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Dec 8, 2018

    1. Stella has broader cheekbones and down-tilted eyes. Also a lower brow line. I'd separate them like this--

      Stella: edgier runway model.
      Yvonne: classical European beauty.
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    2. Excuse me for a moment while I just...ahhhh you know fanboy over my own doll. :whee: Excuse the egg-head, I still need to buy fibre for his wig.

      [​IMG]WP_20190213_19_11_11_Rich by Liz, on Flickr
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    3. @Quiet and Insane Im glad you are sharing him with us

      I loved his realistic blonde, its done so well :D

      I guess you can say that poor guy has receding hair line, and his hair is pulled back in a ponytail lol

      Is he on the EID body?
    4. I'm here to stalk the Yvonnes as they start popping up (she's exquisite! <3) but I figured I could contribute my two cents on resin colors and bodies and such. For reference/full disclosure, I painted @Quiet and Insane's boy above, so I can only speak to that resin color specifically, but I've been making seamless hybrids for years, and I handle hundreds of dolls so hope this helps.

      For obvious reasons, these guys 100% suit Iplehouse. The proportions and styling are in keeping with IH EID/SID (Thanks to @Bren below for added insight here!) line. The ivory tone is a nice easy-to-blush ns though, so there shouldn't be anything standing in the way of blushing them to suit the big dollshe or dollstown bodies, etc. The only color I'd be wary of straying from iplehouse on is the bronze/tan color. It has the Iple real undertones as far as I can tell, which are more olive than DS/DT. The undertones are what determines how succusfully you can blush a doll to match. I'd class the site images as very accurate to reality, but I also have a fully calibrated tone-accurate monitor, so ymmv on that front. Hope that's helpful!

      Oh, and for the bust discussion: loongsoul makes a very pretty but utilitarian male bust ideal for large male heads. It's in their kind of pinky/pale ns. I've got one on order for my own sculpts, so whenever it turns up I'd be happy to pop in with images.
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    5. @Quiet and Insane

      Congrats. He looks great. What a handsome guy.


      You did an excellent job at his face up and thank you very much for sharing with us your expertise. I would just like point out one thing if that's alright. My collection is made up of Iplehouse and in my experience with the head I got to say that Jude's head was made more for a IH SID line than the IH EID. Can you have the head on an EID? Yes. of course, but in reality it doesn't sit as well on the broader neck as it does on the SID.

      In regards to Yvonne. I have not clue since I've only seen her thru photos but she is just beautiful.
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    6. Thank you for the addition Bren! I've edited to reflect this. Do you find a notable difference between the different types (hero/model etc) and how they suit the head?
    7. Both of the EID seem to have the head sitting on top of the neck instead of surrounding it. I concentrated more on the model body since it less bulky than the superhero. Of course people have different taste and perhaps to them it wouldn't bother them to have the head sitting on top. For me personally I rather have a narrower neck for the head and have it surrounded it.

      Don't know if I can add more than one picture here but hopefully I can to illustrate what I mean

      [​IMG] Looking straight but with the chin tipped a little lower

      looking down

      It only surrounds the neck when he's looking up.

      Looking straight. can you see what I mean it sits on top??

      the EID neck in my personal opinion is a little too thick for the head. Again you may think differently.

      On the SID body it matters not if he's looking up, down, straight. the head always surrounds the top of the neck. It swilves around it.
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    8. Those are super references @Bren! I'm going to bookmark your post for when people ask me about this (I get a lot of hybriding questions)!
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    9. @Bren - I think once he has a wig on I don't mind the fit...from what I can see in your photos. Maybe, I'll feel differently once I try an EID body with him in hand....but I'm actually very encouraged and may have to use a EID Model body for my scruffy Jude.:)
    10. I'm hoping to use an Idealian body for my guy!
    11. I thought about using an Idealian...but I wasn't sure about the resin least for my amber beige Jude...I have a bronze body I could try on him....I'm not sure the best color....My other Idealians are WS or NS...(which could work for my warm ivory or peach cream...I forget which one I got.) I need to get him faceupped.
    12. The suggested color was tawny but I will compare him to both tawny and bronze when he arrives.
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    13. I'm surprised you haven't already luluna. I for sure thought you would. I know how much you really like him as the highlander with the EID superhero body. I think you should change him and try it and see for yourself. :3nodding: While you are at it, get him up on that Idealian body. I want to see.:wiggle
    14. LOL! Yes, I'm slacking! Actually...I've had absolutely no time for play for the past week. Any free moments (like now) that I've had it's too dark and I'm too tired to lift anything heavier than a...drink. LOL :XD:

      But..I should have time this weekend to experiment...after a few well timed naps.:evilplot:
    15. LOL. I hear you. I welcome naps as well.


      how do you do pics as spoilers? I have no idea but appreciate who ever did them for me. Sorry about the many pics.
    16. @Bren , I have found the same with my Jude in the EID body. You gave an excellent demonstration.

      What is your opinion of the SID slim body as it would fit for Jude? And your thoughts on the slim body in general. Everyone’s opinions welcome.
    17. @mysticaldolldreams Thank you.

      In regards to your question. Since I like my guys buff I don't own the new SID model/slim body, so I can't give you my opinion on how Jude's head would fit it. Sorry.
    18. Fitting for the Queen of Hearts to be released on Valentines day!

      The fullset looks amazing!!


      Yvonne ~ The Mirror Queen
      DOLL - YVONNE (8-9 Inch Head)

      She has two faceup options, a dramatic and a natural makeup

      Order Period; February 15 - March 10 2019

      Wig in the pictures is a free gift with every purchase
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