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Dec 8, 2018

    1. @Ashemanu shes beautiful isnt she?
      Faceup B is my favorite of the three so far too, I like how fresh she looks, like shes advertising expensive skin creams :arainclou
      Cleopatra will be available to purchase this coming Friday

      @Reinameron he looks so regal :chocoberry
      I love how futuristic and cold he looks in attitude, he is very beautiful and your photography is very beautiful by the way
      I love the blank picture of him with the royal outfit and crown in your flickr page, its bare but its beautiful to me also

      @Lady Tiku I make not of my login details and passwords physically too :P

      Im pretty sure the fit is made for FID and Dollshe fashion dolls (Ive read in some reviews the Dollshe feet is smaller than the shoe - so Im pretty sure the shoe is made for FID). I dont think the typical MSD can fit in them like Minifee and JID etc
      You can see the fit here on Iplehouse FID here
      MSD_Pumps_Pink (Crystal)

      I would ask them about the basic color pumps, sometimes the website lists as sold out, but if you let them know they will reply and make it available again unless it was a limited or the fabric/material is not available again.

      @PennyDes Thank you :aheartbea
      Im trying to improve my photography and Im getting the hang of it slowly. Im ruined by how convenient cellphone pictures are so it is a very slow process lol

      @Bren Thank you :chocoheart
      Hes got a mean look going on lol
      I love it on dolls because I never saw that expression on them before but I dont like it on real humans
      I think he would look really cool in the Iple warrior set, but something tells me hes a spectator more than a participator lol

      @earth.spirits Your welcome! I can take another picture of the copper oriental and real skin on my camera instead of iphone to show the difference better. I personally dont mind it too much because the wig disguises the color difference, and a dark colored beard hides the color difference from the neck and head.
      I can see it being a problem if a color match is a requirement though, because copper oriental is lighter and warm toned, but the real skin is olive toned and darker.
      I use the body for my Luo discontinued head (I wish I got the LB Kamau instead of RS Luo now!)

      I missed out on the Isis outfit by Iplehouse, so Im glad theres something with a similar theme that I like better now, and its available separately too which I like that I dont have to buy the doll to get lol. I can see with some alterations the outfit would look nice for an Goddess Aphrodite type of character.

      It would be exciting if in the future we see similar limited outfit sets like Carved Heritage's amazing Leonard's pirate set, or Scarlet's epic pirate outfit, and the holiest of grails for me, the Omar set. Those are my personal grails, what do you hope to see in limited clothing sets? The heels from the Iplehouse Haute Couture line are very nice and I keep hoping we see them made available again. I love the platform heels

      Also SartoriaJ is working on making bodies for their dolls but that will take time, I have been told that they are hoping to debut it by end of year, and after the body becomes available, the dolls will be sold as full dolls, so it is better to get the heads now if doll heads is all you are interested in getting, since dolls will be sold as full dolls later on, without being able to buy the head separately.

      Im excited about the body! I hope its curvy, but not as extreme as the raccoon doll curvy, something more realistic like the EID. Most of all, I hope they use double joints and ankle joints like the woman HID and the FID dolls. The new ankle joints used on those dolls made a huge difference to how stable the dolls are.
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    2. @Reinameron

      He looks great. Really like that picture of him.


      Thank you so much for the heads up. I've been waiting for the last face up before I made my deicision.


      Spectator huh? I think my guys are more like the gladiators. They don't sit back and watch. They go into action.

      I'm thrilled to see that Exotic face up. She will match perfectly with my Egyptian theme. My ISIS and Anubis stuff. Love the whole concept and the whole Cleopatra set. Thanks for the news that SartoriaJ will be making full dolls in the future. I do hope they do the bodies more like the realistics ones. There's a reason why my collection is mostly Iple. I don't usually care to much for the other bodies I've seen and why I didn't get involved in the BJD collections until I saw those beautiful EID's.
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    3. I do like Yvonne's third face up option and clothing set, I'm a sucker for all things ancient Egyptian! :D
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    4. I'm a sucker for Egyptian dolls also but I think she would look best in peach cream and that would mean a new body.

      I also am trying to dicide what to do with my Jude heads. I got Braveheart in amber biege hoping to put it on a Soom Idealian body but the color is much darker than even the bronze dolls I have! I do have an SID realskin Storm and I will have to get him out and check the match but the outfit may be too big on him.

      I got the Jude Francis head also but I somehow ordered the peach cream instead of the warm ivory! So he doesn't match the intended body either!
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    5. Thank you again, @GreenTeaSlug - and yes, additional photos are most welcome! : )

      Also thank you for letting us know that Jay is planning on making bodies, and full dolls. That's great news! I hope he will also offer bodies (by themselves) to those of us who have purchased his heads.
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    6. That would be great if the bodies were available separately! My heads wouldn't mind waiting a year for the right body!
    7. @earth.spirits Its going to be a long post XD

      Heres a comparison between Iplehouse Special Real and SartoriaJ Amber Beige


      Im doing a comparison between the both of these colors to show you how a faceup and wig can influence the overall look and resin match, and that both the resin colors are an exact match to each other so they are interchangeable

      I did not edit these photos, and kept the light as it is, and the camera on a tripod so that it is as fair as possible


      Jude is bare faced and has a lot of blushing on his face, it contrasts very strongly with the Copper Oriental skintone


      Luo has less intense facial blushing and also has a dark beard that blurs the skin tone differences between jaw/chin and the neck so its like an ombre if that makes sense


