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Dec 8, 2018

    1. I think you should tell them. They may be putting all their energy into their dolls and letting go of their oversight on the clothes. Iplehouse went through that with wigs, but they are now okay, so I assume people told them.
    2. Apparently I fell down the rabbit hole and never found this thread till today. I swear, DOA is a constant miasma of information for me. I can't find anything! All that aside. I ordered a suit, and "puffy" wrap shirt and shoes from Sartoria J for my Vindoll and it is the best quality clothing I have ever found for BJDs. Usually I am somewhat shocked at the lack of attention to detail and presicion of fit in the bjd world. I usually do fashion dolls, and the clothing for them is extreamly well-finished. When I got a suit for my Vindoll from S.j. I was stunned. It was wonderful!! Ok, raving over. I didn't even know they made dolls. Yvonne is a winner! Love that sculpt. She would look wonderful with the Granado men!! Whoo! Anyway, I love the clothing made by these folks. Love it.
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    3. That would be so disappointing . I hope that they can address the issue and make you happy with your purchase. They seem like a wonderful company, so I can only believe that they would want to help.
    4. Thought I would post a style B of the Arabian Nights Naomi here since I thought she looked very pretty in lighter hair and darker eyes. This is from the new collection of Sartoria J, I will be getting the pink lingerie to go with my Marie Antoinette fullset, it just seems right to me for her to have her undergarments XD


      @Quiet and Insane ......train!!!! I almost didnt believe you until I saw it in google image results! It is a new word to add to my vocabulary lol!
      Im a bit amused that clothing terms seem to have vehicle names, like boat cut is the dress where the neckline is straight across, and now train is the long part of the dress at the back XD

      I would let them know, even if you were able to fix it yourself, it can be annoying to pay good money and then have to fix things yourself. I think it really is better to let them know so they can keep an eye, and for them to know that there is an issue, maybe they will offer you a replacement or a discount, but its better to talk than to keep it yourself if that makes sense?

      Is that the model body? Love that he looks caught off guard and gotten his picture taken between scenes XD

      @Lady Tiku
      That is really in depth and fascinating to me, do you have a place online where you write about them? Your world of dolls is exciting to me, I love how much you put in them! I just go with eyebrows lol ... arched = determined/villain relaxed = kind/innocent. Yes, very indepth !

      Your pictures makes me too eager for winter XD Ive had enough of the sun scorching me at every chance
      Those eyeballs look great on him by the way, its a good size and gives him a lot of realism

      Its like your models never have an off day, they are always so presentable and good to look at
      His nose really is amazing, its very bold? Im not sure the word is, but its a "focus" and well done, I think his best view is the profile so you can see his strong nose. Leonard I was shocked to see the profile of the other day because he had a nice nose shape - and so does Crow, but you wouldnt know since there arent many profile shots XD

      Im hoping for something similar to the HID and Fantasia doll's muscular body too
      I did share those images and showed them the requests of people here saying they want something between the HID and EID in appearance/build so Im really really hoping she has some muscle definition and some good calves. Hopefully, its not too long until we get some teaser shots, since we are approaching the final quarter of the year and all.....

      I do hope though, if they develop the body, that they add a few skintones, I would really love something similar to Soom's bronze or Iplehouse's LB, but perhaps a bit rosier to look like it was freshly suntanned

      Arabian Nights Naomi does have a strong feel to her, like shes not shy so I think she would work well with your Gladiators, I think she would also look better with smaller irises to give her a more stern or more adult look to her face?
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    5. Sadly I am no writer. I can do vignette's really well... and sometimes longer scene's but alas I suuuuuuuuuuuck at writing full blown stories. I do know in my head the lives of my dolls (mostly.... usually. My fid's are still 'waking up to lives') At a time DoA did some changes I lost a bunch of stuff because I lost access to my files on my own computer too... I imagine a super nerd could find it but that would be if they could get at the files to start with.. and now writing is difficult with my vision problems. But thank you for your kind words... I'm glad someone likes my ideas.

