Warning shop4dollsandbears- please read before you buy!

Feb 20, 2006

    1. I'm not sure I would define this as a *bad* transaction, per se, but rather as one that was far below satisfactory. I definently would not reccomend shop4dollsandbears.com or freespiritz.com after my experience.

      On November 25th, 2005 I placed an order for an Elfdoll Adel, and paid promptly. The site said that she was "available for preorder". Afterwards I found out this was not entirely true, as Elfdoll has suspended production of their tinies, except in the case of someone ordering directly from their site. I was not communicated this information directly, is was posted in this Den of Angels thread for me to see or not see. I sent a PM inquiring, but it has been deleted, so I cannot relay the contents. Basically, I was assured that Elfdoll suspends production on tinies (this was later confirmed in an e-mail to Elfdoll) from time to time, and would probably resume in the near future.

      On January 11th, 2006 and January 13th, 2006, I sent an inquiry into the status of my order:

      Hello, I placed an order for Elfdoll Adel on
      11-25-2005. It would be Order XXXX. I am wondering, what is the status of this order?

      Hello, I have an order for Tiny Elf doll Adel from near the beginning of December, and I'm wondering what the status on that order is. The name might also be under XXXX XXXX.

      On January 16th, I received the following replies from shop4dollsandbears:

      The shipment should be here in a week!
      Thanks for your patience!

      Shipment from Elf Doll is on the way!

      Not much longer - thanks for your patience!

      I belive this implies that my doll was in the mail from Elfdoll to Shop4dollsandbears. And both e-mails specifically stated that I had ordered an Elfdoll Adel, so that my order would not be confused. Bearing that in mind, in the meantime (January 13th, 2006), I inquired to Elfdoll to see if they were producing tinies. On January 15th, 2006 I received this reply:

      Hello XXXX,

      We are currently changing system of production line,
      so all Tiny Dolls are sold at Elfdoll.com only.

      Thank you

      The next status inquiry I sent was on February 10th. Let me emphasize that all of these communications were instigated by myself, I was never sent any kind of update or status from shop4dollsandbears.com without first having to send an inquiry:

      Hello! ^^ May I have an update on the status of my
      Elfdoll Adel, please?

      This was what I received in reply, which I think is the most important indicator of how this person does business:


      Elf Doll has been focusing on making the big dolls, so the small ones
      being made as quickly.

      But, you know what? I have one here on layaway (a loooong layaway, it's
      turning out) and I bet I'll get another Adel in before she pays it off.
      (I'll take my chances.)

      Sooooo I'll send Adel out tomorrow, OK?

      Thanks for your patience.

      This was NOT what I wanted. I did not want someone else's doll! However, by the time I could e-mail her back to refuse, she had already sent out the package. Without even waiting for a confirmation e-mail from me. Now, given that the shipping confirmation for Adel was sent out 3 days later on February 13th, 2006 , I suppose I might have had some time (I check my email about every 3 days, it's not very active), but that's an awfully small window.

      I will say that Adel arrived well packaged, and I received a random free wig (about a $15 value) for the trouble. I also feel bad about keeping Adel, I'm not sure what the right decision in this case was. If I had sent her back, I believe there is a strong chance she would have just been sent to another buyer rather than the person on layaway.

      In short: I would not reccomend this person, and they've pretty much lost my business forever. Shop4dollsandbears fabricates about order statuses, as well as what they can and cannot do (if you look on the page, only Catsy is listed as preorderable, and the other tinies give off the impression of being in stock), and does not even offer refunds. If anything is happening in your order, you *always* have to contact them first and wait several days for a reply, Shop4dollsandbears will not contact you. They also have dubious morals, at least in my opinion, as evidenced by the handling of the layaway situation.
    2. All I can say is that I was glad I have waited to order my Elfdoll Min Del Re from Elfdoll themselves. I placed my order with Elfdoll on 02/04/06 and received my Min Del Re around 02/11/06 and they have included a free wig and scalp.

      I was thinking about ordering from shop4dollsandbears.com in December of last year but ended up purchasing other dolls and never realized that Elfdolls have their own company site (stupid me) until I saw a member here got hers there.

      Sorry to hear about what happen to you and thank you for the warning.
    3. FYI: I'm still waiting for Min del Re dolls I ordered from Elf Doll 2 months ago -- well before 2/04/06. Paid for. I received a shipment, but Min del Re was crossed off/not shipped. I was told they'd ship a week later; they are still not here.

      I'm going to ask where my dolls are for my customers if they're shipping from their website.

      I cannot control when a doll company decides to temporarily stop production on something, and sometimes there is little to no warning about this.

      "so all tiny dolls sold at Elfdoll.com only" is NEWS TO ME - as they are on this month's order list. Seems to be something amiss here.

      As for the Adel, $20 was paid on layaway months ago for her, and no further payments have ever been made. Promises to pay were made - but no follow through.

      Brand new in the box - never touched. Sitting here, forgotten about, homeless--poor thing.

      Why feel bad about keeping a brand new doll that really doesn't belong to anyone? Someone else's doll? It NEVER belonged to them - they never paid for it. They STILL haven't paid more than $20 for it -- and that was over 4 months ago.

      What no one understand is how little CONTROL one has importing. I order and pay for dolls, and they don't come or it takes forever and a day for them to get here.

