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Searching for DOA member Broken!!! (member Banned)

Mar 2, 2006

    1. we have a transaction to complete.. where o' where are you.. been too long and still no emails to let me know the status of my doll being shipped or not..
      you have had the cash since Feb 9th..

      what gives?
    2. Rose, a refund through PayPal was issued to you on the first of March, a day before you wrote this post. I do not know why you would write this as though I've run off with your money when I myself am not in possession of it.

      I had even tried to refund you several times through my friend before this because I was unsure whether I would be able to come home on the 25th from my business trip, and I didn't want you to worry about the payment. I didn't think to find a net cafe to check my email or DOA because I knew you had been refunded in full, and thought you could understand that I was not physically able to ship the doll to you.

      I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but please note I made sure a refund was issued when I found I would not be able to ship the doll on schedule.

      For any issues or clarifications, please email me. I do not check this board often.

    3. I have emailed you privately for a detailed explanation on this transaction.. A refund was only the beginning. As far as shipping the doll on schedule.. You said you wanted payment in full on feb 9th.. then stated you would send the doll on feb 20th.. on that date you said you would continued to be delayed and could send the doll on the 25th..ont he 25th no doll.. you didn't email me to tell me anything!!!!

      I had no contact from you and wasn't refunded the money until I went through paypal for a dispute on the transaction.. that is when your friend contacted you and told me she was uncomfortable since I didn't have the doll in hand yet.. I emailed you my telephone number and email and still nothing from you.

      BTW the refund was not cleared on March first when I wrote this email. as I sent you 1475 in cash -- your friend only refunded 300 then later added the additional balance.. I had no access to this cash for one month..
    4. Rose, I did email you on the 24th to say I was not coming back to ship your doll on the 25th. I never received a reply from you about it.

      I asked for upfront payment to hold the doll because many buyers fall out of a deal later on. The 20th date was only an estimated date because that was when I was due to return. You asked me for an estimated date of when the doll would be shipped, and that is what I gave. Those were the terms in order to buy the doll.

      When I found I could not ship the doll to you at the 20th date, I offered to refund you until I could come home and send you the doll because I did not want a situation like this to arise. I felt badly for not being able to come back at the time, and didn't want you to worry about your payment.

      I don't know why on earth you are saying you received a refund only after filing a PayPal dispute because that is not true at all! You never filed for a dispute. Please show me proof that you filed a PayPal dispute! How could you have been refunded $300, and then the remaining amount then? I was the one who wished to refund you several times because this was a large sum of money, and I did not want a situation like this to happen. You declined each time.

      I could have tried harder to communicate, and for that I apologize. I was told you were refunded in full. I believed my last email and refund was enough until I was able to return.
    5. Hi Broken,

      I have been trying to help Rose thru this transation. This has been very upsetting for her.

      Do you actually have the doll in hand now? Are you ready to ship? You should email Rose and straighten this out. This is one question I have been asking her cause I didn't understand the lack of communications on your part.

      Just so you know and other who do transations on this board know.
      Rose sold several of her dolls in order to get the $1475 cash to pay you for your doll.

      She intended to honor her committment to buy the doll from you so didn't accept a refund when you offered it to her. She wants the doll.

      When she was trying to locate you while you didn't answer her emails she found out that her paypal payment did not go to you but to a "third party" your 'friend". This is the first step in a paypal dispute process. Contact the seller thru their paypal email address.

      Imagine the shock Rose was in to find out that the paypal info you had given her was not even yours... but someone elses. A third party.

      Rose had no way of contacting you other than email...and posting to the board.
      No phone numbers... no address. You never told her you were using a "third party" to do this transation. She thought she was emailing you through paypal to ask where the doll is.

      Imagine your "friend" being surprised that in a month's time you had still not send out the doll. Your friend was worried about her own account with paypal being in trouble. So we think "your friend" was refunding the money ..at least
      a portion of some of the money in good faith.

      Your friend would not give out your address or your phone number either. Your friend told Rose to try to reach you on DoA.

      Your friend should be able to give you all the proof you need. Meanwhile I will help Rose gather her emails and PMs and any other proof for the Mods or you.

      We don't know if it's okay to post the transations with a third party such as your "friend" since you involved her in all this.

      So imagine Rose's shock to think she is getting $1475 back and only sees $300 in her account and it's not cash but "payment pending" from your friend.

      Your friend did not "refund" the total amount in cash. But send another payment so the total was $1475. Ask your friend for proof when she sent the actual "refund" and by when.

      I don't know why your "friend" did not actually do a correct refund through paypals refund process. You will have to ask your "friend" that.
      Maybe your "friend" took the money out of her account or used a credit card or gave you the money. We can only guess. Again..ask your "friend".

      Rose will be trying to get the info from paypal as to why paypal is now charging her fees to get her "refund" from you and your "friend".

      I am trying to help Rose compile it for the mods to see also. Since it involves a third party I don't know if I can post it here (proof) on the board for all to see.

      I think you have put your "friend" in a delicate situation as their paypal account would be questioned. I read the emails back and forth trying to help Rose. Rose was very upset...since she wasn't made aware there was even a third party involved.

      If you intend to honor your committment to sell the doll to Rose you should discuss this with her in emails.

      Rose made a committment with you to purchase a doll. She sent you $1475 in cash. She intends to honor that committment.

      Do you intend to honor your comittment as a seller to sell her the doll?

      Do you have proof you even have the doll on hand?

      You have to understand that when you sell a doll and hold the payment for 30 days or more that the buyer may panic if they don't hear from you...and cannot contact you.

      You have to understand that you may come off as a bad seller if you keep delaying the transation...and never completeing it.

      People may start to wonder if you actually own the doll or have it in hand. People wonder why you are not up front with using another person's paypal account. People wonder why you wouldn't give out your name, address or phone number so you could be in contact if you were away from emails.

      You involved your friend (not Rose) in all this by your not communicating up front.

      You cost Rose paypal fees and your friend's reputation with her paypal account and your own reputation as a seller. It's up to you to straighten the paypal mess with your friend. Ask your friend for proof as how she actually refunded the payment to Rose...and when.
    6. You asked for proof of partial refund.. I was only refunded $300 out of $1475...(see the cut and pasted info directly from my paypal history)

      Then to add to my concern, the balance of the $1475 (1175) was not sent uuntil Feb 27th and didn't clear til march 3rd.

      as for the paypal dispute:

      the first step in a paypal dispute is to contact the seller through their paypal email address..that is when I found out this was a third party, much to my surprise...

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