      if i could 'direct actors' I could block out amazing stuff I think lol
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    6. @GreenTeaSlug Glad you like the eyes. I have a pinched nerve right now and I woke up this morning thinking his eyes weren't dreamy enough and went up a size on the irises. It was the pain talking. I love the smaller ones. Thanks for reminding me.
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    7. @Mahgiep @GreenTeaSlug I don´t know if it is worth the time and effort. The purchase is a while back, I bought the clothes before I got my FID Ron and tried them on only recently. It´s a bit strange if I start complaining half a year later. It´s not the first time I am disappointed with their clothes, so I shouldn´t be surprised. Meanwhile there are enough other dealers on etsy who sell good FID and EID/SID stuff, so I don´t need Sartoria for that anymore. Still it´s a pity.
      But their dolls - quiet the opposite - are really really great. Naomi started to grow on me some more - the moment they offer her in MSD-size, I will buy her, I guess :)
    8. @GreenTeaSlug - The fashion industry is a little odd with its wording sometimes! :lol: You're not the only one who's been stumped by bizarre terminology. I wonder how they choose these names?
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    9. @GreenTeaSlug,

      Yes. he is actually on a EID Model body and the head works well with it. :3nodding: I do like that picture of him.
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    10. Is SartoriaJ's peach cream a color match for Amadiz's peach cream?
    11. @echotexture

      Sartoria J's Peach Cream is a very good match to Iplehouse Peach Gold.
      Based on some photos and some descriptions, I do not think it is a match (Amadiz PC + Sartoria J / Iplehouse Peach).
      I searched for Iplehouse PG and Amadiz PC comparisons to come up with that conclusion

      This sales thread, shows the color as a very pale tan–-amadiz-studio-magdalena-full-doll-peach-skin.768742/

      In one of the comments here, the person says that Peach Cream is different than Iplehouse Peach Gold, that its a very light tan
      Yolande by Amadiz Beauty

      Maybe this thread will be more helpful? The Amadiz Studio discussion thread
      You can ask for a comparison between Iplehouse Peach Gold and Amadiz Peach Cream, because Peach Gold is a match for Sartoria J's Peach Cream + Sartoria J is fairly new, and a lot more people have Iplehouse so the color is interchangeable
      Amadiz Studio

      I love Amadiz dolls, their dolls are amazing and Im a bit sad i wasnt able to get one before they stopped taking orders for them. Are you thinking of pairing a Sartoria J head on their bodies?
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    12. Thank you for your help! Your leads were very helpful! I had been hoping to hybrid with an amadiz girl, but the neck measurements won't work.

      By the way, what is the difference between this naomi head and the 2nd version that will be released shortly?
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    13. @echotexture
      The second is out already, and her preorder deadline is approaching (ordering deadline is august 18, so in 2 days)
      She will be available to get later, but as a full doll only

      The first version is Arabian Nights
      SD_Naomi Head_Arabian Night

      The second version is Marie Antoinette
      SD_Naomi Head_Marie Antoinette

      So its just the faceups that is different between two versions :)

      If you are ordering blank, it doesnt matter which version you get, since they are both the same sculpt
      You can also get their clothes/shoes separately
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    14. Anyone know if you do lay a way with SartoriaJ do they automatically send you PP invoices for all your installment payments? I posted on their board how many payments I wanted when I placed the order and they sent the first invoice. I just wondered if they will automatically send the remaining invoices out, or if I have to go initiate the payments myself.
    15. Hi Jackie,

      I'm still waiting for my 1st invoice on my order I did back in 17th. I hope my order is not cancelled. I think I would have rather made manual payments on my end.

      How long did it take for you to get that 1st invoice? I have left messages on their board but I think there may be a glitch somewhere between us.
    16. I got the first invoice quickly from them after I put the message on their board. Next day maybe? Now I'm coming up on time for the second payment though and not sure if he will send an invoice to me or if I have to initiate the payment myself.
    17. okay. That's what I was worried about. I had hoped to see the invoice on Sunday, or Monday. But nothing.

      I don't know about the other payments, since this is the first time I've bought on layaway on their website. I usually get their stuff thru etsy. Perhaps you could ask him thru Q & A.

      I don't know if sending manual payment will confuse them or not.

      Thank you for answering me.
    18. I ordered some clothes from here on May 31st, and everything went well with them letting me know how long it would take to make the items and then ship them. I (somehow) was able to push away my impatience and forget about it. But just this last week the tracking on the shipping showed the package was sent back to sender! I messaged them about it but they haven't replied yet. They're usually good about getting back with me but my anxiety about overseas shipping is nagging at me. Someone please tell me I'm just being a baby. :sweat