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shiroi_yukiko-Negative Transaction - RESOLVED

Dec 1, 2009

    1. I purchased several items from shiroi_yukiko, all were nice except for a pair of shoes. She had listed the shoes as Dollheart Rocking Horse Shoes. I purchased them and in my pm to her confirmed that they were in fact "Dollheart". I also gave her the specific length of the dolls foot I was trying to fit, as she had listed them as very large and my doll has a very large foot.
      The items arrived, but the "dollheart" shoes were unmarked, and very inferior. The "rocking horse" soles are cut into at totally different places in the back of the heel. The two shoes do not match at all. They will not even come close to fitting the foot of the doll I sent her measurements for.
      I went to check on her original listing, but she had removed the photos and information about the shoes. So, I went and checked the pms. I specifically paid for and mentioned several times in our pms that these were dollheart shoes, that ran large and would fit the doll I was ordering them for.
      The shoes are not dollheart, and they are not nearly large enough to fit the foot I explained to shiroi_yukiko I wanted them for.
      shiroi_yukiko refuses to accept a return for refund for these shoes. She states that she listed them as dollzone, not dollheart, but since she removed her listing, I can not check. All I can check are the pms sent to her, and they all confirm that the shoes are dollheart. My paypal payment to her also lists the shoes as dollheart.

      I want shiroi_yukiko to refund me for the shoes and the shipping cost to send them back to her. I will send them priority mail, actual cost, but since she can not be trusted, she will have to sign for the package. If she would have offered to refund the cost and accept the shoes back initially, I would not have asked to be reimbursed for shipping costs, but this is ridiculous. She misrepresented her item, deleted her sales post prior to arrival, and even though I have absolute proof via pm's that she agreed to send me dollheart shoes, she refuses to give me a refund.
    2. Posting in my own defense...

      Yes, I've edited my sale thread, so I've only got my own word to go on here, but the shoes were listed as Dollzone from the start. I own a pair of the same style shoes by Dollheart, so I know the difference. It's absolutely true that she wrote "Dollheart" in her initial PM and paypal payment (once in each), but I didn't notice the typo, which is the only part of this that I can take responsibility for.

      Wally stated that her girl had an 8cm foot. On my thread I'd said that the shoes were for a 60cm boy (according to DZ), but were "huge" on all my SD boys. The specific measurement on the Dolkot foot I put the shoe on was 7.5 cm. Since the shoes were quite large on a 7.5cm foot, I naturally thought they would fit a 8cm foot. I don't think this was a wild assumption to make, since the shoe was quite large on the Dolkot foot.

      As for the quality, I can't be held responsible for her disappointment there. I provided a clear picture of what the shoes look like. They're typical of other "cheap" shoes I've gotten. I only paid $20 for them and I sold them for the same price, because I never used them. They're $20 quality shoes.

      Here are the PMs from beginning (bottom) to most recent:

    3. I have accepted your refund via paypal. I appreciate that you will not pay to have them shipped back to you, I sure wouldn't pay the shipping cost to have these back!
    4. Resoluton: shiroi_yukiko refunded the price of the shoes, but did not want them shipped back to her, so she did not pay to have them shipped back (I would not have paid the price of shipping to have them back either).
      It is unfortunate that this dispute occured, shiroi_yukiko creates lovely items of her own design to sell, but I would never purchase from her again, because she does not stand behind what she sells, and her first instinct is to blame others, or "share" the blame for her misrepresentations.