Signature & Avatar Guidelines

Sep 5, 2006

    1. Signatures are automatically set for the following:
      • 250 characters (not including bb markup, like bold/italic/links/etc)
      • 5 lines of text

      Your signature's graphic content should be within 300 x 75 pixels, maximum:


      If you have more than one image, please make sure that they do not add up to substantially more than 300x75px.

      Your full signature โ€“ text and images โ€“ should be within 500 x 140 pixels maximum, or fit in a box of this size:


      This does not mean you should fill this space with one huge image or one huge block of text.
      You don't need to fill this whole space. Please be considerate.

      Animated avatars or signatures are not allowed.

      You may only advertise sales, trades or 'want to buy' information in your signature if you have Marketplace access. This includes links to off-site sales, which must be doll-related.

      In general, we like for people to be able to express themselves in their avatars and signatures. Links to blogs, Deviant galleries, etc, are all right. But please link only to sites that are either doll-related or you-related. If you love a particular band, a small image of them is all right. If you love a certain book, a short quote is fine. Basically, if an image or quote is meaningful to you and inoffensive, use it โ€“ but keep the size and number of images low.

      If your avatar or signature does not comply with these rules, moderators will replace it with a reminder graphic.
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