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Dec 8, 2018

    1. @Sianserais & @LilyAndRuby In regards to getting free eyes. SartoriaJ had a promo on etsy for when you bought 1st Jude head, you got free eyes with him. That promo also ran with their 2nd head Zakary for I also got free eyes with him. Both were face ups and both of their eyes were oval glass eyes. You could choose from 3 colors with Jude and I believe random with Zak. Not positive. Jude came with the 8mm which in my opinion were too small on him for they gapped. 10 mm were more suited for that head. As for Zak, He wore 10mm and he came with those size eyes. So yeah. They gave free eyes in both of those times. For the 1st Yvonne head . I had to buy the eyes for her. and i think from then on , it's been you had to buy eyes separatedly.

      How exciting. I was tempted by Jarrad but decided to buy Jude, since there was that special of getting a body and extra head if youo had bought a previous head. He wanted, his own body in a darker color, expresso brown. I do like their male body. Very nicely done.

      Will look forward to seeing your Jarrad. I thought in that darker color with those amazing cheekbones, he makes a wonderful character.

      An yep. I had forgotten that my Yvonne head came with a free wig.

      PS. I do love that outfit. I didn''t know it was called a Witcher outfit. I got it with Jude.
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    2. Thanks all for the info! I was probably remembering buying a pair with my Yvonne then.
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    3. Theres a new male elf coming and he's really amazing, now Im not too sad I missed the preorder deadline for the Jude - because this elf has everything Ive wanted in a male sculpt - Im just going to imagine that he's actually a vampire with his fangs retracted lol :love He's also going to be available as a human version, like the lovely Lobelia. He's going to be released this friday so faceup and fullset pictures shouldnt be too long from now ... :whee:

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      @Bren Jude in Espresso is the perfect combination, Im eager to see him when he arrives; which faceup did you pick for him?
      Have you not seen Netflix's Witcher? Its really good - its so obvious the costume and the Jarrad was inspired by the main character, I had to get the fullset outfit for that alone XD The show is based on a video game, but I havent played it yet (Im hooked on the resident evil games, and I keep replaying them rather than play a new

      @luluna I actually really really like the Sartoria body, its got its faults (@Sianserais review is pretty spot on) but I found adding a dab of hot glue sueding to the elbows, hips and knees made her really stable. I much prefer it over the HID and EID woman because its not as heavy/clunky as the HID, but has the softness and curves of the EID. I think of that body as the instagram influencer body or a true Jessica Rabbit body. Let me know if there's a certain look or aesthetic you like and Ill see if I can help you. I got the one with the larger bust because I liked how exaggerated her curves are, but Ill probably be replacing all my dolls with the corset bust since I love Sartoria's dresses and corsets lol.

      @PuddinCake Congratulations! I hope you will share him and your thoughts of the body once he arrives to you; I will tell you now though, the box is huge. They werent playing around when designing their boxes. I specially want to know what you think of their Opal skintone and how it compares to other normal skin dolls if you have any and have the time to compare, even if just by text :)
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    4. Uh...:ablink::aeyepop::love
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    5. @GreenTeaSlug

      oh you had to go and do that, did you? lol. I'm so loving what I see. Why couldn't they wait until the Christmas sale to bring out the Males elves. Aarghhh. sigh. Thank you so much sharing him. Will look forward to seeing him in full face up.

      I didn't go with the face ups that they had for him(JUDE) as SD. I tried sometime different. Wish me luck that it works out with the expresso brown. And no I don't watch Netflix. But I do like the outfit. :3nodding:
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    6. He's looking great too! My problem is that I do love elves, but I don't have much use for elf-dolls because they don't exist in my stories. :lol: (I could use Lobelia for someone, but the body doesn't suit the character.)
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    7. It's Elf Jude, and other than the elf ears, they gave him an open mouth (with teeth). Im sure most of us saw the emails, but Ill just include it right here for those who havent gotten it in their inbox


      This makes me happy because I missed the Jude deadline XD Im not sure if the human head included will be the classical Jude head, or the same head with the open mouth, just without the elf ears, either way, Im happy lol.

