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Shiro T. Headcap--should it be ill-fitting?

Apr 19, 2006

    1. I would like some feedack from owners of Volks dolls, and owners of Shiro Tachibana in particular, about this transaction and the fit of their dolls' headcaps:

      I bought a Shiro head & paid for it about 3 weeks ago. (I won't mention the seller yet, as we are still discussing this matter.) The head was quite expensive. The seller represented the head as being in excellent condition.

      I found out after I paid that she was a broker who had purchased the head for resale from another sellers' auction in the Asian marketplace.

      When I got the head yesterday, I found that the headcap does not match the shape of Shiro's head rim. The headcap is about 5 millimeters smaller. When you look at him straight-on, you see an edge where his forehead ends & extends beyond the headcap. Also, the resin is darker. His Volks seal is there, but it's put in crooked... ? It's stamped May '03, DP 9.

      Other Shiro owners, can you tell me: does Shiro's headcap not match his head very well? When I questioned the seller, she said she checked with the person she bought the head from, and was told that no Volks headcaps fit the dolls well. Of course those of us who have Volks dolls know this is not true... I have 3 and all their caps fit perfectly! She said she was told this is just the way Shiro's headcap is.

      The ill-fitting headcap is not a huge deal; it's just that I paid so much, and was not told about this in advance.. the seller claims it's not her fault, and is unwilling to give a discount.

      Update: the seller has apologized and offered me some consideratin for not being told about the headcap.

      Does anyone have any information for me? Mods, please feel free to move this post if you feel it should be in the large doll discussion section.

    2. My Shiro headcap fits well, I don't see any remarkable sizing difference. Maybe yours was a hiccup in the molding process?:?
    3. my loki's is like that... it doesn't bother me too much because you can't tell under the wig, but i had heard that with the tokyo boys at least, the head caps were notorious for not fitting exactly. however, his is the same color resin as his head.... the only other volks dolls i have is a mini (who's head cap fits fine) and an oldskin mod f29 (who's fits fine) - my mom has a couple of oldskin volks dolls who's headcaps are ever so slightly off....

      but as i said earlier, i had heard(not sure when/where) that the tokyo boys (at least shiro and tsukasa(sp?) ) did tend to have slightly ill fitting headcaps.

      i hope this helps ^^;
    4. My Shiro's headcap is a little loose, but not excessively so.. with the rubberband on, you do see a ridge sized difference in the forehead-to-headcap transition. The plate in the back is a bit large for the molded indention, also. The color is perfectly matched, however. His is probably the least well-fitting of all my dolls though ( I had to go poke at him, 'cause I don't really think about it, doesn't effect day-to-day anything)
    5. Thank you all very much. This helps alot. ^_^
    6. Many of my Volks dolls have headcaps that slide slightly, including Shirou. My Aya's headcap especially does not fit well; it's very small and looks like it was made for a different doll!
    7. ohh, how oddd, my shiro's head cap sits fine and is the right size.
      Maybe they had a molding problem when there where makeing him?

    8. Hmmm, that's so weird!

      Yes, perhaps they ran short on headcaps, or broke the mold or something--!!--and had to use another mold for some of the dolls?
    9. I can't weigh in on Shiro, but maybe there is something to the Tokyo boys having odd headcaps? I don't own a Shiro or a Tsukasa, but I own both an Isao and a Yukinojou, and neither of them have headcaps that fit perfectly either. And while Ephram is secondhand, Remus is firsthand directly from Volks. o.O

      ...Maybe Mikey tends to sculpt headcaps off a bit?

    10. ^^ Mikey doesn't sculpt her dolls, she designs the mold and does the faceup. All Volks heads are sculpted by Zoukeimura.