Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part 9

Sep 24, 2019

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    2. Since the girls are in the minority here, Calais thought she should start the new page!
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    3. she is lovely. I like her.
    4. Thank you. She is a very sweet vampire!
    5. the "new sculpt" I've been waiting for turned out to be ID51 Sullivan...
      Pure Evil - Sullivan - Idealian

      He's already up there, without any teaser....How surprising.:o
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    6. Actually the new ID75 sculpt will be releasing soon is Liam, Soom just put the teaser via twitter


      Liam remains me as a combinaison of Phonolus + River, what u guys thinking about?

      And also Sullivan will be releasing this time as ID51 version, looks so cute!

      @nancy_schroeder_ca I LOVE ID girls! Your calais is so beautiful, such a shame that ID girls are so rare
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    7. Oh I just saw the teaser of Liam! Soom is really diligent recently! They are releasing so many event dolls, one off dolls and new dolls at the same time!:o

      Liam does have a River + Phonolus vibe! I don't know if it's the face up or really the sculpt itself but Liam looks toooo masculine to my taste. An unwilling pass...
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    8. I'm sort of glad Liam is not my type of face. My wallet is still looking good so far! :XD: ID51 Sullivan really is cute though. Those cat ears!
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    9. Does anyone have an idealian in "cream white" resin that you can show a photo of and/or can give an insight into what kind of colour it is?
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    10. @xyuemoto I love Soom's cream white. Here is an old picture of Gluino in cream white with body blushing:

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    11. Joining in with my only Idealian

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    12. Oh dear! Liam is too gorgeous! Oh, I think I might be in danger this time.

      (Ahahaha...My mother thinks he looks like Daniel Radcliffe and now I can't unsee it :lol:)
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    13. ID51 Sullivan is cute! But he just doesn't look evil! He's coming here anyway!
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    14. @xyuemoto Heres my picture of cream white next to Iplehouse white, and Dollshe's fresh raspberry
      Out of the box, it looked similar, a creamy white with a touch of peach that I thought might be similar to Iplehouse but it isnt
      Its a nice white, like the name suggests, creamy like its mascarpone lol. Its a nice white, but only looks slightly ivory because of the cool background and the pinky whites next to it

      This is from the R.Hyperon release (arrival this year)

      @nancy_schroeder_ca Your vampire is lovely, that Idealian woman body is so very beautiful!
      Im not sure why Isabel was cancelled, but Im assuming abnormally low sales. I was away on a trip, but was going to be back before the deadline ended and was hoping to get her. Lucky you have such a beautiful lady, and on that tall limber body too!
      Congratulations on baby Sullivan, will you be getting him as a fullset?

      @Khlovera wow! I dont usually like anything other than Hyperon and want every month to have a variation of that sculpt, but Liam has caught me off guard, he is extremely beautiful! WOW

      Im not sure if I should be happy, Soom is so dangerous to the wallet, the website should come with a health warning... :chomp::chomp::chomp:

      Im definitely 110% getting Liam, havent been that excited over an Idealian since Shoshon (which I had to pass, his faceup was lovely, but I needed to be an adult on finances blegh... :arainclou) but this Liam, definitely makes up for it. I hope and wish and pray to all entities that when he is released, theres a tawny skin (and bronze for Garion on his october release XD)

      I wish I can take Liam's face to a plastic surgeon and say I want that without the results making me look like leather face.

      @marci12 Im always in love with your boys, but that magnet trick you did is ingenious, its so good I think every Idealian owner should implement and thank you for coming up with it, the faceplate stays solid after trying it

      @GammaVector Liam's going to be a nice bandaid for that Mana lottery mess lol
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug It was definitely not the best time for a purchase, but I did get the full set. I may have gotten the last "outfit" as it is sold out now. Now I must, MUST be good!

      Must go find the magnet trick by @marci12!
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    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca Good timing! Its a beautiful fullset, and I feel these 51 Idealians, since they are new - those outfits will be in such high demand once their 51 line starts to pick up!

      This is her magnet trick (last picture if you click the arrow button)
      @smarci12 on Instagram: “Elf Zak is so beautiful . I put extra magnets in his head since the default ones just weren't strong enough. I didn't glue the extra…”
      She inserted magnets under the brain on the other side within the resin (I hope I explained that well, what is english XD) - to make the magnet on the faceplate attract stronger - its such a neat trick and no more gapping when swiveling his head
      No glue or anything, just placing the magnet on the resin wall of the magnet!

      Its seriously a must know trick, its really good
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    17. Well! That is an easy solution! Brilliant!
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