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Dec 8, 2018

    1. My last comment on the matter. Greenteaslug, the description you use for the differences between the two sculpts are almost identical to the words that SJ used to try to defend the "differences". As stated, however, my artist and sculptor friend took side by side photos of both heads from many angles. These differences are subjective and not there. The only true difference is that one head is slightly smaller, the inner ear shape is slightly different, a few minute lines are smoother and the inside headcap mechanism is different. That. Is. It. They are otherwise identical. Which, even if using the exact actor, they would have to have used all the same pictures and angles and the same programs to achieve and as stated, if SJ did indeed work with IH on Rex, they already knew these and made the choice to repeat these. Other doll companies with very questionable beginnings moved on to their own style later(Dollzone) and are their own thing now. But why would SJ say they would be moving more towards their own style going forward unless they knew Jude was not their style?

      Finally, my primary issue other that the sculpt itself, was SJ's attitude. They were varyingly "surprised", then vaguely threatening, then agreed about the problem, then tried to justify using reasons that had nothing to do with art and make excuses and nitpick, and then ultimately said that while they acknowledged the issue, they were not going to stop selling what was basically a copy and that was that, which is insulting to their customers, IH, no matter why, and ultimately themselves if they intend to establish themselves as something different than a company trying to be another IH. How they dealt with me and the issue is as much the problem as the issue itself. Maybe they will move past it, but if they continue to sell Jude in any form, I can safely say I will never buy from them again. Dollzone doesn't sell the initial works that they sold that were copies. Neither should SJ if they really want to show their quality now that they know of a problem that they allegedly claim they were unaware of until i showed them proof.
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    2. It's an individual choice of who to buy from in the future. Sounds like you have made your decision if Jude continues to be sold. Thanks for the information and everyone's responses.
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    3. Randomly...and this may have to do with face ups more than the sculpts themselves, but I never once considered Rex to use as my character Vagabond. But as soon as Jude came along I immediately knew he'd be perfect. They look VERY different to me, definitely similar in style, and quite obviously "related", but different enough that one was perfect while the other was not quite right. But that's just me.
      (As a side note, literally every single female Iplehouse sculpt looks identical to me. They're just clones in different resin colours with different names. It's a unique aesthetic...but boring as heck. Probably why I just don't have any girls full stop. :sweat )
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    4. Has anyone seen the new Iplehouse EID Camilla? For me she has a little bit the Naomi-vibe. Intended or not, the sculpts of both firms are really similar. Which is no criticism, just an observation.
    5. I have my Doria and Yvonne next to each other and they are very similar but it doesn't bother me. There are only so many pretty girl faces and I agree the Iple faces don't vary much especially the men.
    6. I know this is in the wrong spot, but I couldn't find a SartoriaJ section in the Mini dolls. Does anyone have an idea of what size body or what body they might be showing, that the new MSD Yvonne head would fit? Just saw her and again, she is beautiful.

    7. It looks to be on an Iplehouse FID body.
    8. Here is the thread: SartoriaJ MSD/Mini Heads

      There was mentioned that the Raccoon Doll bodies will fit. Which would be great, since they are sold separately.
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    9. Thanks @Ashemanu I shall head in that thread direction.

      And thanks to you and @Bren for commenting on the body. I shall look into both. (I kinda figured it looked Iplehouse-ish)
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    10. @Mahgiep

      He looks great. Thanks for sharing him.
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    11. Great picture, thanks for sharing with us.
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    12. Hello)
      Here is my Jude and display Yvonne head at some of our local events)

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    13. @Mahgiep - He's a stunner! I like him on the EID body. :)

      @Reinameron - Oh wow! They look so wonderful together! :D
    14. @Reinameron A truly beautiful couple! They both look stunning!
    15. Thank you!

      This Zakary was my guest from SartoriaJ for Dollscar con. He is display head and turned back to company
      SartoriaJ Zakary
      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    16. Poppin in here cause I had an issue with clothes as well. I bought a pair of jeans hotpants and the black shirt with a knot and that checkered red grunge button down

      the pants were too tight and there was a gap at the front where you got the zipper on human pants. Unless to say i was unable to make her sit in that pants. It works for SID of Iplehouse but not for EID

      am not gonna order clothes again cause it made me sad

      and yeah- i bought the msd Jude head and they forgot the face up...
    17. Oh the faceup is really sad. Zakozako's work is amazing. I have a pair of pants for my male EID. At first I didn't think they fit but when I was braver, it turned out that they were stretchy and fit okay. The zipper area did pull so I plan on adding a snap and when I left them on for a few days they actually seemed to stretch and he could sit much better in them after a while just like jeans fresh from washing.

      I also thought the suit jacket didn't fit until I took off the hands (not easy). Then it fit like a glove. I do hate taking off hands but the clothes are that worth it, I think.