      I wonder if they will make him a dark elf or a light elf... Im hoping its something similar to Legolas's look, or better yet, Thranduil from the Hobbit would be perfect. (I seem to talk about Thranduil a lot....)

      @Bren I think he's going to turn out amazing, Im pretty sure Zako Zako makes their faceups? Theyve always made sculpts look really beautiful, so Im pretty sure you will be happy. I am looking forward to him and hope you post him here; their new espresso skin looks amazing and it would be cool if they had an equivalent of it for their female dolls too! (Im debating between sonoran and espresso myself for Elf Jude)

      @Sianserais What were you thinking for Lobelia? The more angles I see of her, the more I like her? Specially the new video (which btw, really shows off the sculpt well, I hope they make 360 videos for all their future sculpts)

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      I think its too soon for them to be making different body sculpts at this time, but just in case they read the boards, what type of body were you thinking of? My friend is getting the doll with the corset bust and modifying to look more like naturally small chest. I know @Mahgiep wanted a thinner body, with less curves similar to the SID model in ratio Im guessing
    8. After seeing the video of Lobelia on instagram, I am so tempted to buy her now!
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    9. I tried to find answers to this earlier in the thread, but the conversation drifted to another topic, so I'll ask it here: SartoriaJ sent me an invoice for my first layaway payment like a day or so after I placed an order for Zakary. I paid it a couple weeks ago, but am wondering whether I have to send them a second payment myself or if they'll send me another invoice?
    10. @DayofDiana I got an invoiced :) they send it to you automatically based on how long you requested the layaway and how many payments you chose :) They use Paypal's automatic billing system I think

      Zackary is really beautiful, his side profile is my favorite of all the sculpts, you will be very happy!
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    11. @GreenTeaSlug - I did wonder if that's who it was, given the chin. The teeth are subtle enough they probably wouldn't bother me, but I just don't know that I need him. I really like the idea of adding elf versions of previous sculpts, though!
      As for Lobelia... I have a couple characters currently shelled in SOOM SGs whose proportions look a little strange in my mostly IH group, so I've kind of had it in the back of my head for a while now that maybe if appropriate sculpts turn up with a more realistic body-type, I'd replace them. Lobelia's sculpt would totally work for Verity (currently an SG Nephelin), but she's supposed to be tall and willowy, and those SJ hips are kind of hard to ignore. :lol:
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    12. Just ordered Lobelia, I'm so excited!
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    13. @Kaname Kimura congratulations, and just in time before her end of sale :)

      If you dont mind sharing, what options did you choose for her?
    14. @GreenTeaSlug I got her in peach cream with the dew bust and a custom face up (Yvonne Parisienne [type d] with the lip colour of Naomi Arabian Nights [type a]).
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    15. That sounds like a gorgeous combination!
    16. I really like that they are now posting a calendar with a release dates like Soom and Switch

      Yvonne July 24 - July 30
      Naomi July 31 - August 6
      Serena August 6 - August 13

      Theres also going to be a new guy, Joshua, but for fashion doll size, Im guessing he will be turned into full size at a much later date. All the other guys will also be available in fashion size.

      Im personally waiting for Naomi, as soon as I saw the newer white skin, I knew I needed her in that skintone, its perfect for the Marie Antoinette powdered skin look, plus the corset bust! I hope we get some rococo type dresses with the release :)

      Also, a headsup if anyone missed it, they are selling sample clothing, including past limited sets
      SALE - SALE
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    17. I wondered if they were going to do any re-releasing of sculpts!

      @GreenTeaSlug - I think you will love a Naomi in WS (of any resin....LOL)

      Till's a Naomi in NS...:XD: Just to get you in the mood.

      [​IMG]Katla by luluna33, on Flickr
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    18. @GreenTeaSlug

      Thanks for the heads up. I would love to get a Jude in fashion size body.

      @luluna What a beauty. So soft and sweet looking.
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    19. I REALLY like the posting of whats coming on the calendar !!
      TY for the info @GreenTeaSlug :)
      Helps me budget for the future hehe