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Dec 8, 2018

    1. @Ashemanu Thanks, I can't wait to get her :)... figure of speach of course since waiting is a big part of this hobby, lol.
      That's a tough decision... faceup or no faceup. I agree, blushing the body to match the head would not be fun. I think warm ivory is supposed to be a close match to normal skin but I don't know for certain. Here is a link to the resin colors and what it's equivalents are. ILLUM SKINNOTICE - SartoriaJ. I'm looking forward to hearing what you choose and congrats in advance :).

      @Bren You're welcome :) glad to be helpful.

      @luluna You're welcome and thanks for the congrats :)... I'm really looking forward to getting her. Congrats in advance to you on your pending order. Jude looks so awesome! That wig suits him well. Is he in the amber beige resin color?

      @mysticaldolldreams Lulunua is correct, peach cream is a match for iplehouse peach gold. I think warm ivory is his match for normal skin but I'm not totally sure. Here us the link to his resin page with descriptions :) ILLUM SKINNOTICE - SartoriaJ
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    2. @PennyDes Thanks a ton! I finally asked Jay about it - he said NS would be the better match. Which is actually perfect since I would like her far more on the EID body I have :)
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    3. @angelie23 - Thank you! :)

      @PennyDes - Thank you! He arrived mere weeks after ordering. It was a very quick turnaround for me. But then I did order him blank and with no additional clothing.

      @luluna - Ooh that looks pretty good on him! I definitely think the colour suits him well.
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    4. @PennyDes - Thanks! I'm still deciding what resin to get. LOL! And Jude is in Amber Beige and it's on a RS body so the match is spot on.

      @Quiet and Insane - Thanks! All that hair distracts me from all his scruff, which I am getting used to.
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    5. @Ashemanu You're very welcome. Yay! that's great :) glad it will work with the NS resin so you can use the body you want to. Thanks for confirming that the warm ivory resin is a match for NS.

      @luluna You're welcome :). I'm glad to know the resin match for amber beige to special real is so accurate. It gives me hope that the other two colors offered will match their iplehouse counterparts just as well.

      @Quiet and Insane You're welcome :). Wow that is a super fast turn around... even for a blank head :aeyepop:.
    6. @PennyDes - The only other doll company I know of with wait times like that is Iplehouse. Super impressive timing really.
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    7. Just ordered the Yvonne head in the NS shade with faceup A, need another doll head like the proverbial hole in the head but I couldn't resist her. I am hoping she might fit on my Twigling body as I have had so many heads on it and can never seem to find 'the perfect one'.
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    8. @luluna and @PennyDes - thanks again for your impeccable information. :abow:

      I am holding out a bit longer to order Yvonne to see other faceup options. Still hoping for “edgy” Yvonne. :aeyepop:
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    9. @Quiet and Insane Very true, such a fast turnaround is super impressive :) and maintaining such awesome quality too.

      @avrilpaeony Congrats on your order! I hope the Twigling body will work for her :thumbup.

      @mysticaldolldreams You’re welcome :). Ooo, an edgy faceup for Yvonne could look nice :cool:. I think her sculpt could pull off an “attitude” look well.
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    10. My Jude heads have shipped! I will be able to see the skin colors in person before Yvonne's order period ends!
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    11. @PennyDes Congratulations :)
      I know she will make an amazing addition to your doll family :D
      I think the skin you chose with the faceup will look amazing
      Which body will you have her on?

      I was told there were going to be more than one new Yvonne looks coming out, and SartoriaJ seems to like your "edgy" suggestion, theres also going to be more clothing set releases with Yvonne so Im excited about that
      The Mirror Queen set is the best thing Ive seen in a long time, I came in new so I missed out on a lot of epic Iplehouse outfit sets, but this makes up for it, I love the modern twist of having slits to show off the legs and hips

      @avrilpaeony Im not sure which body you have of all the Twigling types, but I checked the shoulder and neck measurements of the TL3, and it looks like its going to work based on that alone :)
      You can always change the hands of that body to one of Iple, I feel that makes it look more in style of the head so it looks more in harmony

      @nancy_schroeder_ca Congratulations! I think our Jude are brothers from the same resin batch because mine just shipped too XD Im very excited to see him in person and check the resin match between regular and glow Real Skin
      Have you ordered a faceup with him?
    12. @nancy_schroeder_ca Grats!
      @avrilpaeony Grats on another Yvonne order!

