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Dec 8, 2018

    1. I was mistaken

      Jude head is limited until december 31 2018

      I have edited the OP. Im sorry if I caused any confused by my interpretation :eusa_pray If you like him, I think its best to get him while available because no one knows if he will be rereleased, or even rereleased as a head alone again. The clothing sets will still be available after the order period.

      Someone else also got their Jude head, in the Amber Beige skintone! The sculpt is really beautiful and gentle
      Renegade Trigger on Instagram: “Got my Jude head from @sartoriaj today ❤️ as gorgeous irl as he was pictured. Mine is in their 'Amber Beige', which is a tan, and tbh it…”

      @Bren I did think of you when I saw the Braveheart version, he had the sameish feel as the StrongMan Luo. Have you decided on which body you want him to go on?

      @mysticaldolldreams I love the Adonis Mystic body! I think he might look good and young on that body so even if you decide against using that body, if you have the time I would love to see that hybrid
    2. @GreenTeaSlug

      Thank you so much for that link. He does look great in that picture. Loved seeing the amber beige color with no face up.

      I do love Luo as it's obvious by my avatar. hee, hee. I own both EID and SID bodies he can share. But most likely I will put him in the SID body because I feel the head sits best on the neck in my opinion. Of course. I may change my mind. Wont know for certain until he is here and I can play with him.
    3. @Bren - Absolutely! I have a lot of floating heads (most share bodies because I try to save space when I can), but no matter what it is, I always get excited when a doll related parcel arrives. I've got a few different artists in mind, it just depends on who is willing to take commissions from Australia, and who is open at the moment given that it's winter in the northern hemisphere. I'll be doing the face up on his second head (future IH Dexter) though, as that one will be face paint in block colours. A design I've done on myself many times doing cosplay. Then there's a very special jacket I need to commission to replicate one of mine.

      @mysticaldolldreams - Ooh fantastic! :)
    4. @GreenTeaSlug

      @mysticaldolldreams I love the Adonis Mystic body! I think he might look good and young on that body so even if you decide against using that body, if you have the time I would love to see that hybrid[/QUOTE]

      Will see what I can do. :3nodding:

      @Bren. Hopefully your guy gets here soon too so we can happy dance together! :dance

      @Quiet and Insane. :cheer
    5. Heres some more hyrbid pictures courtesy of N47S on Instagram, I know some are probably sick of me posting in this thread, but I promise its worth a look!

      Renegade Trigger on Instagram: “So, I went ahead and tried my Jude head (he's in their 'Amber Beige' tone btw) on some of my boys' bodies. Since I was curious on what…”

      Personally, I really love how he looks on the Idealian 72 and the EID Model body because of the broad shoulders. Im hoping mine would fit the idealian 75 body just as nice

      @Quiet and Insane what does it mean when you say a design in block colors? That sounds so intriguing to me

      Jude is very beautiful, Im very excited to see what SartoriaJ come up with next, they started out with a bang :gingerbreadman
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    6. @GreenTeaSlug

      Keep it up. Personally I'm very thankful for all the links and information you have provided us. You were very helpful in providing information that I needed to know.

      This last link it's perfect. Thank you. You can see really well what will work with him and what will not.

      @Quiet and Insane

      I can't say I do too well with floating heads. They tend to want their own body and they don't want to share.

      Ahhhh Mr Dexter. I call him mister grumpy. He's one of my floating heads. My guy face up is a little bit like Baron and Jude's.
      And I do hear you about finding who may be available for a face up. Got to go with GreenTeaSlug in asking what do you mean by block colors? Kind of like Wallace in braveheart??


      Oh yeah. WE'll go a round or two. :celebrate


      Thanks for the picture and link. Heading to take a peek.
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    7. So I've had a mystery parcel waiting for me at the post office since Monday and I only just got to pick it up today (I say mystery parcel because the handwritten tracking number was utterly illegible) was my Jude! :o Good lord he's gorgeous. And the eyes he came with are incredibly tiny and very, very nice. Pity he needs something a little more baby blue. Excuse the craptastic photo and the wonky eyes. I'll take a better one and do some of my own body comparisons at some point when I'm not crazy busy.

      [​IMG]WP_20181219_15_24_03_Rich by Liz, on Flickr

      @GreenTeaSlug & @Bren - This is what I mean when I say block colours. Less Braveheart and more Grand Theft Auto. :lol: The second image is the jacket I'll be needing to get custom made for him.

      [​IMG]Ryan -Fake AH Crew-6 by Liz, on Flickr

      [​IMG]GTA jacket 2 by Liz, on Flickr

      @Reinameron - Fantastic review, thank you for sharing!
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    8. ahh Got it. Pretty cool face up.

      As for the Jacket, Robyn from Period Threads does an amazing job at doing commissions. You may want to ask her if she can help you out. She's great to work with and super nice.
    9. Yes! So that will be for Dexter, while Jude will be his regular face as it's closer to what this particular guy look like in real life (albeit a little skinnier).
      I've been thinking about SapharBJDTailoring on Instagram for the jacket. The leather jackets she's been making lately are fantastic and her work overall is just magnificent. She also has very cute pet bunnies. :lol:
    10. I got most of my order from SatorialJ which included Jude heads. I got the Brave Heart faceup and it's a little different in that the scruff is more pronounced. It's done very well though. I did not yet receive the Braveheart outfit and one other item, so I hope they will be on their way soon tool.

      Here he is...on an Iplehouse SID body.
      He really gives me the Rex vibe.

      [​IMG]Jude (Quinn) by luluna33, on Flickr
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    11. Wow, he's gorgeous! Congratulations, @luluna
    12. Great picture of him Luluna.
    13. Nose bleed!!
      He's really gorgeous, and I do love the faceup. Luluna that is one great photo.
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    14. "hottie hit and run alert!"... omg I think I just died LOL *fans self* so ... 'real' looking ... not sure why but the 'not looking at camera is... even more appealing. 'scuse me... got a pile of drool to clean up now....
    15. Oh wow, yah, he's not looking at the camera, and that does make the photo more interesting! Like something caught his attention! I love his profile, those eyebrows are amazing!
    16. @luluna - Ooh gosh he is handsome! :D :drool

      My Jude head is currently with a face up artist and I'm very excited to see what she does with him over the next couple of weeks!
    17. @luluna He looks amazing! I love that copper hair with his tan skintone, it works nicely
      The scruff also looks nice and natural, even though it looks like he grew it out 2 days more than the official pictures lol It looks very natural

      @Quiet and Insane I saw your Jude in the artist page (shes one of my favorites, and so nice!)! He looks amazing and the blonde is done so nice! I remember complementing the artist on making the blonde look very natural
      Im reallllllllllly excited to see him back with you, completed :love:D

      I asked mine to be shipped when everything is complete, I feel bad for the post man driving by dropping boxes multiple times a week so I try to time everything to make it easier for him, also I was away to visit my moms side of the family and was worried it might get delivered to the neighbors/left outside/returned because no one picked up

      Im very curious to what the next sculpt is, female or male? The sculpting is amazing so my expectations are set very high for the next sculpt :lol:
    18. @Lady Tiku - @IngieBee - @Quiet and Insane - @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks so much for the nice comments!!! And YES, he does look he forgot where his razor is located. I am still getting used to all the scruff as I didn't expect him to much. ;)

      I have a NS Jude head that I need to get faceupped....