Searching for Moggie

Jun 10, 2007

    1. Anyone know what happened to Moggie? :?

      I've commissioned a Vampire Hunter D outfit for my DoT boy months ago, and lately I haven't heard from him. I know he's recently a middleman for some doll company, so I understand his tight schedule. However, there hasn't been any communication between us for awhile and I'm at a loss on how to find him concerning my commission. I've tried emails and pm's already. :...(

      Any insight will be appreciated! :D
    2. Oh dear, I've never had any problems with Moggie. I sure hope nothing's happened. Perhaps try emailing through the Ebay store? I hope you get your outfit!!
    3. If you PM me, I have his e-mail. I had commisioned him for an outfit, but he had to refund me because he couldn't find any leather that would work in time. :...(
    4. Oh goodness me! *_*
      I thought it was just me who have this problem!

      I commisioned Moggie for my Cloud outfit. It was finished...but the shoulder pad still has problem and they said they are still willing to fix it...I first pmed them twice and email them about 5 days ago but still no answer....

      So yes 3 weeks has passed and still no answer since my first pm...
    5. Hi

      Me too - no answers to any messages. Please reply. I thought I had made a good 'pen pal'. We 'talked' about all sorts of things to do with BJD and about Oz.

      Don't want any problems - your corsets and jeans were just gorgeous.

      :( I am just so sad and disappointed. Please reply. We know you must be busy. We WILL understand. Just reply to your friends.

    6. Oh man- this doesn't sound like Moggie at all. O_O I really hope everything is ok.
    7. Well, I guess our reputation is pretty much destroyed after what I call the "month and half from hell that shall never be spoken of again"

      I am sorry for not getting back to you all. Nothing can make up for it and there is no excuse for my behaviour.

      It's late here so I'll be in contact with you via PM tomorrow to sort out what's happening and where we are at.
    8. I'm glad you're ok! This really didn't seem like you at all!
    9. I shouldn;t think your reputation will be destroyed, Moggie! ^_^ I think most people were more worried about you than anything else.
    10. It usually isn't like me. I just let a few things get on top of me and curled up into a little ball.

      I still feel that I've let the three of you down though so my reputation is sullied.
    11. Yup I feel the same.

      It's lovely to be "talking" again. :D

      Don't hide from us - we ARE your friends and will support you if you are having a rough time.

      Luv Kx
    12. Thanks, but let me fall on my sword just a little bit first?
    13. No I don't think it will harm your reputation :)
      People already know you very well here in Doa :)
      All is well now! :D

      Thank you Ian for getting back to us! And I hope you and Inana are doing fine! :D
    14. You're welcome, I just should have done it sooner.

      I hope you'll understand if I just feel guiltly for a little bit longer.
    15. OKAY............

      How big is the sword and how far has it gone in!!!!!!!!!!!!
      :o :o

      :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
    16. But that's a whole other topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17. Moggie the dramatic. :lol: We still love you, don't feel bad. If you must fall on a sword, I have a nice rubber one right here you can use. :sweat
    18. How big is the sword? I have a nice big claymore here..... ;)

      How far in? Enough to go ouch, bleed a bit because Innana likes blood and deep enough to leave a little scar to remind me not to do it again.

      Moggie the dramatic...... I kinda like that, might add it to the list of things that I call myself. :)

      A rubber one defeats the purpose a little bit and if you have to do a thing, do it right. ;)
    19. NO, no! Just no.

      And again with the NO!

      No falling on swords. Not even a little bit of a sword. Not even an MSD sword.

      No poiking the sacred and profane which is the Mog! Equity in all things means that even God is not allowed to blaspheme himself, and it counts double here.

      You are back, you are among us (and its ironic that D and I came back about the same time) and that's all that is important.

    20. But... but... but.... but..... Oh alright, no swords. How about a pin?