Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part 9

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @marci12 Thank you! Yeah, I really had to deliberate but I finally went for it. He's wonderful, isn't he? I'll be interested to see how many ultimately appear on DOA/Insta. I get the impression he is not quite as popular as some of the Usual Suspects (Hyperon, Zak, etc.). But maybe I'll be proved wrong!

      At any rate, since I opted not to get his (amazing!) red outfit, I'll be keeping an eye out for stuff for him to wear.

      I have one other Idealian (Free Choice Hyperon, I love him) - but I got him 10 years ago. What is the wait time normally like for these releases....?
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    2. Congrats to everyone getting Xian. :D

      So, as a new Idealian owner...I have a question about the male ID75 body...
      Pulling his arm out, I can see that there is an inner shoulder joint with a peg that clicks into sockets in the torso part.

      If I don't pull out the shoulder joint when I position it, will that break him?
      Or is it ok to turn the arm up and down without pulling the joint out, as usual?

      Thank you SO much for any help with this. :abow:
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    3. @green_judy I've only done layaways from SOOM. So from that perspective, it usually takes 2-3 months to ship once your layaway is completed :).

      @Lady Ravenswood Hmm, I've never had to pull the arms out of their sockets for any arm poses. I intentionally pulled out a shoulder joint as I had to unstring an arm to get a particular outfit that did not favor these guy's shoulders on, LOL. But that's the only time I've had to do so.
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    4. @marci12
      Ok, thank you so much!
      I was just worried because I know the SG girls have a habit of breaking at the shoulder. And I remember Soom talking about their new shoulder joint system when this SG girl body came out and how they suggested pulling the shoulder out to position the arm. So I just wanted to check if the Idealians were the same. The sound his arms make kinda threw me (like the ratcheting sound).
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    5. @marci12 Thanks, good to know. I will be patient! @Lady Ravenswood I'm glad you asked that question, actually...! I sort of feel like I need to take classes in how to pose and handle the tall fellows. :sweat
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    6. @green_judy
      Hehe, they are an armful! I'm actually pleasantly surprised by my Hyperon. I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle him well due to his weight (I have a shoulder issue), and that was a large part of the reason I held off on getting a lovely Hyperon for so long. But he hasn't been too bad at all. Phew! :lol:
      He just makes a lot of ratcheting noises when I move his arms or upper torso. Lol. Gotta get used to that.
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    7. I personally prefer the ID75 body because I feel that it’s better in posing and handle than the ID72 one, just my own perception lol

      My average for the waiting time is the same as @marci12 said, usually 2 months from the day I placed my order for, the only one that reached 3 months was my elf Zak that I ordered in the last days of the preorder period. (Fastest was my Hyun, ordered on 31th of the January then got the shipping notice in the end of March)
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    8. @Lady Ravenswood and @Khlovera I was just going to observe that I have found my ID72 boy (the Hyperon I mentioned above) quite difficult to pose. He mostly just stands around in his fancy threads (and bare feet :sweat). I'll post a picture soon.

      I like the looks of the ID75 and I've heard a few people say they think it is a better poser than the ID72.

      Gosh, it's sinking in now that I ordered that Xian. :XD:
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    9. @green_judy lol please give yourself a try with Xian, this sculpt has such many potential I’m pretty sure that all of you will find your own Xian a proper look. Well, for Soom as my own opinion, it’s always better to regret about ordered than missing, just like...ahhhh why I didn’t order River/Garion/Kay/Shoshon/Aslan while they were available??? :x:x:x
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    10. @Khlovera I went for the R.Dean faceup, but I can't wait to see other looks for him. I have an idea about eyes and wig, but still no idea what he will like to wear. I must admit, one point I appreciate is that people seem to be making clothing for the ID75. I'm keeping one eye on FreedomTeller.

      I know what you mean about regrets...! I was lucky that it worked out. I was tempted to wait and see if I might like a Hyun better, but Xian won that battle...:lol:
    11. Good to know about the ID75 vs. 72, thanks @Khlovera :3nodding:
      Ah yes, Soom regret...I do wish I had managed to snag Albany Aviatrix somehow...
      And more recently Ieren...

      I am so glad that I finally splurged on a Hyperon though. He's lovely to just sit and admire. <3
      And also yes! I'm also so happy that there are several options for clothing specifically fitted to the ID75 body. Eeeeee, I can't wait for the Sadol outfit to come in. I also have some clothes arriving for another doll (hopefully next week) and there is a shirt in there that should fit my Hyperon, so I'm hoping to take some photos of him. :D
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    12. @Lady Ravenswood I admired the new Sadol outfits for ID75 - very tempting. Definitely update us on the fit of the shirt, yeah? :3nodding:
    13. I got the Sadol baseball outfit for Sejong, my tawny Narmer. And a suit from Legend doll. And a jacket and jogging pants from Z. Agram. And pants from TTYA and jeans by Jenna. He's pretty excited.
    14. @Mahgiep a splendid wardrobe indeed :)

      I've ordered some lovely things for the Dollshe Mystic body from Jenna. Didn't realize she dresses ID75! That's good news.
    15. Can't wait to see you guys post your guys <3

      I am hoping the weather will play nice to take these two outside for some photos~ The Idealian ladies do not get enough love. I lament not being able to get the tawny Eden :...(

      [​IMG]IMG_1132 by Lisel Rodriguez, on Flickr
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    16. @LiselT Looking forward to seeing more shots of these two, for sure :)
    17. @green_judy Between weather (either rainy or just too hot and humid in the 90s) and stuff coming up I have not made it out with these two yet but I really want to! They do not get enough love or time out of my cabinet together and they are both very special characters and dolls to me. As soon as I have an opportunity I will be out with them~
    18. Got my Void & R.Void this PM and I thought it was a mistake that Soom sent my Voids in normal instead of tawny...the mystery get resolved when I saw my NS BJ hands in the same box lol, here's a fast comparaison of the skintone, sorry for the low quality.

      [​IMG]Untitled by Khlovera, on Flickr

      if someone is curious about how does R.Void look like, here's the pic with OE Void.
      R.Void vs Void
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    19. @LiselT best of luck with the weather!

      @Khlovera thank you for posting these comparisons. I didn't realize Tawny was that close to NS.
    20. @green_judy this is the palest tawny skintone that I've ever seen lol the darkest tawny was from Tei's release. I said so many times that I need to do a tawny comparison to show all tawny skins I own but never had a good time to do so, I apologized :sorry:sorry:sorry