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Something happened between X_KAZAKAI_X and me

Jun 20, 2007

    1. I've never thought I would post a thread in this subforum... But this time I have to.
      I know X_KAZAKAI_X is banned from DOA, so if this thread is not reasonable, please inform me and just delete it.

      Firstly, I'm so sorry about my poor English, but I'll try my best to explain the whole thing.

      Secondly, for almost all the things I will talk about in this thread, I have MSN chatting record and photos to prove their reality.

      It started when I firstly decided to accpet FREE faceups for limited slots.
      Kai found me and asked whether I can do a free faceup to his ( or her? Sorry, he told me he was a boy but here a lot of people use "her" when talking about him..) most precious doll.
      I was moved since I was really new to the faceup filed then. I accpeted his requirment and made up my mind not to disappoint him since he trusted me a lot. And I asked him to add my MSN account so he can tell me his requirement more detailed.

      The transaction was really smooth and Kai appeared to be a considerate person, which made me really comfortable. Before he send me his most precious doll head, he said he was going to sell him because the love was fading and he hoped my faceup could rescue the boy's poor future. I promised him to give a faceup exactly what he wanted.

      But when I get his boy's head, I was shocked how dirty he was. There were not only dusts but also something like scabs gathering in the corner of the boy's eyes, and since it is a beauty-white doll, he's getting really yellow.

      So before I clean the boy, I asked Kai for permission for sanding him a bit, because the head is out of dirty and only this way can rescue the boy's beautiful face from black and yellowlish.
      Kai happily agreed and I start to clean the poor boy's face.
      I didn't sand it too much since he's not my own doll.

      Then I used airbrush to paint the shadows ( it was the first time for me to use airbrush to paint a doll's face shadow, the reason why I tried it on Kai's boy was because he wanted a dark faceup and I cannot use those color powders to paint smooth shadows on a beauty-white face) and give the boy a faceup.
      Which you can see in this picture:

      And I sent the boy back home (with a free headmask which costs me about 2USD) and only charge Kai for 12 USD although the EMS requires 16 USD from Hong Kong to USA, since he said he was poor...

      So, I did a faceup for free and paid at least 6 USD myself for kai's boy.
      But I was still very happy since the boy would be back home soon and regain kai's love.
      By now there's nothing unexpected happens.

      But today Kai found me on MSN and said his boy's lip has been RUINED, and the dent upper his lips is gone. He asked me to pay for what I ruined so that he can use the money to replace the damaged head.
      Here is the picture he provided to me:



      I was SHOCKED to hear about the bad news and firstly what I thought was that it might be my own fault. So I went back to check the boy's official pictures and the photos I took for him after the faceup. And I even asked Kai how much I should pay for him, kai said it was a LIMITED doll and the head worths at least 200 USD. In the mean time, I checked photos very carefully and here is what I see:



      ( I took pictures about the unfinished faceup was to let kai know the progress and asked for his acceptance before finally finish it)

      Actually I really didn't remember I've sanded the boy's lip that HARD and RUINED it, and I really don't think the dent is gone in my photos.
      But since Kai loves that boy so much, and I did sand the boy's face although it was under kai's permission, I decided to buy the head with 200 USD and pay the shipping fee; for alternative, I'm also willing to have the head on my hand again to exam and fix it (if there's really some damages happens), and of course I'll also pay the shipping.

      But Kai refused and asked me to pay 200 only for what I "ruined". I told him I couldn't do anything more because the dent and lips are there in my photos. Kai accused me to photoshoped those pictures but I've NEVER photoshoped any faceup commission photos ( except changing the size) and will NEVER do that in the rest of my life. I don't want my customers to feel like being cheated when they saw my real works.

      Kai was upset and said some unpolite words, then he said he could reduce the payment to 110 USD, which the normal head worths. I still refused and Kai said he would leave bad feedbacks and make me banned from DOA and never do any more faceups. And he said he's going to call for police and send me to court, because I damaged his personal properties.

      Actually I'm not afraid of what he's going to do at all, but I somewhat got hurt. I offered faceups for free and appreciate people who trust me; I even don't mind to offer free facemasks and pay a part of the shipping fee to reduce the customer's burden, but here is what I've got.

      I think I'll stop the faceup commission for a while, including both free ones ( previously promised) and charged ones. Partly because the issue with Kai, partly because I really don't want to give myself any more chance to hurt other's precious. even unintentionally.

      It's the end of the thread, and hope the boy can still has kai's love, even though I really don't know what happened to him after my faceup work.
    2. I'm sorry that your transaction with x_kazakai_x was less than stellar. However, please do be encouraged that people do like your work, and don't be too upset over the transaction. I think you did a fantastic job on painting HER boy's head. It's a pity things came down to this, though.

      x_kazakai_x has been banned from the forums for HER inappropriate and shady dealings with people, and there are many thread in the forum pertaining to HER questionable business practices which resulted in the ban.
    3. Thank you soooo much honeyedbiscuit : )
      Do you mean that Kai's a girl? Then why she lied and told me he's living in a poor town... -_-
    4. I'm sorry this happened to you bread17, Kazakai has had more than one problem transaction and it's unfortunate that you were a victim too. Please don't stop painting, your face ups are truly lovely. ^^
    5. I'm very sorry that happened to you, your work is lovely! if anything he/she should had to pay for the time you spent not the other way around.
    6. She gave you permission to sand the doll, and your pictures show that there was no damage before you sent the head back. She has no proof that she didn't damage the head on purpose just to get money from you.

      She has already proven herself to be a lier, and untrustworthy. I would tell her to bug off and ignore her.
    7. X_Kazakai_X prided herself on being a doll modder. It is clear in your pictures that the doll head looked fine before you sent it back (more than fine- it;s beautiful), and if something has happened to it since, it would be more than possible that you were not responsible for it.

      Do not pay her anything. If she wants to take it furthur, you have proof of not being responsible.

      Feel free to PM me if you need any moral support. ^_-
    8. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120611&page=3&highlight=x_kazakai_x

      Try not to feel too bad about that transaction... it is difficult to know, when someone sends you a damaged part, how the person would react to the repair, but if kazakai was so concerned, s/he should have cleaned it first, before sending it for a face-up. I can't really see the missing dent, but I am not familiar with that head.

      Anyway, I would not recommend you to send any money, I think she may be trying to scam you. If that is a Dollmore 'Angelic Scar' head, you could have explained to Dollmore and ask them to cast another white head, it only costs $110.00 to buy a replacement head from them, that headmold is not limited, just the limited edition fullset (and maybe the white color, but like I said, they may understand the situation if you explained).

      If she doesn't want to send the head back to you, I wouldn't do anything. If it was me, I would insist that she send the head back first before I would replace it... she already has a reputation for somewhat dishonest dealings here on this board, and I would want to compare the so-called 'damage' with a new head before committing to reparations, since the claim of 'ruined head' seems to be questionable.

      In any case, the face-up is beautiful.

      *edit* I think Kazakai may have a gender issue... I've seen him referred to as both male and female. I thought he was male, too, but I've seen many people refer to him as 'her', so I am not sure, never met him/her.
    9. You're welcome, bread17. ^^

      I don't know why x_kazakai_x does some of the things she (female) does. She does have a poor track record, and sadly, you're not alone:


      I cannot say what she would've done with the money, but I have a feeling that they would've been less than honorable.

      I honestly hope that you continue to do your commissions, especially if you enjoy doing them. Don't let one person with a terrible track record hinder you from enjoying what you do! ^^
    10. Please do us a favor. Your faceups are INCREDIBLE.

      DO NOT stop over Kazekai. PLEASE. I mean, she's banned for a reason after all.

      Kazekai is a girl btw.
    11. I just wanted to say that's a gorgeous faceup and I hope you don't stop working on dolls entirely because one time things went wrong.
      Unfortunately it seems like a lot of people stop offering services because of the bad feelings from one or two transactions and it's a loss for all the people who like the work.
      I hope when you are feeling better you reconsider and offer your services again.
    12. If it's one or two bad transaction, it can be forgiveable.

      This one is just one bad transaction WITH a BANNED member. And a BANNED member because of her transaction problems specifically. Totally forgivable.

      Especially since you got proof that you didn't even do what she's accusing you of.

      And I quote Kokoryta coz it's true. :P

    13. Never, ever send anyone money unless they offer up collateral - in this case, sending the head back to you. I hope you haven't given Kaz anything, since you've already done more than she deserves.

      Also, please don't stop doing face-ups, whether for free or commission! You're incredibly talented, and for every bad client, there will be 10 good ones who appreciate what you do and how you do it. I'm glad you didn't fall for her tricks and pressure - she's really bad about doing stuff like this.
    14. Love, Kai can't do jack about it. Its there in the photos, DO NOT let it stress you too much as Kai is all words. I heard for a few weeks she was going to get a restraining order on me but never did. She's all talk however DO NOT send any money to her. Period.
    15. What bugs me most about this is that you offered to buy the head and she rejected the idea. If this person thought the head was ruined, what else was that person going to do with it, and the money she claims you owe her? If it was indeed ruined, the money could have gone to buy a new one and the old would have a home. Hm, shame to know some people are so untrustworthy. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but you're artwork on the head is simply beautiful! And in the pictures you took, I see no missing dent. It could be a trick of lighting or angle that made the dent appear to be sanded out too.
    16. I can't even see the supposed damage in the "after" photo. It must not be severe -- if it is even present at all.

      The fact that she will not send you the head in exchange for the money to replace it speaks volumes. This smells like a scam, and I'm sad to say it's not the first time her name has come up in connection with manipulative tricks like this.

      Don't send her any money. Don't even speak to her again. She has abused your good nature and taken enough of your time already.
    17. bread17, that is a BEAUTIFUL faceup. As Kazakai has had problems with other transactions, I think that most people here would believe that you are not to blame and that you did not damage the head. It is a shame that Kazakai was so rude, when you clearly did what you could to make her happy, even though she was not paying you any money.

      I hope that you will continue to do faceups. You are very talented! There are plenty of wonderful people on this board. I'm sure that you can have a successful business and that you will make plenty of doll owners very happy :D
    18. Don't send her anything! And PLEASE Continue to paint!!! That is some gorgeous work there!!
    19. Is it just me, or does the 'after' picture look like someone played around with the Photoshop smudge tool a lil' bit? Something about the 'erased' crease just doesn't look right in context with the rest of the picture to me.

      You went above and beyond the call of duty, bread17. If this girl isn't willing to let you buy back the head to make good for damage you may or may not have done (that may not exist, at that), she's scamming you. Regardless of her prior reputation.

      That faceup is gorgeous. I hope this doesn't prevent you from doing more in the future.
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    20. The after pictures look absolutely fine. I don't see any damage and even if there was damage, she should be willing to send the head back to you if you pay for it. That she refuses to sell the head to you is clearly a sign that she's trying to scam you of the money. I find that terribly disgusting considering that you even gave her a free face-up.

      I highly discourage you from sending her any money. Also, I think your work is amazing. You've certainly done wonders with this head. Do not let this experience stop you from putting out more of your gorgeous face-ups. Kaz has a very, very bad history of sales transaction. The thought that Kaz of all people would cause you to stop your face-up work is incredibly sad!