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Dec 8, 2018

    1. She looks marvelous. I wonder if she would fit on a SID girl Body?
    2. @Ashemanu
      Im pretty sure she would! The hands in the pictures look like the EID woman hands so going with that, Im going to assume the neck is 10ish

      so I think possible good hybrid would be anything around 10cm in my opinion, keep in mind, I looked for Iplehouse hybrids and looked for bodies that have similar widths, not lengths, so you might need a disc to elevate

      HID Woman
      EID Woman
      SID Woman
      nYID girl


      18 year Girl body

      Idealian Woman
      SuperGem Woman

      65 Woman

      Star Female Body
      Star Female Muscle Body
      Idol Female Body

      Fantasia Doll:
      Classic Body A (Curvy)
      Classic Body B (Muscle)

      Dollshe 26F Maxi Woman

      These are what I researched that would work, but Im sure there are others. Im not sure about skin match, so some research is needed if you like bodies not mentioned in this thread or in the skin comparison by SartoriaJ

      @mysticaldolldreams I have the SID Slim body :)
      I actually really like it but I try to keep him dressed and layered as much as possible
      I dont like some of the random veins on the chest?? but in terms of posing, its the best of the Iplehouse men Ive tried.
      I should be getting Jude soon (I requested he be combined with my clothes) so Ill post the hybrid here once he does :) Ill make sure to tag you if that interests you

      @Bren I didnt know about spoilers either, I had a mod change my message and that when I knew about the one image per discussion thread rule, the rest under a spoiler. I couldnt find it in the formatting or the rules, so I googled it
      Same thing, just without the spaces inside the [ ] :)

      [ spoiler ] images, or paragraphs here [ / spoiler ]
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    3. @mysticaldolldreams - The amount of tiny detail is amazing, I'm bummed that I just can't quite seem to pick it up on camera. He's astoundingly beautiful!

      @GreenTeaSlug - Hahaha I tried him in so many wigs and decided he'd be better off bald for the moment as the ones I had on hand just looked terrible on him. :lol: I need to get off my butt and get that alpaca fibre for him.
      He's borrowing a SID body from one of my Viking boys...and I really do not like him on this body. Resin match and proportions are perfect, but he's so short I can't stand it. So yes, definitely getting him an EID body in the future, even if the neck doesn't match up 100%, the height and overall bulk is what I want to match his character.

      @luluna - His face up was painted by the amazing @rianne :D She absolutely nailed what I had in mind! I honestly could not be happier with how he's turned out.

      @rianne - Thank you again! :D I meant to send you a message yesterday but I totally forgot. :sweat

      @Bren - He really is! I've not taken my eyes off him since he arrived back home. :love
    4. @GreenTeaSlug thank you for the information. I would definitely like to see that hybrid. Thanks for the tag. :)

      I appreciate all the info by everyone. Thank you so much.

      Yvonne is lovely. As Jude had some Rex vibe for me, this gal has a bit of Stella there for me too. A younger sister maybe. The outfit is stunning. It will be interesting to see which body it fits. I would love it if it would fit HID. :love
    5. if they do a match for Yvonne for a Iple SID, it should work on EID as well as HID. Some EID heads do not look so good on a nYID body and if it's a nYID, well then forget it. Will not look so good on the other three bodies. So I guess we'll see which one they are going for.

      Thank you for the information. I usually use the tab to add the picture. I'll keep in mind the one photo rule.

      I just saw the picture of Yvonne and she looks fantastic with that outfit. Thanks for sharing her.
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    6. She looks like Carina to me, just a wee bit younger version of her, did he do some of the face molds for Iplehouse?? I know he designed most of the clothing.
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    7. Yvonne's outfit 'SD Mirror Queen Set' is in their EID clothing section. Therefore I think the body they are using is EID but typically the Iplehouse EID/SID heads are interchangeable on those bodies, so I would think this head should work on SID body.

      She is very beautiful and nice add-on with the free wig. I too see a lot of Stella in her.
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    8. I was thinking a mix of Jessica and Carina, personally! :lol:
      She's lovely, but unless I decide my Carina needs a sister, I think I'll have to enjoy her through other people's photos.
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    9. Lord, she's amazing. <3 I can definitely see hints of all the girls you guys are listing from iplehouse, but she feels vibrant and fresh at the same time. Definitely loving seeing what theis sculptor does post-IH. The subtle musculature around the mouth on these dolls is especially divine. :love
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    10. Very regal looking, I expect to hear a command issued any second now :lol:
    11. I really love Yvonne. She reminds me of I must have one...just need to figure out what resin...(I already got the dress.)
    12. He's a handsome egg! :D
    13. Hi all, I just ordered Yvonne today in peach cream with face b and I asked a few questions of Sartoriaj about resin and iple body matching. Thought I would share what he said just in case anyone else may be wondering too. Here are the replies from Jay :).
      "We use our own special resin which is a mixture of standard polyurethane resin and radiant resin like Iplehouse glow skin. We also add alot of uv protective elements so it will prevent yellowing. As fas as I know, Iplehouse orders resin at same place we do so it will be similar. We may release Jude in the future but we don’t have any specific plans for now. Yvonne is 8-9 inch head so you can put it on Iplehouse HID, EID, SID and YID body."
      I missed out on Jude so fingers crossed he will have a second release someday.

      @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for starting this thread... and the list of possible hybrid bodies is super helpful. I am looking forward to plenty of photo spam for these dolls :dance.

      @Bren Wow your Jude looks great! Thanks for the body reference photos. I only have an EID muscle body and would definitely want an SID for Jude if I ever get him.

      @Quiet and Insane Your Jude looks fabulous too! Thanks for sharing.

      Question for those of you who purchased and received your doll heads from SartoriaJ... how long was the wait time from order to delivery?
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    14. @luluna @Reinameron Oops, I missed your Jude posts when going through the thread... they both look amazing :D
    15. @PennyDes Thanks for that info! And grats to your order :) I am still arguing with myself if I should get her with or without face up - I really like face up B. I have an EID body in NS and a SID body in slightly yellowed WS at home that she could use - I am not sure which of those would be a better match for Sartoria's Warm Ivory. And with a face up there wouldn´t be a chance of matching the color anymore ( I don´t want to blush the body).
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    16. @PennyDes - Thanks so much! :) And thanks also for sharing the body info for Yvonne! I'm trying to decide what resin to get her in. I'm leaning to the peach cream...also. Congratulations on ordering yours.

      I tried another wig on my Jude to see what I want on him...(this wig is intended for someone else...) but I thought I'd share the results here.:XD:

      [​IMG]Jude by luluna33, on Flickr
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    17. @luluna ooh. I really like him with that wig. What kind is it Luluna?

      He looks so sexy.

      Thanks. Thanks also for sharing what they had said. Pretty interesting.
    18. @luluna -wig looks awesome on him! I am also wanting to know wig name in case I want to copy you for my Jude. :wiggle

      Do you think peach cream would work with Iple NS?
    19. @Bren, @mysticaldolldreams - Thank you! The wig is an Amdiz wig called "Sweet Chocolate".

      And I don't have a SartorialJ peach cream resin yet...but I'm guessing it will match GlowPG from Iplehouse.
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