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Dec 8, 2018

    1. SJ's work is just so amazing :D it's so nice to see craftsmanship be rewarded by such success.
      Totally agree... the mirror set would fit in seamlessly (forgive the bad pun, lol) with the Iplehouse Royalty outfits :3nodding:.
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    2. Love all the beautiful eye candy in this thread!

      On the subject of color matching - I know Jay mentioned that his amber beige also matches Dollshe Copper Oriental - Anyone here have a Sartorial J head in amber beige on a Dollshe Copper Oriental body? If so, I would be most appreciative of photos, so I could actually see if his head(s) would match my Dollshe Copper Oriental body. I also have Iplehouse Real Skin in my crew, but mine are both much darker in tone than my Dollshe Copper Oriental. Thanking you in advance! : )
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    3. @earth.spirits Ive seen a few photos and the match is off, not even close

      If you like the match between your Real Skin and Dollshe Copper Oriental, you will find the match acceptable

      Amber Beige is 99.9% match for Iplehouse Real Skin

      I have a friend who confirmed that the match was not good enough for her because they dont look similar
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    4. Thank you, @GreenTeaSlug, for this info. My Iplehouse RS dolls are much darker in tone than my Dollshe copper oriental, so my original plan to hybrid with this head may not necessarily work for me. Hmm, I will have to mull this over.

      I did find one link (up-thread) to a description (and photo) of a Jude head in amber beige on a Venitu copper oriental body. Do you (or any other of our members here) have a link to other photos showing amber beige on or next to copper oriental? It would be very helpful to see. Thanks again! : )
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    5. Oh, thank you so much)
      It was hard to choose between Zakozako gorgeous faceup and feeling to make it by myself
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    6. Hi. I'm pretty new to the bjd scene and almost died when I saw the pictures of Yvonne in the mirror set. And now seeing a few more pictures of her posted to instagram in different styles of lingerie....I am debating ordering her. I'm leaning towards faceup B. I'm so glad to see the discussion on the different resin colours; I will eventually have to order a body for her as I have nothing at the moment. It'll be so fun to see what Sartoria has in store for her. I love the period costumes.
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    7. Got my Jude today :)

      I loved everything, the packaging and presentation is very nice. I lolled a bit at a misspelling of my name on the certificate but its fine

      I love him so much, Ive named him Caesar, a "socially acceptable rebellious" club kid


      @mysticaldolldreams here he is on the SID Model body, I love this body and have it on him as default but I prefer to keep him clothed because I dont like the random veins popping up on the chest?


      SartoriaJ normal is a good match for Dollshe Oriental, but SartoriaJ is a bit more on the pink side. I found the neck to be too short but the ratio of everything else seemed good to me


      I feel he would look a lot nicer with a longer neck so I added a neck donut for a bit of height


      @earth.spirits Here is the SartoriaJ Amber Beige with a Copper Oriental body - its the Dollshe 24M Khan body.
      There is a definite difference in skin tone, but the faceup, wig and lighting can make it look better than what it really is

      I do not like this body for him, I feel it makes him look too pin headed.


      I felt the neck was too short so I added a neck donut to give him height, looks better but I dont like it with this head


      This for me is perfect, its a beautiful body and I feel looks very nice with the head.
      The match is a little bit off, but maybe because the body is older (its from the Master of Neflheim Phonolus release)

      SartoriaJ Amber Beige is an accurate match for Iplehouse Real Skin
      I compared it with Glow, and Glow is a bit darker than Amber Beige, but not noticeably different
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    8. @GreenTeaSlug - wow, really love your guy’s face up. So rugged looking. Congrats on getting him. I really appreciate your taking the time to share the photo and information about the bodies.
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    9. @GreenTeaSlug - Wow! Nice to see all those body combinations with Jude! I really like the ID75 body on him. And your Jude is awesome, congratulations! :)
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    10. I felt bad that I was very excited for Jude and shared an iphone photo of him, which does the sculpt no justice so I retook it but this time tried it with a camera and proper lighting equipment.

      Im still getting the hang of it, but I feel like Im improving, or at least Im kidding myself into thinking Im improving lol!


      @mysticaldolldreams You are welcome! I figured people might find it useful for future male heads by SartoriaJ so I wanted to share the successful and not good hybrids. Im keeping mine on the model body because I like how it makes him look young AND its so much easier to dress XD He can wear most SD17 tops/jackets so that makes me happy since the wardrobe is usually younger and brighter looking for that size

      @luluna Thank you :aheartbea
      I do love the ID75 for him the most, its an amazing poser (well I think so), and has a very nice presence to him
      I feel the length of his face suits this body the most, makes him look like like an A list actor :P
      I loved that dark faceup, I love the villain look to dolls lol
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    11. Oh wow! Congrats! He is amazing :D. Love the faceup too. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and the resin color insights. I agree the Idealian 75 looks the best to me too.
      Very nice lighting on your follow up photo :thumbup nicely done

      @Bluenocs Welcome to the thread :). Yvonne is definitely awesome :thumbup . I'm looking forward to seeing how Sartoriaj continues to grow. His company always creates such well crafted and beautiful things.
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    12. @GreenTeaSlug - Thank you so much for posting pics of your amber beige Jude head on Dollshe copper oriental body - very, very helpful! And thanks too for all of your other helpful hybrid photos - this is great info for folks considering Sartoria J heads. : )

      Also - Congrats on your new guy - he's gorgeous!
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh wow, he's a real stunner! :D
      Those hybrid photos are excellent resources too, thank you for that.
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    14. @GreenTeaSlug
      He looks great as Ceasar. Thanks for the hybrid photos. Very helpful.
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    15. I just order the Yvonne head in amber beige to fit my nyid body in real skin. I'm glad someone is making heads that match other tan colors.
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    16. so I have decided to go thru the main site (not the etsy store)... been trying to sign in for 3 days lol.... i had my "ID" and and password written out.... only I forgot that i hadn't signed up already lol god I'm dumb. (the ID and PW's are longer than I am used too and also 'stronger' in requirements than I am used to ... good on Jay for this one! ,,, so I wrote them out 'ahead' of time lol oops.

      That being said, I was looking at the msd shoes and they do not break down or lable as fit for Iple FID's... the SD shoes state if they fit Iple's... am I missing something? I had thought to lay in a basic outfit for each new doll I am getting but not sure about the 'msd' fit. And why won't any company maintain a stock of 'black, white, and bone' BASIC pump? I can't be the only person who needs this for her girls??? I'm also debating the crystal spray crown... anyone got that? would love to see an IRL pic.
    17. How diffrent and beautiful he looks in this skintone!
      Promo faceup :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Smth like final look, faceup and eyes by me
      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    18. @Reinameron - So handsome! :D This is such a dynamic photo!
    19. The third face up for Yvonne is up on their website - Cleopatra.

      Limited YVONNE Head_Cleopatra

      Very pretty. But I still like face up B better, so no need to pester Jay about a change in my order. Phew!
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