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Seeking Information for Zully Quirke

Oct 29, 2006

    1. EDIT: She has gotten in touch with me and I have recieved a tracking number. The number does not work now (but she has only mailed it off today).


      I have recently joined a luts group order in which I ordered a Ryoma head from Zully.

      It has been over 20 days since she recieved the package, and while some people have recieved their items, several hav enot, and all were over $100 value. She had promised me a tracking number last friday, and I have yet to recieve one.

      I filed a paypal claim, but it has been over 45 days (of course- isn't that how it works?) and paypal won't help me. I have emailed and PMed with no response, and others have left comments in her LJ which went ignored.

      If anyone has a telephone number for Zully (Aka Natalie Slaughter) or an address so that I can send her a certified letter, please PM me.

      Thank you.
    2. Unfortunately, I am in the same boat. I'm encouraging any other from that order to contact one of us if they also have not received their items.
    3. I found what I think is her telephone and address on whitepages.com, however, I do not want to call or send the certified until i recieve confirmation that it is indeed her (no need to upset some other natalie who has no idea what is going on!).

      So if you have recieved a package from her recently that has a return address, please PM me so I can confirm it is the correct address. As with syrinfox, i urge anyone who has not recieved their items to please PM us or post here.

      I want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes (it also makes me wonder why some people got their items and others did not).
    4. thank you for all your help, those who have PMed me! I now have her address and phone number.

      Other people have also had some problems. If you will PM me your complaints, when I call her tonight I can address them.
    5. I sent you PM!
      I'm sorry I need your help :(
    6. Dechanique gave me response!! Thank you very much :D

      If anyone is having problem with Zully or if your problem was solved, would you give me your PM or advice?
      I'm trying to contact with her, but no response came...:(

      Thank you very much!!

    7. I appreciate members who gave me advices. Thank you very much :D

      I did report this problem to PayPal (I know I can't accept buyer protection because 45 days had gone... But I felt I should report this to avoid similar troubles in the future.)

      Finally I received her response and she promised me she would send money back to me next Saturday.
      After I received money from her, I post it. I report this to PayPal, too.

      Thank you very much to everyone!!

    8. I had asked Zully to send money back to me and she did it this morning!

      I received $185 (what I paid to her), certainly. I couldn't receive e-mail from her at the same time, but I sent a thank you mail to her.

      I post this and say "My problem was solved!".

      Thank you very much :D