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*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VII *:*

Mar 31, 2017

    1. The grey version is what captures my attention. Ive never own a grey resin before and wonder if its versatile or not.

      I was so close to order the silver wig. Luckily I went back to my past order sheet and noticed that its the same wig as my R. Hyperon Rise of War. Look lighter in this picture but has the same code.

      --------- Added notes -------

      Soom Idealian website

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      DoA Wiki: Soom
      DoA database: Soom A-H, Soom I-Z
      #1 Tangmalangaloo, Mar 31, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2017
    2. @celga interesting! It definitely gives off a crown of thorns look. So pretty but also kind of sharp and scary. I love that kind of juxtaposition *w*

      @Tangmalangaloo Ooh good catch! It does definitely looks lighter on Kahn page than Hyperons page.

      Yknow I kind of wish soom would make a less buff 72cm doll haha. I feel like it would be great to have a lean guy in the ID lineup. Not that Im noy a fan of a beefy doll, lol! I just feel like every doll I see in the 72cm range is like a body builder and it would be nice to have some variety!
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    3. @RoyalBarjack , I wish they would do Doll Choice like Iplehouse does.
      It would be fun to pick the bodies, heads, skin color, etc :)
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    4. @Twisty Ahhh that'd be so great! They'll never do it though haha.
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    5. Once we get a Idealian/Megagem Choice Event again I so want to get this guy in normal skin.
      Love the overall look of his sculpt really much, as (just sculptwise...ignoring that the faceup on the white guy make him look so innocent xD) he looks more mature. I love that <3
    6. They might do a special order for him before a free choice event. You could ask them to add normal skin. Sometimes they do add a color if they get enough requests.
    7. Garion was also only going to be released in I think red, tawny, and creamy white. I guess they got a few requests for normal skin because as soon as I asked, they made him available in normal :)
      Just ask :)
    8. Oh, no. I was so happy not to want Kahn...but I realized a few minutes ago I have a character that the gray version would be beyond perfect for with the B2 faceup, long-nailed jointed hands and priestly garb, modified by removing the crosses and such. In other words, whole, horribly expensive enchilada. I really hate myself right now. :sigh But oh well, I still have a couple of weeks to convince myself that he would be a complete waste of money...

      Seconding this! Usually they say no to the first couple of people who ask, but after enough requests, they will add a color unless they have plans for a foreseeable future release. It is a business, after all, and they want to please their customers and make money.
      #8 celga, Apr 1, 2017
      Last edited: Apr 2, 2017
    9. Normal skin would be great too. I never own a white resin skin or a grey before. I have seen some great photos of bjds on the net in white resin and then there are those that arent so great that the white skin looks too paper white and the faceup looks like it's been painted on instead of blending in smoothly.

      I wonder if face up b without the cross will work on white resin as I'm a bit worried with too much black shadowing underneath the eye can be a little too much on a white resin. I'm not sure. What do you all think?
    10. Soom is pretty good about adjusting the faceup to suit the skin color but personal preference on dark blush can vary. You might ask Soom if you can ask for the blush to be light. Be sure to tell them skin color and faceup you are interested in.
    11. "Come fetch your tail Sweet Witch"


      Blushed my long nail Jointed hands. A little enabling never hurt no one:sneaky
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    12. :lol: I can't help noticing that the enabling comment was a double negative! He's absolutely gorgeous @Serdtse
    13. Kahn looks very interesting, that gray is gorgeous!
    14. @Serdtse Ah;;; He's so handsome-- that wig looks great on him!
    15. @Serdtse - your Huperon looks amazing. Where did you get that wig and did you do his faceup? Looks really nice!
    16. "Don't ask me no questions, I won't tell you no lies" ;)@celga Thank You<3
      @SugarCoatedStars @Tangmalangaloo Thank You<3
      I made him that wig from alpaca fiber but Soom gets all the credit for the face-up.
    17. @Serdtse , he is gorgeous !!
      Makes me want MORE Hyperons hehe
      As for Kahn ? I think I am just going to get both of the outfits for my white and grey Amor's.
      Now IF they had normal as a skin choice for Kahn then I may have to reconsider but for now i am ok, I think LOL
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    18. @Twisty Thank You<3 Your Lucifer is gorgeous too!

      Don't forget the jointed hands guys:XD: They were challenging to paint but I did it my first try.
      Now I'm off to paint the rest of him.

      #18 Serdtse, Apr 3, 2017
      Last edited: Apr 4, 2017
    19. Does anyone have a white resin Idealian that is blushed by SOOM! Just want to get your opinions on WS. I guess WS only works if you want your character to be fantasy and not real.
    20. I love Soom's blushing on white bodies! The last one I got was ID51 Cuba monologue and the resin was a bit pinker than previous Soom white skin and very nice. I really don't develop characters for my dolls so the white skin isn't an issue for me.