      Nothing ever seems to go right. Guess I'll go shoot myself in the head, as no one appreciates a dang thing or understands how difficult importing can be or is appreciative of FREE gifts.

      Just get on here and bash, bash, bash. It's fun to hurt someone's feelings, isn't it? Just tell your one-sided stories.

      I'm going to go have myself a good cry. There is just so much I can't control!!!
    4. delete delete
    5. But you can control the communication you have with your customers. You can control whether you let them know what's going on (even if that's nothing). That's all anyone's really asking for. If people were kept updated, even with just an "I'm still waiting for news on XYZ" now and then, there might not be what you consider "one-sided" stories.

      One side is all we have to go on, when we don't hear anything.

      I don't think anyone minds waiting when they have a clue what's going on with their order, (no-one's in this hobby for instant gratification...). But no-one enjoys being kept in the dark either. A word of communication now and then would make a world of difference.

      No-one's trying to hurt anyone's feelings. But at the end of the day we're dealing with you as a business, not a friend who's doing us a favour by getting hold of these dolls. And a business is both impersonal and suggests a certain level of professionalism.
    6. All I can go by is what the companies tell me that I can pass on.

      Many times I'm not told what is going on. I am in the dark a lot of the time as well.

      If I can't get an answer; I can't give an answer.

      I provide as much information as given, with the most recent information obtained.

      Sometimes things come in a little at a time, and more times than not, no tracking number is ever emailed before the shipment arrives.
    7. I only have my transaction with you to compare, but in that instance, you did have information (that Angelregion hadn't supplied you with enough Present Jades to fulfill all your orders) that certainly wasn't passed on to me until I contacted you because several other DoA members had received their dolls from you and I still hadn't heard a thing. I don't know whether you would even have let me know about the insufficient shipment if I hadn't asked (several days later). I'm sure you would have (or at least I'd like to believe that you would have) let me and any others affected know about this eventually, but it's poor communication issues like this that people get upset about. Like I said previously, we deal with you as a business. If there was a problem with any other business I've dealt with in any area, the onus isn't on the customer to check back every few days to see what's going on; the business keeps them informed.

      If there's an issue with dissemination of news, and you seem to have intermittant issues with email delivery, then have you considered at least a short news section on your site? The updates/news page on the Shop4DollsandBears site was updated very sporadically, and rarely if at all had BJD information listed. Just a thought, and it would be easy/quick to update and provide news in a location everyone should be able to access and view with no problems.
    8. Very good idea.

      Actually I have implemented a calendar on the FreeSpiritz site updated regularly when shipments are received.
    9. You apparently though seem to have more trouble with it then other people, so maybe that should tell you something.

      Oh please, could you be any more pathetic and over dramatic? No one is asking for your first born, nor are they asking you to take your own life. We simply want what is ours that we paid you for already. As Cat says, you run and take things too personally which makes you a bad business woman, your professionalism is zero to none, which is why it's easier to get ticked off at you because of comments like these that you make all over these boards.

      Plus a free wig here or there does very little to soothe the rage of someone that has waited months for something you assured them would come in a few weeks. Me, I'm going on three months now, and I can assure you, unless there is an extra doll when you finally get around to sending me mine, a wig is not going to make me think any more of you when this entire nightmare transaction is done.

      I should be the one crying. I'm the one out tons of money with the thought that I'm never going to receive my doll. What do you have to cry about? What, some people on the boards don't like you? What does that matter when you've got thousands of their dollars?

      You deal in a business with a high price ticket on pretty much every item, you should know people are going to get edgy and angry with you when you don't deliver, and hell, don't even answer them when they try to talk to you.

      This being said, maybe this will be the only way I get an answer from you, if I demand one out in public. I want a PM or an email with an updated status on my doll.

    10. Oh, and that calender you said you put up about shipping. It's there alright. It's in the forum that everyone signs up for. (Like I did well over a month ago) but no one can get approved for because you as the moderator never approve them.

      So you can't see it anyway. Another good business tactic from you.
    11. FreeSpiritz, I'm not blaming you for the actions of Elfdoll, i.e. the fact that tinies were temporarily out of production. However, the following were your responsibility, and far below sasitfactory:

      A) Listing Adel as available for order when in fact she had been temporarily discontinued.
      B) Over 3 months, never once instigating communication with me to give me some kind of status.
      C) Implying in an e-mail that Adel was coming from a shipment from Elfdoll, and then failing to give a followup to confirm or deny this.
      D) Implying in an e-mail that you were sending someone's layaway doll behind their backs, and not giving me a chance to confirm or deny.

      As for the Adel on layaway, based on your e-mail, how was I supposed to determine the circumstances of the transaction?

      But, you know what? I have one here on layaway (a loooong layaway, it's
      turning out) and I bet I'll get another Adel in before she pays it off.
      (I'll take my chances.)

      The way I interpreted this was that someone had a doll on a long layaway, and you were going to send her Adel to me behind her back and hope for another doll in time for her paying it off. Based solely on this information you provided, it looks really bad.
    12. In the spirit of fairness, and at the risk of getting burned by an angry mob, I ordered a Naripon from Freespritz and she came really quickly, and I was able to check the order status on what seemed to be an accurate basis. I hope that you can use any negative feedback to make your business better and dont get discouraged because people do appreciate things!