Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part 9

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @Khlovera are you saying that there are many flavors of Tawny...? :nowords: Are all of Soom's darker tones like that, or just Tawny?
    2. Unfortunately Soom's colors do vary, even within a release!
    3. Just like @nancy_schroeder_ca said the tawny of Soom has too many variations and it could be differed within same batch, and the funniest is my R.Zak who has 2 tones of tawny, one from his faceplate and one from his headback :sweat:sweat:sweat
    4. Hi! I am a Soom's fan from Taiwan and I just purchased a second hand Void-forgotten kingdom Seth from someone else in Taiwan... I want to share the beautiful outfit and the doll himself with you! (though I think most of people here already seen many of his pictures?)


      To be honest, I was attracted by this doll first by his outfit:XD:
      I am very fond of egyptian legend...
      But later on, I was fell in love with Void :love

      He's so beautiful.. and it's so hard to find anyone selling him second hand. I am so lucky to find him :D
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    5. @vampiry He's amazing! Congratulations! :D
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    6. @vampiry Congratulations on getting him!!! I couldn't agree more. He is so beautiful! His outfit and entire Egyptian concept first drew me to him too :love.
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    7. You are so lucky!
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    8. Thanks, it feels like a dream:D

      Yes!! And I really like the Seth wolf head, even it is not painted for now...
      Do you have a Void Seth too? :drool
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    9. @vampiry Yes, I have him! He has the painted mask and the Egyptian face-up:

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    10. Seth? Golly, I don't even remember a 'Seth'....but that's my bad brain...not working.:eek:

      @vampiry - He's gorgeous! :XD:
    11. It’s around 2 years ago Actually he is Void but with the subtitle “Seth”, it’s kind of hard to find a second-hand one now.... i guess?
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    12. Hey guys, I have a sort of a newbie question. I'm currently purchasing my first idealian, a Photon, and I've read conflicting stories so i wanted to make sure, do EID clothes fit these boys? He's bigger than anyone I've got currently so I have no point of reference lol
    13. For the most part the EID clothes will fit. Pants could be a tad on the short side sometimes. The EID is a bit bigger throughout the shoulders so if you want a tight fitting shirt it might not work as well.

      Here is the standard button shirt that Iple sold for fits the EID Muscle body and here it is on my Idealian Brandon...:whee: He could have buttoned it up more...but oh well. The pants are EID too, I think.

      [​IMG]Kevyn by luluna33, on Flickr
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    14. EID pants don't fit. Not long enough, although some folks just add boots to cover the short length. The long sleeve shirts fit fine but are slightly short in the arms. Same with jackets. If you like pushed up sleeves it's fine. I found myself buying new clothes where I don't have to worry though. I'm an Idealian newbie too so those with more experience please chime in.

      Oh we cross posted!
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    15. The waist on the ID72 body is between the EID model body and the super hero. If you want your boy to sit, go for the super hero size. I haven't had a length problem on the ID72 body.
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    16. Ah! I didn't realize we were talking 72cm. Disregard my comments. They were for my Narmer who is 75cm.
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    17. Yes, the ID75 definitely has longer legs and arms!
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    18. Finally had a chance to take a photo of my Hyperon!
      His name might be Lucien. :chocoheart


      Hehe, he ended up stealing more than just a shirt. He took a vest and the jacket too! :XD:
      These are SartoriaJ, so the fit is really good on the tops (for Idealian75). I didn't try the pants, as they were for my other doll and he's wearing his own fullset pants instead.

      His Sadol clothing set also arrived! But I've yet to try it on him other than this cravat, as he's looking so dapper in this already. He's suddenly quite spoiled for clothes. :abambi:
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    19. He deserves to be spoiled!
    20. My Narmer (Sejong) just got a 4 piece suit and 3 pairs of pants. He's getting the Sadol baseball outfit (he will be a professional Korean baseball player) and 5 shirts. Yeah, these guys demand immediate wardrobes!
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