      I ordered Yvonne now too, in Warm Ivory with face up B. If there really will be another face up to choose, which I would like better, changing that wouldn´t be a problem, I hope.
    13. I did order a faceup on both heads! And the Braveheart set!
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    14. How exciting. New Yvonnes. I can't wait to see them.

      Congrats @Ashemanu and @nancy_schroeder_ca on your new dolls.


      You mean there will be another??? Interesting. I guess it pays to wait a little bit and see what comes out. I know I was blown away when they did Jude Braveheart face up. Thanks for the update and congrats on your Jude shipping.
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    15. @Bren Yes! I guess Yvonne will be like Jude in that way, showcasing multiple looks to suit everyone
      I already ordered her in tan with the dramatic red faceup

      Shes a very beautiful sculpt, I think bodywise, Im going with either the Idealian woman (once it becomes available again, I love how she looks like a super model) or the SID woman Model body

      Im guessing if we are going by how Jude was released, we already have royalty (Francis Jude), so a formal version (Tuxedo Jude), Movie?Legend? Warrior? (Braveheart Jude) and Leather/Dark (Leather uniform Jude).

      Of course, Im way ahead of myself and this is just speculation lol but I am excited what other looks they come out with for Yvonne, she has a nice sculpt and the Queen Mirror outfit set is everything Ive ever wanted in an outfit, its amazing.

      I wouldnt mind if SartoriaJ's newest clothes were all Tudor and Rococo style XD
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    16. @Reinameron He is beautiful! I love the different look you gave him

      Very soft and youthful but also cold like a vampire :love

      Im sure others already got the email, but Ill post these here (and edit them to the OP just in case)



      also in the email:

      SartoriaJ Warm Ivory - Iplehouse Normal
      SartoriaJ Peach Cream - Iplehouse Peach Gold
      SartoriaJ Amber Beige - Iplehouse Special Real
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    17. @Reinameron - Oh gosh, he's stunning! I love the shape of his eyebrows.
    18. @nancy_schroeder_ca Congratulations of Jude shipping... yay! :dance I'm hoping for a lot of photo spam with all the new dolls coming in :cool:.

      @GreenTeaSlug Congrats to you on your Jude shipping and for ordering Yvonne! Yay :dance! An Idealian body looks like it would be a nice fit for her. What body do you have planned for Jude?
      Thank you :) I will have Yvonne sharing a body with my Iplehouse SID Isabel (original style SID body). I have so many floating heads :XD: no SD doll has a body all to themselves anymore.
      Wow, thanks so much for posting the body chart and neck fit photos! You're the best :thumbup.
      Thanks too for the heads up that there might be alternate face ups and outfits still coming for Yvonne. Hopefully i won't like any of those over the face up i already ordered, lol ;).
      Those Iple full set outfits from the story series were definitely amazing. Sartoria J did the full set designs for the Iplehouse Addiction series and i think Carved Heritage also. The fine elaborate detail and fabric choices blow me away everytime.
      @Ashemanu Congrats on ordering Yvonne :dance! I know what you mean, hopefully any newer face ups offered wont outshine the one we chose :ablink:.

      @Reinameron Oh wow! I LOVE the face up you did for Jude! He looks amazing :D.
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    19. @GreenTeaSlug

      Idealian body. How sweet. She will look great. I only have a bronze body so I don't think the RS will work on it. So most likely I will have my Yvonne on my HID or EID body. I have RS on those as well as the others. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the body. The neck looks great on all of them. I'm so pleased to see it.

      He looks fantastic. Great job at putting him together. So good to see another one.


      I love reading how SartoriaJ was the creator behind those fantastic themes. Mirror set is beautiful crafted. I remember seeing their first rococo dress along with the uniform. They were just starting so pretty happy to see them succeed.

      I think Mirror set fits perfectly with the previous Royalty outfits that iple had just by themselves on sale a few years ago.
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