID body, Zak is on the Iple EID model body, just for reference
      [​IMG]Jude and Zakary Sculpts by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    14. [QUOTE="GreenTeaSlug, post]
      @Lady Tiku I think your Ron will look very handsome in the uniform, Dane always gave me villain vibes so I cant imagine him in something that isnt dark themed lol, plus Ron looks very handsome in a uniform! You should see @Sableicious 's Ron on flickr
      My Dane is definitely no villain. in present day he is Ron;s best friend, and in his past life is the prince's (Ron/Paris) right hand warrior guard. He's just a bit... rough around the edges but they will get smoothed out XD. He has to be good. a goddess (or maybe an oracle haven't decided yet) would not let one of her temple (female) warrior/guards be with him if he was unworthy lol My 'group crosses paths throughout time repeatedly. XD Tough guy yes, but no villain ^_^ and omg yes that... wow and the uniform... dude i need some kind of another one for Dane now lol nuts

      and sorry for the late reply... my eyes were too bad to read and write for a couple of days lol
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    15. Oooh they're stunning @JinCIncy! :D Their sculpts are such a contrast of features!
    16. Aww, thanks for the love @GreenTeaSlug :love And @Lady Tiku, I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of Ron, so I definitely recommend he wears the uniform :wiggle
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    17. @Jackie,

      Great picture of Zak in that red shirt as well as having both Jude and Him together. Love them.


      Wonderful close up of your Zak beast face up.

      I got my beast as well, and since we have all these wonderful pictures of the beast face up. I did mine in B & W.

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    18. I asked Jay about military uniform outfits for the girl dolls (I'm most interested in FID/EID sizes) and he said there are no current plans for them, but he'd take it under advisement. Ah well! I'm sure there will be plenty of other delights in the meantime.
    19. I am slightly put off with Sartoria right now. I took a T-shirt from their brand off my FID Ron yesterday, which promptly came apart at one seam. Then I put one of their jeans on him - the snap to close it was completely missing. All things I could fix myself, but regarding their not so cheap prices I expect a little more quality. I really hope they pay more attention to detail when they cast their future bodies. Nevertheless, beautiful Zakarys here :)
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