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Dec 8, 2018

    1. bet you he will be clean shaven. ahahahahahahahha.:mwahaha

    2. LOL,,,um....yea, I believe so! :XD:
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    3. @GreenTeaSlug - Yes! Doesn't he just look fantastic? :D I am eager to have him home so I can make his wig. Sadly he won't be "complete" for a few years yet, but he'll probably borrow my Iple boy's body from time to time because there's no way he's just going to hang out in a box all the time. I really should invest in a couple of bust stands, I have far too many heads and not enough bodies!
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    4. @Quiet and Insane I actually HAD to comment to the artist and commend them on making such an amazing realistic blonde, I had no idea he was your doll until I saw him finished and they tagging you.

      Going by profiles and my time spent here, I think the majority being complete is almost 1% lol I love how they are like humans, just evolving and exploring their styles and stories

      Bust stands are a very fun way to display without buying a full doll. I have debated only having one doll and getting many heads to change (think that scene from return to oz, where the queen changed her heads based on mood) but I had no idea these dolls could be so demanding!

      Have you seen this bust?

      It isnt released yet but its one of my favorite busts other than the beautiful one Studio Naiko made that looks like a person emerging from a lake, or that white fluid from west world

      Bust Display Stand-Adonis【Studio Naiko】(Limited)For Strong 70cm Boy -

      Im excited for mine to come in, I have the Dollshe Khan body (its beautiful!) that I hope he fits well on
    5. Sounds like Quiet and Insane got a great looking blond. Will look forward to seeing him.

      Mine had to be dark haired.

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    6. @Bren - Your guy is looking good with the black hair!

      Someone asked for a full length shot of mine on his SID body...this is all I have at the moment....:chibi
      (It's too cold in my doll/photo area to take any more photos for a bit.)

      [​IMG]Jude by luluna33, on Flickr
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    7. Thanks. I really like him with the black hair. :3nodding:

      Yours looks so relax and sexy. I do like tank tops on them. :love
    8. @GreenTeaSlug - It's such a shame that the Instagram photos are so small, then you'd see his stubble better. It looks almost invisible being blonde and all. Gotta love a scruffy blonde. ;)
      That's one of the joys of BJDs I think - they keep growing and evolving. All of my dolls are characters from my stories and I like being able to reflect how their characters grow and evolve in their stories.
      Those bust stands are AMAZING! :D Sadly I'm looking for something a little small and more affordable as I'd like to get a couple. Mirodoll have bust stands for $25 but after they were banned I feel very wary of buying from them. RingDoll has a bust stand for $79, and Granado has three bust options for $40-45. Brain says go for Granado, but wallet (and exchange rate) says Mirodoll. :huh?:

      @Bren - Ooh he looks so good in the dark wig! :D

      @luluna - Mmm what a hunk! :drool I love how his wig just looks so effortlessly majestic.
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    9. @Bren and @luluna

      Your guys look so great. As always.

      @luluna I appreciate you posting pic of your guy on SID body. It is perfect for him in my opinion. Now if I could just find someone who would do a trade for my EID one.
    10. @Bren He looks amazing! I always loved the dark skin, dark hair and light eyes combination on anyone :D

      @luluna I never realised the vein sculpting on the SID male arms, its a very nice human touch, and with Iplehouse bodies I feel the less clothing the better, I never thought that some day there were going to be dolls with that realistic body sculpting

      @Quiet and Insane those actually look really nice! Im not familiar with Mirodoll but Ive seen people critical of their dolls in some places, usually its to annoy the user smh.

      Its simple, clean and modern looking and do their function well. I love how simple it looks, and theres no reason to spend so much on doll busts, those mirodoll ones serve their function and honestly it does not read cheap looking to me :)

      @mysticaldolldreams thank you so much for sharing that picture with me in the PM :)
      I just sifted through my emails, so I think this might be of interest to you and others wanting different skin shades

      In one of the replies, I got:
      We are going to use Dollshe factory but it will take some time.

      So in the future? it seems there will be more skin options, so it would be easier to hybrid with the Dollshe/Dollstown bodies in an exact shade

      I think Jude in Mango Oriental would look nice! Im not sure if they will be using all the skin tones, or only Honey or only Pureskin, but its just something I found in one of my emails that I think would interest others :)

      I was also told my Jude and his clothing should be heading out soon (I asked for it all to be combined since I was away from home when they told me they would ship the heads earlier)

      I got thinking the other day about how excited I am to see whats next to come from SartoriaJ (Ive been watching Pose, so I refer to it as the Haus of SartoriaJ : it stuck)

      What would you like to see next? What are you hoping the future sculpts to be like? Its just nice to know incase anyone from the Design Group wonders by and sees what people are interested in.
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    11. @GreenTeaSlug - See Mirodoll were banned for recasting only just recently, so I am a little wary of them. But those stands look good and they're affordable, so I am very tempted. Mostly I'd just like them as a nice stable place to make doll wigs and display some of my many floating heads. Perhaps it's a thing to ask the mods.
    12. A preview of the new woman by the house of Sartoriaj, Yvonne <3



      I love her face, its very classic beauty but also youthful
      I can see her becoming one of the popular girls

      Im hoping ZakoZako will be painting the new girl too because I love their work on Iplehouse women
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    13. Just got the email for Yvonne; those lips are to die for. Curious to see how she looks painted.
    14. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to see their new sculpt, can't wait to see her with makeup. Yvonne looks so stunning!
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    15. Oh she's very pretty. I do like her lips. :) Though I collect big guys so, she's not really for me...

      @Reinameron - Ah good luck! :D I have no doubt he'll look amazing.

    16. OOH she reminds me so much of Stella. WOW. I really like her.

      Thanks for sharing her.


      Good Luck on your face up. He looks handsome even bare.

      @Quiet and Insane

      Thanks. I was thinking in having him with lighter hair but the black hair really works on him.

    17. Yes, she reminds me of Stella too! Oh dear....:XD: