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Soom Dimo Renewal: Dimo + R. Dimo gift head!

Sep 16, 2006

    1. Link: http://www.dollsoom.com/shop/step1.php?number=1572

      "Dimo+Gift head event

      If you order Dimo during 15.SEP.2006 ~ 30.SEP.2006(In KOREA Time),a Romantic Dimo head will be served free of charge.

      * set information :

      - assembled Dimo + Romantic Dimo head

      - one pair of 18mm random SOOM eyes
      - a random wig
      - manual & certificate of authenticty

      * default face up and oufit set-please choose from options.

      * options :

      - outfit set(choose between Dimo's oufit set or Romantic Dimo's outfit set)

      Dimo's oufit set : hat,sleeveless T-shirt, wristlets, pants and lap skirt

      Romantic Dimo's outfit set : hat,sleeveless T-shirt with wristlet and pants

      - default face up
      - eyebrow piercing and two pierces

      * skin type : normal type

      * model design & sculpted by : Dimu

      * age : Unknown

      * outfit : Tomo"

      Look at those gorgeous faceups! Much Dimo love! :fangirl: