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Dec 8, 2018

    1. She is so hot and beautiful!

      I just received Eleanor with body for my Virginia and it is more cool in life than on photos!
      sartoriaj female body posing
      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    2. Hi everyone!! First time posting here!!

      I caved and bought a Limited Zakary Full Doll with the new SartoriaJ pose body in Amber Beige skin with the B face-up, since I think those choices are the most similar to Beast!Zakary from a little while ago (I LOVE the way Beast!Zakary looks but I missed the order for him)!!

      I've been looking at the Iplehouse ladies (S.I.D Mari in particular, and also F.I.D Isabel because yowza, they are gorgeous) for a couple of months and I found SartoriaJ through Facebook because someone said they had gotten great clothing for their Iplehouse girl there, but I had no idea that SJ made their own line of beautiful boys and girls!!

      As soon as I saw Zakary I was very attracted to him, which is incredibly strange for me because I'm extremely into much more feminine sculpts for both guys and girls. And, even though the one I like the most, Beast!Zakary, is no longer available, I guess I'm incredibly fortunate that SJ opened an order window for a limited version of him right when I was considering getting him!!

      All this is to say, if any of you have a Beast!Zakary, please show him to me!! Or any Zakary, for that matter, really. Please flood my inbox with Zakarys!!
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    3. There is a beautiful new doll today, elf Lobelia. Please does anyone have any poseability photos of the new Sartoria J body? Also, are there any bust comparison pics of bell and dew shape? I find it very difficult to see body shapes in the promo pics, as Sartoria J tend to take very light skin pictures against a white background! Probably just my eyesight, but all I see is glare, and I really would like to see profiles and body shapes of these lovely dolls. It might help me finally decide to take the plunge. What size bust do you think Lobelia has in the promo pictures (there is no bust option in the dropdowns as yet).
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    4. Thank you so much Sianserais! That's so very much appreciated!! ^.^
    5. Glad to help. ^_^ And I agree, I wish they didn't take their photos against such a glaringly white background - it really does affect how much detail the camera picks up.

      As for Lobelia herself... I think I have the same problem I did with Jarrad. She's a lovely sculpt, but unless I think up something specific I want to use her for, I'll have to pass.

      Edit: Uh oh, I just had an idea... :lol:
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    6. From what I've seen, is it a bit hit and miss whether SartoriaJ include eyes, even with a complete doll with faceup? That's a shame if so, as really we are buying the full look, aren't we (forgive me if I'm wrong!). Has anyone received eyes with their doll and, if so, were they glass or acrylic, and what size is perfect for them? Lobelia is calling to me, but I'd love to get her look including those eyes...:)
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    7. I got eyes with my Zackary head and face up, I purchased from their etsy store. Not sure if they're glass or acrylic though!
    8. That's good news, thanks ella-tron.
    9. @LilyAndRuby - In my experience, even when the heads were offered separately, you had to purchase the eyes for an extra fee. That's how I got mine. Has anyone actually gotten free eyes?

      Edit: Actually, after digging out old receipts, I'm not sure if there was a charge for the eyes after all. Sorry for the confusion. It was still an option one had to choose, however.
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    10. Gosh I can't remember if my Zakary head with faceup came with eyes. I think I took I don't think there were eyes.
    11. Mahgiep and all, my Zakary from first sale came with eyes, free eyes random color from 3 possibilities was on offer when ordering Zakary head, I ordered without face-up. Eyes are dark grey, but they are not glass.
    12. OK, thank you! ordering 12mm eyes separately it is then. Or do perhaps 14mm glass eyes with small iris, like Beetles ones, fit well? Maybe for the guys but not the girls I am guessing.
    13. Did anyone else get Jarrad?
      I loved him because of the Witcher fullset but I waited until the newer faceups were revealed, and Im glad I did because I really love the natural faceup with the dark brows. He looks like an actor I like a lot with that faceup. I got him in sonorian beige. Ive always wanted a normal skin tone that had tan/brown undertones like a natural olive skintone that isnt tanned, so Im excited for that.

      I really like their male body, it looks very promising. I was planning on getting Zackary in espresso but I was too late, but Ill just keep the funds until he is made available again in the future.

      I remember the free eyes were only part of a promotion, and the last I remember them being available were for the head only limited sales. I think only Zackary and Jude came with them as part of the promotion, I dont think the female heads got the free eyes, but they got free wigs.

      @LilyAndRuby Congratulations! Im pretty sure they are using this eye:
      12mm Glass Eyes_Ice Blue
      but, I think she will look really nice with these eyes too because of the glitter in them
      12mm Glass Eyes_Aqua Blue

      The body in the pictures is the bell bust (large), I have an earlier picture posted by them that shows the difference

      I have my Naomi in 14mm small iris eyes (by Soom, made by Enchanted Doll) and it works well so im sure it will be okay too, specially since she defaulted with 12mm glass eyes.
      If you are getting different eyes, make sure its low dome, I had problems with high dome eyes for any doll with realistic features, unless I want it to look straight ahead

      Which skin color are you getting her in?
      Im not sure if you know this, but there are these heel legs that look really nice, like shes on her tip toes without the foot joints
      Esthetic Leg (W)
      Im going to get that if I get Lobelia, I love how the heel leg look and wish all doll companies offered them

      There are also so many nice fairy wings being sold as earrings on etsy, that I think would look nice on her, I ordered some time ago, but with covid19 who knows when they will arrive. Im glad I ordered them because I think they will look great with her
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    14. I had to purchase separately any eyes I got with a SartorialJ head...Jude was the only head I bought eyes for. (And I'm not even using them with him at the moment! LOL)

      @GreenTeaSlug - Congrats on your incoming boy. I would have purchased him...but I went instead and got another Jude (with the free head offer) instead. I look forward to seeing how the body works.:wiggle
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    15. I got a pair of eyes with my Jude head back when I bought him. They're oval glass with a low dome. Very pretty and perfect for my character. I think they were free with the initial release promotion.
    16. @GreenTeaSlug i also got Jarrad! I ordered him in Opal Beige. I asked if I could request face-up type B without the facial hair and they said they were able to do so which was nice. I also ordered some clothes and and a pair of shoes for him as well.
      This will be the last doll I get for a while so I want to everything to come at once. I’ve never ordered from SartoriaJ before so I’m really excited after seeing everyone’s pictures here!
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    17. I really like that SartorialJ is doing an Elf Lady...but I think I've only seen maybe two owner photos of the new female body....I'd LOVE to see I can decide if I want one.

      Till then I just have to have my female floating filching bodies.:XD:
      Naomi (Lyndisfarne) is on an Iplehouse HID here...

      [​IMG]Lyndisfarne by luluna33, on Flickr

      More photos please!:)
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    18. I am still waiting for my Yvonne and her body to land, and hopefully her clothes will come with her. It's been such a looooong wait, but I believe she is still currently sitting in the international post somewhere across the Atlantic. So hopefully she'll start moving soon? I loooove the new elf. I would so love to get her, but not sure that it is in the cards. We'll have to see..