      The dark wig and dark beard blurs the skin color differences and makes it look more decent in my opinion, that it does not bother me, specially after dressing him up so that it masks the differences further

      Heres the back of the head to show you the skin color differences


      I know Im more lenient so resin match being exact does not bother me at all, but I know some people like the resin match to be at least 90% similar so maybe its not acceptable for you, and that is okay also

      @Bren lol! No surprise there, all those muscles are not only for show when it comes to your guys XD
      I love the ancient sets! Lets hope the next release, if male, we get a Pharaoh or a Roman emperor to add more to your theme :)

      @nancy_schroeder_ca Sorry to hear that :(
      Im surprised because I saw a photographer that has all his dolls on Idealian bodies, and the heads are all soom, and most of them are not normal resin in color
      I know that normal soom is a pretty good match and honestly, its my favorite of all the hybrids. Have you asked if SartoriaJ has any extra normal Jude heads around? Maybe you can sell the peach gold matching one for a normal skin, or trade it?

      I think the nice thing about the Brave Heart set, that even if its loose, you can add some holes with the metal poker and thread some leather lace to make it tighter, and it would be fine because the outfit already looks rugged. Personally, I wouldnt be able to do it, and instead use clothes pin to make the clothes fit right for the photos at least

      Ill ask them about the body being sold separately, but Im about 90% they will offer the body for sale alone at first at least, for the people who already purchased heads.

      I encourage everyone to write out their opinions, wishes, and wants here because Im pretty sure they do read the boards to get feedback, I would think :chocoberry
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    8. Thanks again, @GreenTeaSlug, for the additional photos - very, very helpful. I also think blushing the body and neck / shoulder area of the body would help with making the two tones more harmonious.
    9. Thought some might be interested in knowing this

      There is going to be one more Yvonne look, and she will be released next week.

      This coming Yvonne is not going to be offered with an outfit set like Cleopatra and Mirror Queen. She will be a faceup only Yvonne

      Cleopatra Yvonne model is on an EID body in real skin with the large bust
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    10. @GreenTeaSlug - thanks for keeping us informed! I’ve been holding out a bit waiting for that 4th faceup. Since she won’t come with an outfit, she may be the one I’ve been waiting to see.
    11. @GreenTeaSlug -

      Thanks for the scoop on the new bodies! I wonder what size they will be? And also thanks for the comparison photos! They are very helpful.

      Oh and will there be a fourth faceup for Yvonne? Oh the anticipation!
    12. @mysticaldolldreams Im excited to see how she will look, maybe they took your suggestion for an edgier look
      like the leather uniform Jude release so Ive got my fingers crossed for that lol

      @luluna Oh the new bodies will probably be in the 62-65 cm, Im guessing to fit the same scale as their heads :)

      Very interested to see how it looks, seeing how amazing Jude and Yvonne are, I have my expectations set high since they spoiled us so much lol

      Im curious to know what type of body would you like? Youve got so many beautiful dolls so there probably is an idea to what you think is ideal (sorry my english got a bit rusty, Ive tried writing and rewriting many times and something is coming off and not right sounding in that question, but Im just curious not trying to be nosy lol)

      I feel something in between Iple's HID and EID would be very nice, in build, height, muscle, curves and definition :D
      I hope there will also be bust options, and something I really love is Dollshe's Heel calf leg option, the high heeled leg without the ankle joint, it looks so nice! Ofcouse, as an option part since not everyone likes high heels

      Since Ive gotten some private messages..........
      Im sorry to disappoint but I do not work for SartoriaJ......

      I only know these stuff because I purchase stuff from their website regularly and sprinkle a few questions about the doll sculpts, the future etc of their doll company and share it here so that others who were curious like me would like to know the information.
      I have questions of my own and try to anticipate what the others might want to know and include it, before posting it here
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    13. Yes, I too have high hopes for the new bodies :) (male and female will be done eventually, I presume) It's hard to choose what size I'd prefer but I do agree with you something between a HID and EID just like you mentioned would be so nice. I definitely would like bust options...with a small option for sure. As for a male...maybe a tall SID? LOL

      Thanks again for the kind words!
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    14. Agreeing with other folks here that HID / EID size bodies for the gals would be perfect, and definitely featuring a small bust option. I would prefer SID size for the guys.
    15. Nice to hear the information about bodies coming in the future! Personally, I'd like to see SJ give us three-part torsos, since I don't think Iplehouse is likely to do that.
    16. I hope they don't do the three part torso. I have a couple of dolls with it and they don't always sit tight and right. It drives me nuts.
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    17. I would like a more muscular body for the girls, but I don´t think they will do that. Also no three part torso, if I could choose.
    18. Thigh joints to aid sitting would be far better. Though I really don't mind either way. It really depends on what the engineering is like.
    19. @Ashemanu I agree, I still like Yvonne face up B best too.... fingers crossed I feel that way about the next faceup to be released. It's probably too far out for me to request a faceup change at this stage :aeyepop:.

      @GreenTeaSlug Wow! So much helpful information and photos! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us :abow:. I'm super happy to hear that SJ bodies will be on offer in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed for aesthetily pleasing double joints (like iplehouse fid) and small bust being given as an option.

      @nancy_schroeder_ca oh no! Sorry the heads you got don't match their intended bodies... that can be a big disappointment :atremblin.
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    20. New head Yvonne-Parisienne is up - it is beautiful!
      Limited YVONNE Head_Parisienne

      But I still will stick with face up B, I think ... bleh ^^ I really like the new one!
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