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Shoes to fit Impldoll Imp Baby?

Mar 9, 2011

    1. I have a impl doll that is a baby girl, and i was wondering if any one knows how to tell what size shoes i need. When i look for shoes i cant figure out how the sizes work. Thanks Lily
    2. Which doll do you have, Lily? The Imp-Baby dolls wear YoSD/TeenyGem sized shoes, and the Impl-Star dolls wear most standard SD size shoes. I don't know about Imp-Child dolls, don't have one of those.
    3. Sorry I only have an Impldoll Child "Charles" and finding shoes for him is hit and miss. Even the shoes I bought from the company for him were too big! :?

      I have gotten quite a few things from a company called Alice's Collections and I do believe they would have shoes that fit your sized doll at a decent price. I know shoes I have bought from them in the MSD size fit better then most on my boy, especially the slip on canvas shoes. But I have my doll in a thin body covering jumpsuit, and I always have him wearing socks on top of that, so it does make alot of shoes fit better...

      Plus their clothes fit rather good as well. The Child dolls are very slim and the AC clothes are kinda tight fitting :o For which I am gratefull because otherwise he swims in his stuff I got from like Dollmore, as much as I love that company too.
    4. Imp Child pretty much have the smallest feet in existance.

      The shoes I bought from Impldoll for my Imp Child girl body are almost too small.