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Seeing the doll that you love in gore mod, how to you act?

Feb 27, 2010

    1. Seriously.
      It's frighting, yet Exciting.
      I see a lot of dolls in gore mod. However A thought came to me. How Would I feel if I saw a version of my own doll in Gore? I would feel sick, but not in the bad way. Just sick in the way my mother and grandmother would never let my doll in the house if they saw her like that.

      But what would your friend family and you do?
    2. Honestly, I dislike gore mods and never look at any of them. I don't care if people do them on their doll, but they're not my sort of thing.
    3. Reasonable enough.
      But the reason I think they're cool is, it shows you that how far the human soul will go to try and express them selves! It's awesome!
    4. I wouldn't mind seeing that. The whole thing doesn't really bother me because, while it may be the same sculpt, it's a completely different doll. I love looking at what people have done to make theirs different, because it blows my mind half the time. Even gore... But I'm also rather desensitized to that sort of thing, so it's very, very difficult to gross me out.
    5. I think it's this way with any extreme mod, really. There's a user here who is modding her Abio Angel Er to be an Na'vi, and it really startled me to see him without ears and with a sanded down nose, because my first doll is an AA Er and I've had him for three years, so I've become really attached. At first I thought "Oh NO the poor Er!" but then I took a closer look, and realized that it was actually pretty awesome.

      So maybe it just takes some getting used to? To really consider what it means - not only to the sculpt, but also to the owner of the doll. After all, they may feel just as strongly about the sculpt as you do, but in a different way.
    6. Heh! I don't think anyone has done any gore mods to my dolls last I looked! ^_~

      I don't go out of my way to look at gore mods, I usually find they're poorly done and over-the-top, so I gave up looking at them. An exception would be that Glorydoll Lucy with the stitched-up eye; but she's beautiful in her horror, not just horrifying to look at.
      I love a paradox like that, but just ghastly guts and blood is *yawn*.

    7. I don't think I'd really care - as long as the person is happy with their doll, then good for them and I hope that they continue to get pleasure out of said doll every time they look at them :) My guys are my guys, and while I might sometimes roll my eyes and bemoan 'all the crossdressing Els on DoA' (as another example) I don't seriously mean anything by it and as long as each owner loves their boy then who am I to judge? Those Els don't affect my reaction to my boys... and on the 'gore mod' side of things, one of my Els has an amputated and heavily-scarred arm (here, for reference) - I wouldn't expect him to affect anyone else's views of their own Els, and why should he when he's here sitting in my room and not theirs?
    8. While, personally, gore is a major gross out, there's no denying that extreme mods are pretty damn amazing. Well, at least ones that are skillfully done anyways.

      ...If I saw a version of my Pucci in gore? I'd die. No way in hell would I allow it.
    9. I, personally, love gore mods. None of my dolls have them, however. Maybe eventually!

      Honestly, I haven't seen many mods of dolls in my collection. I'd like to, though!
    10. ...allow...it? :huh?:

      I don't care one way or the other. Gore mods aren't my thing but that's an issue of personal aesthetics; I'm sure someone at some point has done something like that to at least one of the molds I own. Doesn't make a difference to me. It's their doll; are they happy with it? If that's the case, then that's all that matters. Nobody is taking my doll, gore-modding it against my will, then shoving it back at me. Therefore, it's not my place to say anything about what anyone else does with theirs.
    11. I would LOVE to see my favorite dolls with well done gore mods...I LOVE gore modding (then again, I'm a guro fetishist so...makes sense XD)

      that being said... if anyone knows any iplehouse boy gore mods...send them my way XD I've looooove to see one.....

      even cute dolls look great with some blood, a tiny I'm looking at Bobobie Nissa/Elfkin...I've seen some ADORABLE yet violent gore mods done to that doll. While I'd probably feel different if they were sexual or something (because the doll is a child) but the ones I saw were little parasitic zombies that were sooooo cute.
    12. I am always curious to see a mod, and a gore mod is perfectly fine, as long as it's skillfully done. I'd rather see a gore mod, than some generic cutesy run-of-the-mill aesthetics on a sculpt that has a lot of dramatic potential.
    13. lolol I was referring to what Arkhangel wrote "How Would I feel if I saw a version of my own doll in Gore?", what automatically came to mind was someone else doing a version of my girl in gore. :sweat
    14. well, since it is not your doll, I really do not think it matters

      Most of the photo threads have warning in the titles, you do not have to look at them even if it is a mold you like.
    15. It would weird me out, then I would just move on to the next doll. I don't really care what someone does with their doll, but extreme mods aren't my style, so I rarely look at them and don't plan to have any doll with one.
    16. I'd probablly have an "ooo coooool" moment. I don't have any gore mod dolls and not sure I'd own one but I enjoy looking at them. I might feel bad for the 'character' since some of the mods look/are backstoried to be extremely painful, but the doll isn't MY doll. I think the only way I'd have abit of a heartbroken reaction would be if I was forced to sell a doll I love and then the person kept them the same but added a gore mod. ^^; Then I might feel abit sad.
    17. I love them. xD It wouldn't bother me too much. I mean, each of my dolls is MY doll. Even if someone has the same mold, it's not MY doll. It's theirs. It's neat to see how their doll is so different than mine.
    18. I don't care. It's not "my" doll, it's just the same sculpt as my doll. It's a different doll and people are free to customize it a different way.

      There aren't very many gore mods that I'd want to own for myself, but if they're skillfully done (for example, onegreyelephant's mods) I like to look at them because I appreciate the work and artistry that went into them.
    19. I'd find it interesting!
      I'd love to see all of the other possibilities of what my doll could look like.
    20. I am not a fan of gore period so if i saw it on a doll more so a doll i loved and coveted I will be honest my reaction would be this Shock, anger, cry then vomit then cry then vomit then cry then go smoke