Soom Emica

Oct 17, 2020

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      Probably a stupid question, but is this a legitimate doll? I've seen it for sale on Aliexpress and Ebay, but not really anywhere else. Seems to have the same sculpt as the boy from the "Missing of Miss Riding Hood Han & Asronn" on the Soom website, but with an all human body. I love his little face so much and I can't find him anywhere.
    2. As a word of warning, be insanely careful when buying dolls anywhere but their original website or a proven, certified dealer.

      Aliexpress and eBay are known for selling recasts. There ARE legitimate dealers on eBay, I believe there's a page for it, but all I could find for now is this forum post:

      There are also second-hand dolls sold there that are legit, but I wouldn't buy from them unless they have proof the doll is legitimate.

      That doll is indeed Soom Han/Asronn, and it looks like someone's personal doll in their collection. I feel like the body is not a Teenie Gem one, too, as the hands are really delicate and the resin around the knees isn't thick. I could be mistaken-- my only TG's are single jointed from 2009.

      Soom has monthly doll releases and then ceases ordering at the month's end. If you like this sculpt, the only way to get it is to wait for a re-release, hope that it's included in Soom's "Free Choice Event", or look for a legit one on the second-hand market.

      Hope this helps ^^
    3. Gem of Doll is currently on sale on Alice Collections for 15%
    4. I saw that earlier today. Unfortunately, none of them are the sculpt I'm looking for or even close really.
    5. "Teenie Gem" is just the name of one of Soom's doll lines. "Gem of Doll" is an entirely different doll company, completely unrelated, despite similar names :)
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    6. Yeah, "Emica" isn't a mold name from Soom, as far as I've been able to find. That's definitely a Hann/Asron head so it's most likely a recast unfortunately.
    7. @Sonoshi Since you haven't been around in a long time, you should probably read over the forum Rules as a refresher.

      Posting a picture of a recast on the forum, status disclosed or not, can earn your account an automatic ban. If the image shared above is from a questionable source, it's best to not share it.

      The only place to ask about recasts without worry is in Ask the Mods.